Moan For Me

I’d love to lick your pussy

Run my tongue along each fold

Sometimes soft and gentle

And other times quite bold

I then would delve down deeper

Find that very special spot

And taste your juices as they flow

For me so sweet and hot

I’d thrust my tongue inside you

It’s such a perfect fit

And when it was so nice and deep

My nose would touch your clit

And then when you began to think

It just could not get better

I’d pause a while, give a smile

And write it a love letter

I’d say, ‘My darling pussy

To me you taste so fine

Your nectar in my mouth

Is better than the sweetest wine’

‘I could lick for hours

Your pleasure to ignite

If you give me half a chance

You’ll find that I just might’

My mouth would then return

To suck your luscious clit

To wrap my lips around you

So my tongue could rub on it

I’d love to lick your pussy

Slide my fingers deep inside

To give you so much pleasure

There would be no way to hide

If you let me do it

You would surely beg for more

Until you reached a climax

Like waves crashing on the shore

When you came back down to earth

And had some time to rest

I would then give you some news

You’ve not yet felt my best


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Erotic male 45