Fully Punished

Sixteen year old Tracy was not in a very good mood her mum had gone out leaving her to look after her twelve year old brother, she would rather be out with her friends having fun, her brother was upstairs watching telly, Tracy was sat in the kitchen when she saw Don who was two … Continue reading Fully Punished

Burst Dam

The rain had been falling very heavy for over a week, there was wide spread flooding because of the rain, the small village at the top of the hill had not been affected by any flooding which made the villagers happy but they wondered when the rain would stop so that the land would dry … Continue reading Burst Dam


New Owners

The Grocery shop that stood on the edge of the rundown council estate had been owned by John Humber for over fifty years, people of the estate knew that John was retiring and was selling the shop but there was nobody who wanted to buy it. John was honest with people who were interested in … Continue reading New Owners

Boss – Part 2

It was late evening and boss was working on her own in her uncles shop, quite a few Bengali girls had been in hoping to see the white boys getting jerked off but were disappointed, the white boys were staying away from the shop they knew that boss was a tough little girl despite her … Continue reading Boss – Part 2

Breed by Force

I wanted to be raped. Not really raped. Just pretend, fun raped. So like everything you want these days, I looked online. Nothing. I placed an ad asking for what I wanted. Just like that. I can’t remember what I wrote now, but I imagine it was some approximation of my fantasy. Or…not really my … Continue reading Breed by Force


The small village in Bangladesh housed just over one hundred people who all knew each other and lived as one happy family so when a newly married couple died unexpectedly the villagers were very upset and took in turns to help raise the baby girl who was now a orphan, the girl grew up learning … Continue reading Boss