Dad gave me physical love

Hi friends,

Ritu have seen her dad’s long penis as I sucked it also and as our blood relation turns sexy, it’s not our culture and society that will accept our sexual affairs, is this true that a gal of 21 years is too possessive for her dad? You can better understand as one evening, my mom Nikita and brother left home for a party and I was alone at home but waiting for dad as he is in his office due to some additional work. I have put a yellow short dress as it’s a frock and my cleavage with parts of thighs as well legs are nude, so a G string is covering my vagina and it’s my pleasure to show my sexy body to my dad as my mom will come back late after attending a party. So it’s 07:50 pm as door bell starts ringing and I walked towards door as I opened it, dad a tired person put his bag on table and walked inside his room as dinner was ready also. Ritu now followed her dad as she walked towards him and he was removing his shirt as well as trouser but his back was facing my front and as he was unaware of my presence, he just made himself semi nude with a underwear on his ass as vest is on top. Looking at him as I was feeling too aroused and as he moved towards washroom his face turned, so looking at me he asked ” Ritu, what are you doing here? And I moved quickly to him as both hold each other’s in arms, so feeling too confident in his strong arms as dad’s hand is on my buttocks, he asked ” in mom’s absence looking for some fun together ” as I put my face straight to him and our eyes meet as he kissed my face ” wait for a while “. So he moved inside washroom as I felt bit hot but left his room and moved to kitchen as I starts preparing coffee for us and after a while I can see dad’s standing on my back as he put his hand in my waist and now starts kissing my neck ” oh dad please don’t do here, coffee is hot

(He hold my breast and pressed hard) not more hot than you. ” And than as he left me I hold both cups of coffee, so walked to dinning space and there we both are drinking it as his hand starts moving on my thigh and left him free to go ahead, I put my empty cup on table as dad is rubbing my smooth thigh with his palm and than as he put cup on table, I just sits on his thigh and put my both arms on his shoulders. So as I put my reddish lips on his face, he is just rubbing my back and my frock have moved to upper thighs as dad hold my long hairs.

Ritu is sitting on his dad’s thigh as he starts kissing my lips and slowly swallows my lip in his mouth to suck while I am feeling bit hot, so my left breast is touching his chest while right breast is feeling it’s heat and than as I felt my soft lip getting smooches for a long time, I pushed dad’s head and took out my lip. Now dad is in hurry as he hold me tight and stands, so walked towards his bedroom with his daughter’s sexy body in his lap, his strong arms are making me confident but my both arms are also in his shoulders. Lastly, dad put me on bed as he is looking smart in his white pyjama and so he again walked out of room as I am dying for his penis to suck it and than dad came there with a glass full of whisky as he sits near me. So he have drunk some whisky as he is doing it but his one free hand is holding my tits hard as he is pressing it harder ” oh uh auch be polite dear, I am your daughter not wife ” and as he is a regular drunk, he put empty glass soon on floor as his hand first made my frock upwards to waist but like a shy gal I have put my thighs crossed. So dad than starts rubbing my thighs as his one hand is on my round small breast and squeezing it hard, he made me so hot with his palm rubbing my soft thighs that I spread my thighs and now he lifts my frock to neck as he pulled it out. Ritu is now nude with her soft vagina covered under a G string and dad is like a hungry wolf as he leaned his face on my breast and while opening his mouth, he swallows it and starts sucking it and a young gal is holding his bulge on pyjama but soon as I got it’s laces, I opened it and as he have put his back on knees I was comfortable in removing his pyjama ” oh god, oh it’s too itchy dad be slow don’t suck my breast hard ” so he left my breast as he took out his vest and a 40 years men is completely nude with me.

Ritu is gazing at his semi erected penis as it’s a long cock of 8-9 inches (fully erected), so dad first opened it’s (G string) string and removed it to make my cunt nude, so aroused at this time that I put my crossed fingers on vagina and widened it’s hole as ” look it you dog, have your tongue inside. Pritam soon put a pillow under my buttocks as he put his face in between my thighs and his lips are sealed on my vagina as I am sounding sexy ” uh oh yes love it dear, it’s yours soon you will fuck it ” and than he starts licking my cunt with his long tongue as I am too horny, so putting my buttocks up in air I am showing my pleasure to him as his tongue is fucking my dry and hot cunt like a dog ” uh oh um dad go hard, your daughter is now too young to get fucked aah it’s in fire ” and than he took out his tongue as his one finger starts rubbing the hole and one hand massaging my breast hard ” baby, you have to lose your virginity today ” but I replied ” no after a month dad, aah I will cum soon ” so dad took out his finger as he took it’s labias in mouth to suck, lastly vagina pours lot of cum as he tastes it…….. To be continued.