Sally’s Demon Lover

My friend Sally leads me through the back gate of the summer camp where we’re counselors. We pad across the forest floor in our summer-tough bare feet, cut-off jeans shorts, and cropped tees. If any of the senior counselors sees us we’ll be cited for “immodesty” (our shorts and tees) and, believe it or not, going barefoot (shoes at camp? really?) Sally, though 18 to my 20, often takes the lead in our adventures. Tonight she wants to share her latest find with me. She says there’s a treehouse somebody must’ve built years ago in the woods just outside the camp fence.

We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves with flashlights, but fortunately the full moon lets us see our way up the trail. We climb the ladder and sit in the creaky wooden structure. That’s when Sally produces her surprise: a bag of weed and a pipe. I know if we’re caught we’ll be sent home. The one real blemish on my good girl rep was the time I got suspended for drinking beer with my friends behind the gym junior year. If I get booted from here for weed, my parents will not only be pissed but will probably insist on rehab.

Fuck it. I reach for the pipe.

After we share a couple of puffs, it’s time for our nightly game of sharing secrets. Sally starts us off, whispering, “I have a demon lover.”

I smile. “Tell all.”

“He visits me on full moons, gliding through my window on the beams. I first met him one night when the moonlight was bathing me through the window. It made me feel so sexy I reached down to touch myself. Surprise, surprise. There were already fingers were there. They were rough and scaly. At first I thought he’d hurt me, but the way he played with me so gently but firmly made me come like crazy. Now I look forward to his visits. He touches me all over and enters all my holes. In the morning my own come drenches the sheets.”

“You’re making me wet,” I say.

“One time when his dick was in me it became a knife. Then the sheets were bloody.”


“No worries. Turned out I’d gotten my first period.”

“How old were you?”


“That’s statutory rape!”

“Dude, he’s a fucking demon. Like he should he give a shit?”

We burst into stoned giggles. That’s when we hear him.

“What are you girls smoking out here? Like I have to ask.”

Fuck. Jared. Staff snitch.

“Sorry, but I have to turn you in,” he says, not sounding sorry at all.

I have to think fast. “Sally just told me about her demon lover. You wanna hear about mine?” His wide-eyed reaction tells me I’ve gotten his attention. “You have to smoke with us, though.” Because then he can’t narc us out.

He thinks about it. I smile. “It’s a good story,” I say, dripping as much innuendo as I can muster. Jared reaches for the pipe. He inhales and blows out a giant cloud of smoke. Nods in my direction.

Okay. Time to make shit up. See if I can freak him out. “Sally’s lover comes in through her window on the full moon. Mine calls me into the yard when there’s no moon. I hear him say my name and go out to the big tree in the yard. It’s pitch black. I rub my naked skin against the bark ‘till I bleed. He smells the blood and slithers down the tree like a lizard. Then he ravishes me like a bull.”

I look up to see that Sally’s shed her shorts and has Jared’s halfway down his legs. She climbs into his lap, impaling herself on his prick. As she grinds on him, she looks at me and mouths, “Keep talking.” I soon realize I don’t have to make sense, only to keep saying words like “wet pussy,” “hard cock” and “trembling clit.” Without missing a beat, I reach down and start fingering myself.

We all finish together. I curse. She gasps. He sighs.

Sally crawls over and lays her head in my lap. She seems to go to sleep. Jared, grinning, kisses her cheek, then climbs down the ladder. With a wave, he heads off into the forest. I can see him a long way thanks to the full moon.

Sally looks up. “Shit. Did he leave?”

I nod, caressing her sweaty hair. “Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll give you more of that anytime you want it.”

She rolls onto her knees and peers after him. “It’s just that my demon lover gets jealous. He can do bad things.”

I admit I’m high as fuck, but that sounds weird. “We were both making up fantasies, right?”

“Um, sure,” she replies, biting her lip.

In the distance, we hear Jared scream.