The Witch

Sixteen year old Dawn was waiting on the rail way station platform for the train home, Steve and his mate Mark who were both sixteen and thugs were also waiting on the platform for the same train as was Cindy Marks twelve year old sister, both of the two boys were giving Dawn verbal abuse calling her a nut case and saying she was a witch because she always dressed in black, Dawn stood where she was not saying a word and when the train pulled into Dawn got into a carriage which she found was empty, Steve Mark and Cindy also got into the same carriage as what Dawn had got into, the two boys carried on with their verbal abuse of Dawn who just sat listening to what the boys were saying, after a few minutes the train pulled away from the station and started the half hour journey to the next station, Dawn stood up from her seat looked at the two boys and waved her arms mumbling as she did, Mark said ” oh look the mad bitch is casting a spell on us” soon after Dawn had finished waving her arms Steve looked at Cindy smiled and said ” want to see my cock” Cindy noticed he had a strange look in his eyes and did not say anything but watched when Steve started to undo his joggers and when he lowered then revealing his seven inch hairy dick she smiled and looked at her brother who had a far away look in his eyes, Cindy looked back at Steve who said to her ” want me to wank off” Cindy nodded her head and watched as Steve’s dick grew to a nine erection which he started to stroke, Cindy sat watching in awe as Steve stroked his solid member, she had never seen a boy jerk before and just sat watching, after a few minutes Steve said ” here comes my spunk” Cindy saw his knees buckle and three long spurts of white cream squirt of  his dick and knew that she had seen cum for the first time, Steve put his dick away and sat quietly for the rest of journey, at the next station Steve and Mark got off the train followed by Cindy who had noticed that both her brother and Steve were in some kind of trance, Cindy looked at Dawn who smiled,  Cindy smiled back and thought she is a witch after all, The next day Steve and Mark were standing in the woods with their joggers lowered and Cindy watching as the Bengali girl from the corner shop who was two years older than what she was stroked their erect dicks and smiled as for the second time in two days she saw Steve squirt his cum then watched as her brother squirted his cum.  Later the same day Cindy saw Dawn in town went up to her and told her that she was cool, Dawn smiled and said to Cindy ” you have seen nothing yet” Cindy smiled when Dawn said here comes my bit of fun and watched as seventeen year old Tony another guy who gave Dawn verbal abused walked up to Dawn, Cindy noticed the big bulge in Tony’s joggers and when Dawn walked into the carpark followed by Tony Cindy followed and watched as Dawn slowly stroked Tony’s eight inch erection making him shoot his cum in five long spurts, Cindy thought I wonder what I have to do to become a witch I would have great fun watching boys jerk off and giving them a helping hand.