Gambian Holiday 2

This is the first time that I have told what I got my wife to do on our last holiday. My wife Carol is 32yrs old, she is a petite 5’2 and is only 115lbs with shoulder length auburn hair and deep blue eyes. I am your average guy 5’9 and around 160lbs and I have just turned 38. We had booked a 3 week holiday in The Gambia leaving our 2 girls with their grandparents.
When surfing the net I had come across many sites with wife watching stories and the one’s I found the most exciting was were the wife had sex with a black man without using any birth control.
This thought was in my mind on the first day of our holiday when I saw a waiter looking at my wife in her tiny bikini. He was not very tall but very well built and jet black, I could just imagine him fucking my tiny wife with his big black cock, I knew it was going to be hard to get my wife to have sex with Musa she has never been with anyone else and she cannot take the pill, so birth control would make it a no way from her.
This left me to find a way to get her in a position when it would be possible for Musa to take her without her being fully aware. I went and had a chat with Musa to find out if he would come to our room that night, after I had got my wife a little drunk and have unprotected sex with her. He could not believe his luck having always wanted to have a white woman and was even more surprised that I wanted him to cum inside her. We agreed to talk later when my wife had a few drinks which he would make stronger than usual.
That evening after my wife had her shower I told her that Musa really had the hots for her, she told me he didn’t, but I told her he had been looking at her all day and I could tell he wanted to have sex with her, she said there was no way she would have sex with a black man, she didn’t want to have a black baby and he would give her a very black one going by his jet black skin. I told her that I liked Musa and wanted him to hang about with us, she was not pleased but let it go, I could see she was worried having told her Musa had the hots for her
As she got dressed for the evening I saw her putting on a very skimpy summer dress which was very low cut front and back no bra and only tiny panties, I had to tell her Musa was going to get a hard on when he saw her, she just said good.
After I had dressed we headed of to dinner, we ordered drinks a beer for me and a bottle of red for my wife, I wanted her merry before we went out to watch the night show so that she would be happy to go onto her favorite vodka+cranberry which after the wine should see her pretty much wasted and unable to stop Musa later.
Dinner over we went out and found a secluded table at the back, Musa came over and took our drinks order, telling us his shift finished at 10pm and he would come and see us then. When he left my wife asked why Musa was coming to sit with us, I told her it was probably because he fancied her, she drank the rest of her wine a little sign of shock on her face. Musa returned with our drinks and my wife quickly drank almost half her drink down. I could see it was going to be easy to get my wife and Musa back to our room, and I was looking forward to watching Musa give her his black cock, I wondered what she would say in the morning but that didn’t matter right now, getting her wasted was what we planned.
After a few more drinks she was ready to go to our room, Musa followed and we entered together my wife sat on the bed and fell back. Musa helped me take of her clothes, she lay on the bed naked Musa starring at her bare pussy and small breasts. I told Musa to get undressed and get ready to give my wife a black baby, he stripped of and I saw a huge black cock standing straight up at least 8ins long and very thick, my wife would be open up when Musa sank his cock into her and he would press hard against her cervix, pregnancy was a certainty he would shoot his cum into her womb for sure,
Musa climbed on top of my wife and started to rub the large black head of his cock against my wife’s pussy, she soon started to move her hips pushing up onto his cock head. She became wetter and stickier and Musa slowly pushed into her, a low gasp came from my wife as Musa bottomed out all 8ins deep inside her. He lay still on top of her, enjoying the warmth I knew he was feeling deep in her. He then started to move slowly in and out my wife starting to move with him until they were fucking hard together my wife’s arms holding him, and her legs wrapped around his waist. They fucked for 15mins before Musa finally pushed deep into her and shot his cum into her fertile womb, I knew my wife was going to have his black baby.
Musa climbed of my wife his cock shining with their combined juices, her pussy was open thick globs of Musa’s sperm inside she was pregnant for sure. He dressed and then left, saying he would see us tomorrow.
In the morning my wife had a bad head, but she knew she had sex, I then told her that Musa had come back to our room with us and that he had fucked her without a condom cumming inside her twice. She told me that it was her most fertile time of the month and she could be pregnant with his baby, and what was I going to do?. I told her I was going to bring Musa back every night to fuck her and make sure she had a little black nigger baby in her womb when we went home, which is what I did.
We are home now my wife missed her period and is carrying Musa’s black baby, she is worried about what our family and friends will say when she gives birth to a jet black baby like it’s dad Musa. I have told her I want to see other black men fuck her, maybe a very ugly old man next time and no birth control, she said she will let them get her pregnant again. Will let you know what happens next.