Caught at work

I was having lunch at my desk and thought I was the only one in the office. I didn’t see anyone or hear anyone else. Half way thru my lunch hour, a friend had sent me a text message, and when I opened it up, it was a picture of his cock! He text he wanted to see me that night. So I unbuttoned a few buttons from my summer dress and took a selfie of my tits and sent it to him in response. He called me up on Facebook Messenger and we started chatting. He was telling me how much he wanted to fuck my ass again and fill me up with his spunk. He zoomed out and propped his phone so I could see he was totally naked with him yanking on his cock, telling me that all he could think about was me and the night to cum. So I propped my phone up on a small 2-drawer file cabinet, unbuttoned my dress all the way down and propped one of my legs up on my desk. From his viewing angle he could see that I was naked underneath my dress except for a pair of sheer stockings and a jeweled butt plug! You should have seen the look on his face! I began pulling and twisting and sucking on my nipples with one hand while the other was flicking and rubbing my clit, as I watched him jack off as he watched me. After a few minutes of trying to stifle my sighs and moans, I tilted my head back, closed my eyes and bit my lower lip and started to squirt all over me. I could feel my juices running down my legs and thighs, pooling around my ass in my chair, and soaking my stockings, as I continued to play with myself. Smiling, and still frigging my pussy, I opened my eyes and looked down at my phone with a teasing smile at my friend. He apparently picked up his phone because I could only see his face now. He had a big mischievous smile on his face as he pointed towards me and told me that I was bad. He then told me to look up, behind me. I smiled and tilted my head back to look up again, my left hand still pulling and twisting on my nipple, and my right hand with two fingers dipping in and out of my wet cunt. My eyes looked up at the ceiling above me, then averted at movement more behind me. That’s when I saw one of my coworkers peering down at me above the cubicle wall! I immediately jumped up and out of my chair and started scolding him for being a peeping Tom! His name, by the way, was Tom. Lol! He rushed down from his perch and stood before me in my cubicle, my dress still open, my juices still running down my legs and stockings. I could hear my friend laughing, and he said that I should give Tom a blow job as his cock was bulging in his pants. At that moment, Tom reached out and cupped my boob and pinched my nipple, all at the same time! I slapped his hand away, told my friend I would talk to him later and hung up on him. Meanwhile, I’m sure Tom was thinking he would get something from me, but I just told him he better not breathe a word of this to any here at work. I buttoned up my dress and went to the restroom to clean myself up before everyone else came back from lunch.


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