Dad gave me physical love : part-2

Hi friends,
In continuation to previous part as dad and daughter have started making eachother hot and aroused, my vagina pours cum as dad licked it to taste and than both after having refreshment are back on bed as dad have hold a glass full of whisky and looking at me, he hold his penis ” it’s your baby to love.
(Ritu sitting near him as holding his penis) sure my love, have your drinks than I will suck your cock.
(Dad holding my boobs) oh sexy, you can suck it in this position also ” now as my dad, a handsome personality with a nice look and height of 6’0 feet put his legs straight, his semi erected penis is looking more in length and thickness as my lover’s cock looks at erected stage, so nothing to think as I hold my dad’s penis and starts jerking it slowly with dad’s hand massaging my breast hard. Later on he put his empty glass on floor, so I just put my face down to his penis and after removing it’s skin my tongue starts rolling on it’s glans and dad a smart men is rubbing my back like making me feel sexy but soon my mouth took his glans and starts sucking but my sexy body in doggy position is too vulnerable for him as I slowly swallows his half of penis and starts sucking but dad is squeezing my breast as his other hand is moving on my buttocks. It’s a nice evening as my mom and brother is out of home to attend a party and Ritu is sucking her dad’s penis as my soft boobs are getting pressed with my ass hole being fingered and so what! It’s not a dream as our blood relation turned hollow and while sucking my dad’s penis for a while, my mouth starts dripping saliva as I took out his wet penis.
Dad & Daughter are nude as my cunt is too itchy but dad’s long thick penis is fully erected and now I made him sleep on bed as I put my both thighs bit spread on his legs and while holding his 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick penis I started masturbating it ” you will be my first vagina lover and soon your cock will love my cunt, isn’t it ” but dad was too tired as well as drunk, so I thought to be on his top to rejoice our sexual affairs. My whole body is on top as I starts kissing him with his hand moving on my back, my breast are getting pressed on his chest but as I moved my face to chest, putting my lips sealed on his wider chest he is screaming ” uh oh it’s your love baby that have made me your slave.
(Me) oh but if I have desire to urinate in your mouth than. ” So my lips are kissing his waist as I can see his penis flying like a hard fleshy rubber and now I am on dad’s strong body as my face is in his penis direction, so it’s a reverse doggy position as my both thighs are apart and looking back to him as he is rubbing his hand on my butts, I said ” just love your daughter’s cunt my hot dad ” as I hold his long penis and starts kissing it hard, so feeling my dad’s lips on vagina as his face is under my buttocks with vagina inches away from his mouth. Now while swallowing his penis in mouth, I can feel dad’s tongue licking my cunt as his finger is rubbing on ass hole, nice as well as amazing! Dad is loving his daughter’s cunt with his tongue frisking inside out as his finger moved inside my anus hole and now like a slut hungry gal I starts moving my face up and down to give him a hard blowjob. So my anus hole is in fire as dad’s long finger is fucking it while my vagina’s hole is getting his long tongue for a while, it seems to be in heaven and now his cock have turned rock hard in my mouth as I took it out but soon my tongue starts rolling on wet penis as looking back at him I can see his eyes closed with tongue going inside cunt fast and dad have put one hand in my waist as he is trying to push his whole tongue in my little wider vagina, God! It’s a hot journey with him as my tongue is licking his glans tops with some pre cum on it, tastes bitter and now dad have put his head on pillow with his one finger going inside my cunt and as he starts fingering it fast while licking his penis I am sounding sexy ” uh oh um my dad, please put your tongue again to taste it’s cum.
(Dad) oh it’s an invitation for vagina juice ” as he put his tongue in it and now I am a wild horny lady as I took my dad’s penis again to suck but it’s it cum shot that will satisfy me soon. So as both are going hard on/in each others sexual organs, I felt cum in my vagina and in hurry, I left him as I get laid on bed with thighs apart, oh no! If I am dying for fuck or soon dad will push his hard rock cock in my vagina, can’t think and than dad put a pillow under my buttocks as he is looking at me like a hungry wolf ” baby, can’t wait for long please give me your cunt ” as I smiled ” sure but after a month dad ” and than he put his face in between my thighs as he widened my hole and starts licking it fast and soon my cunt is full of cum as he took my vagina in his mouth to suck ” uh oh leave it dear ” and than dad slept on bed as I am near his waist, so hold his penis and starts jerking it ” it’s not fair baby, suck and make it cum
(Ritu) sure my hot lover. ” As I know his cock will not be able to keep it’s hardness for a long time as I swallows it again and starts sucking it with my face still, so it’s too hot and than he put his hand on my head while his waist is moving up and down to fuck my mouth with it’s glans hitting my deep throat but within two minutes he put his waist down as I starts sucking it like a whore and as penis starts ejaculating, he pushed his cock more ” yes ah drink it you bitch ” and I got his cum to taste as I became her sex slave….