No Holds Barred is a form of wrestling where there are no rules and anything can happen and will happen with there being no come back at all on the winner, it became known as N.H.B. and was not an official sport it was illegal and an underground event there was no age limit and … Continue reading N.H.B.

Well Done

The hotel on the edge of town was a big hotel it was posh and expensive and attracted a lot of famous people, many wedding receptions and other functions were held there and when there was a function being held at the hotel extra staff were brought in from the town just to cover for … Continue reading Well Done

The Take

It was late at night in the city the night clubs were just starting to empty out, the bouncers on the night club doors were being extra alert as the police had warned them that there might be trouble from the two rival gangs that operated in the city, the police had laid on extra … Continue reading The Take

My brother

Hi guys this is my first story so I would love some feedback….. Also please do not post my story anywhere else much appreciated…   So this story starts with me I’ll explain myself my name is Damian and ever since I was little I have never really been very boyish and I’ve always leaned towards … Continue reading My brother

Racist Or Not

It was early evening and the residents of the small country town were starting to venture out into the streets again, In the morning there had been a march by racists through the normally quiet town, there had been protesters on the march than was expected, the police found it very hard to control the … Continue reading Racist Or Not

Double Trouble

The party at the old abandoned library had been going on for a couple of hours, music blared out very loudly from the building, inside the racist group holding the party were drinking heavily and smoking pot which was strong, the party was being held to celebrate Steve’s release from a young offenders centre, Steve … Continue reading Double Trouble