Carol’s Kenyian Holiday

It’s been 15 months since I last wrote about my wife Carol and I. The last time she was pregnant with we hoped Musa’s black baby, well things turn out a little different to what we were expecting when Carol gave birth to another white baby girl. My wife was very happy that the baby was white, she was dreading having to explain a black baby to family and friends. She has now said she will not have sex with a black man again and I must not try and get her in that position again.
Our new baby is now 6 months old and growing quickly as they do. We have just booked a 3 week holiday in Kenya, my wife has already said no black is going inside her this time, that will not stop me trying to change her mind when we get there.
Well the time has come to set off to Gatwick for our flight to Mombasa, Carol’s mum is looking after the baby and our 2 girl’s, she thinks we need a break. We arrived in Mombasa in the morning, the heat hits you as you leave the plane, it feels great we are going to have a good time here, The coach took us though Mombasa to the ferry were we crossed to the south coast, it was about 1 hour to our hotel. After checking in we were shown our ground floor room which opened out onto the garden with a view out to sea.
After unpacking my wife put on her bikini and went out to our sunbeds placed just outside the double doors which led into the garden. I followed and put sun cream on her back and legs, then I to lay down looking out to sea. It was not long before a waiter came over and we ordered drinks, I noticed him give my white wife the once over which got me thinking I may have another chance to get her pregnant again.
We had lunch at about 1.45Pm and then went for a walk along the sandy beach, we walked for half hour when a black midget came up to us and started chatting. There was an old rundown bar which had been left, and we walked over to look, some seats had been left and so we sat down and continued to chat. The midget said his name was Mohamade but everyone called him Tich because he was only 4’5 tall. I could see Tich looking at my wife’s breasts and down between her legs, this midget fancied my wife. I looked into my wife’s eyes and then at Tich and then back at her, she knew what I was thinking and shuck her head no. We told Tich we were going to walk back to our hotel, he asked if we would be back tomorrow and I quickly said yes we would see him then.
My wife and I started to walk back along the beach, she asked why I’d looked at her and then at Tich, I told her Tich fancied her, he kept looking at her breasts and between her legs, she went quiet saying nothing all the way back. When we got back we went into our room, she asked if I wanted her to have sex with a black midget. I was not sure what to say but finally I told her that I did want her to have sex with Tich. She said she could not do it with a midget he could get her pregnant and she didn’t want a black midget baby, or any black baby. The seed had been sown and I was going to get Tich and my wife to have sex, I know Tich is a midget but his cock would be normal size and well able to bring my wife to orgasm, which she loves when having sex.
After sunning all morning and then having lunch I said we should go for a walk. She looked at me and then asked why I wanted to go for a walk, I told her we had told Tich we would meet him again. She told me she knew why I wanted her to go and she would have sex with him if he used a condom so she wouldn’t get pregnant. I told her we could try and get some tomorrow from the shopping center, she said ok, I asked her if she would do it the first time without one and let him cum inside her. She said he could get her pregnant the first time and she would risk it if I really wanted her to but only once. I knew if she did it once I could get her to do it with him without condoms all the time.
We headed off down the beach to meet Tich, my wife knowing she was going to have unprotected sex with a black midget, and she was afraid of the consequences, an unwanted baby. I wanted to watch a midget fuck my wife and now we were heading to the meeting and I was going to see it happen.
As we neared the old bar I could see Tich waiting for us. He said hello and was pleased to see us, we all sat down and began chatting. It didn’t take long to get the chat to the subject of sex, Tich saying that he would like to have sex with a white woman, I asked him if he would like to fuck my wife, he quickly said yes and there was an old bed in the back of the bar. We got up and followed him into the bar, my wife tried to back out but I held my hand on her back and moved her in. At the rear of the bar there was an old bed and I eased my wife over to it, as she stood there I removed her bikini top and then the bottoms she was naked in front of Tich. He started to take of his clothes, his body was not nice to look at, very short fat legs a fat stomach and his short arms, his only good part was as I had told my wife his cock was long fat and very hard, he was eager to get on top of my wife and have full unprotected intercourse with her. My wife looked at him and lay down on the bed, Tich climbed on top of her and guided his hard cock to my wife’s pussy, he rub it up and down her slit getting her wet and covering his cock with hers and his pre-cum. Tich eased into her and started a steady in-out movement which caused my wife to raised her knee’s and push up to meet his thrust’s into her womb. Tich took my wife to several orgasm’s before he pushed deep into her and shot his cum into her unprotected womb, I could see my wife was afraid of the sperm she could feel Tich shooting inside her, the black baby fear was with her again.
Tich lay on top of her for 5 mins before climbing off, his cock was soft and wet it’s job done, my wife’s pussy was open and full of Tich’s thick cum, she just lay there not sure what to do, get up and push the sperm out or lay still and let it enter her womb and impregnate her. She lay still, I knew then that she wanted Tich to give her a baby the one thing she didn’t want when we came to Kenya.