New Life

The train was standing still just outside the London station waiting for the signal to enter the station, onboard the train sixteen year old Pia was sat looking out of the window feeling tired after her journey down from Birmingham but looking forward to a new life in London, Pia had been living with her … Continue reading New Life


The Odour

Residents of the small English town were woken from their sleep by the sound of  heavy drilling and they soon learnt that a water pipe in the street had burst and a council repair team were digging up the road to repair the burst pipe, it took the team four hours to complete the repair … Continue reading The Odour

The Occult

Steve was stood at the airport waiting to board his flight to India, his mum and twelve year old sister Amy were with him, to wave him off, Amy was happy that she would not be seeing her bully brother for two weeks after ten minutes Steve was boarding the plane with other kids from … Continue reading The Occult

Cut Off

The small country village housed just under one hundred people and was twenty miles outside of the nearest town, there was a twice daily bus service to the town which meant that unless you had your own transport of one form or another you had to walk to the town to do shopping. Sixteen year … Continue reading Cut Off


Sixteen year Cindy was sitting in the lounge watching telly, her parents had gone away for the weekend leaving her on her own, earlier in the day she had been with her parents at their next door neighbours house who was a Bengali family who had just moved into the street and when the granddad … Continue reading Welcome


The small country railway station was quiet there was only a few passengers waiting for the last train which had been nicknamed the tortise train because it took a hour to get to the next station, some people also called it the ghost train as very few people used it. Sixteen year old Laura was … Continue reading Letting