Not Gone

It was five years ago to the day that an explosion had ripped through the chemical factory that had stood on the outskirts of the small country village killing all one thousand five hundred people who worked at the factory, the correct cause of the explosion was never found and ever since the accident the site had been cordoned off  because the ground was to contaminated to use, the residents of the village near to the site were preparing for the annual service held to remember the dead, flags in the village were flying at half mast black bunting was strung up through the town and relatives of the dead who had not lived in the village were starting to arrive. Sixteen year old Cindy who was an out of control girl from a neighbouring town and had no respect for anybody or anything was waiting near the accident site for the service to begin then while the houses were empty she planned to go break in and rob them, Cindy was annoyed at the steady drizzle that had been falling all day she was getting very wet but the thought of all the goodies in the houses waiting to be stolen made her stay, as the bells on the village church started to chime singling the start of the service Cindy thought about time and started to move towards the village as she did she saw the four people wearing badly torn clothes and pale faces lurching towards her and thought there must be a fancy dress party near by but when she saw hundreds more she froze in horror as she realised they were zombies,  twelve year old Mark had been watching Cindy from the bushes and he also saw the zombies suddenly appear and quickly climbed a tree out of reach and from up the tree Mark saw a zombie reach out at Cindy and saw her joggers get ripped off her and when other zombies reached Cindy Mark saw all her clothes get ripped off and smiled at the site of her large naked boobs he then saw Cindy fall to the ground under the weight of the zombies, when her clothes were being ripped from her body Cindy had tried to run but could not and was now on the ground and when she felt something slide into her love tube she realised what it was and screamed, in the village the two minute silence was broken by a high pitched scream as a lady was dragged from her feet people looked and saw the zombies and soon there was mass panic as people started to run some were not quick enough and were caught by zombies, Mark’s twin sister Carol was laying naked on the ground with a zombie thrusting in and out of her love tube, sixteen year old Sara had been grabbed by a zombie but had managed to get free of it’s clutches and was now running topless towards her home she saw her best mate  July naked on the ground with a zombie pounding into her, Sara grabbed a length of wood and swung it at the zombie as she did she felt her skirt rip away from her body she dropped the wood and started to run as her panties were torn off Sara realised she was naked and ran faster, all over the village people were being stripped naked, like Sara had  done sixteen year old Steve had broke free from zombies and was now moving naked through the streets avoiding zombies the sight of so  many naked girls had given him an erection, Sara had managed to get to the back garden of her house, fourteen year old Asif was watching the mayhem from his bedroom window and when he saw Sara his eyes went wide thinking nice tits, he saw the zombie behind Sara and opened his window to shout a warning but was to late the zombie grabbed Sara who was unable to break free and screamed when her love tube was penetrated, Steve had managed to get inside the empty house near the fire station but had not seen the two zombies inside and screamed when his tight bum was penetrated, Sara was now laying on her back on the grass having reached five climaxes with the zombies having left her, Cindy was staggering towards her home having climaxed eight times, Steve was laying on his back the Indian girl who was four years younger than he was smiling as she stroked his still solid eight inch dick Steve did not have the energy to stop her or to stop himself from squirting his cum in five spurts, it was nearly twenty four hours after the sighting of a zombie when an army officer told his troops to move out but to remember that not everything that staggered was a zombie, the troops moved forward towards the village and it was not long before the large group of journalists who had gathered heard the first gun shot that was soon followed by many more.