The Grave Yard

Sixteen year old Tina was looking at the house that her parents had just brought, the house was the former house of the grave yard keeper and was on the edge of the grave yard, Tina thought the place was spooky and her mates who lived in the town she had just moved from had wound her up with stories about ghosts, Tina had soon made some new friends in the town where she was now living and as she stood looking at the house Cindy and July two of her new school friends who were in her class turned up, the three girls went inside the house and after having a drink of juice decided to go and look round the grave yard, after telling her mum where she was going Tina set off with her two mates to look round the grave yard. After the girls had walked for a few minutes July said ” look there is Martin what is the perv doing here” Cindy replied saying lets go sort the dirty bastard out, the three girls started walking in the direction of Martin who was in the same class at school as the girls, he was not liked at all because he was a flasher and perved after girls trying to look up their skirts as they walked up the stairs, he had been beaten up a few times by boys at school. As the girls approached Martin Cindy called out saying ” what are you doing here you bit of worthless shit” as she finished saying this there was a crack of thunder and it started to rain very heavy, the three girls ran to a seat that had a shelter round it, Martin ran and sheltered under a tree, after half a hour it was still raining heavy, July said ” what the fuck is that smell” Martin was pointing and shouting zombies, Tina said to her mates ” he is fucking mad if he thinks we are going to believe him” the girls decided to turn their backs on him and turned as they did the girls saw a mass of zombies lurching towards them, the girls all screamed and shouted ” lets get the fuck out of here and as they turned to run Cindy tripped and fell causing both July and Tina to fall over her, as the girls scrambled to get up the zombies reached them and started clawing at them, Martin looked at the strange sight in horror which soon turned to delight when he saw July’s skirt get ripped from her body followed by her panties giving him a good view of her naked bum and when Cindy’s tee shirt was torn off letting her large bare boobs fall out he smiled and when her jeans were ripped off leaving her naked he thought he was dreaming. Martin stood watching as the zombies ripped the clothes off the girls and was soon looking at three naked girls who were trying to get away, Martin watched as the zombies surrounded the girls, he heard them scream out heard Tina say help it is fucking me, Martin smiled and moved closer and saw Cindy on her hands and knees trying to get away he saw a zombie behind her then saw her large boobs start to swing around and realised the zombie was screwing her, Martin stood and watched in disbelieve as the three girls were mounted by zombie after zombie after a hour the girls was laying on the ground their legs spread wide the zombies were lurching away towards the road, Martin walked over to the girls and saw they each had distant looks in their eyes, Martin smiled at the sight of the three naked sets of boobs and love tubes and smiled, he heard shouts and ran towards the fields knowing that nobody would believe him if he stayed and told people what had happened. Three weeks later there were still stories on the news channels and in the papers about the zombies, a crashed lorry carrying chemicals was blamed for the  dead coming to life, it was reported that nobody had been hurt the three girls never told anybody what had happened to them only Martin knew and he was happy to keep quiet and not tell anybody about what he had seen after making a deal with girls, he was now sat watching Tina as she lay naked on the floor having her love tube licked by a lesbian girl from a near by town, he thought to himself Zombies are very friendly as he rubbed the large boobs of Cindy as July sucked away on his throbbing dick.