Dad got Caught – PART 1

Hi, this is Krishna from Mumbai. I am here today to share my very exciting real sexual experience with my own dad. Can you imagine? I know it sound little awkward but I would like to share my experience with you guys. I hope you like it and do share your feedback on my below email.

So this whole drama happened when I was in college in 2nd year doing my graduation Age 19. Height 5.1 Figure size 33-30-34 I stay with my family. My mom and dad both are working. My dad have a government job and my mom works for a bank. My dad is a handsome guy average looking & he is a fitness freak. He goes for gym and workout. My Dad love me a lot and even my mom reason because I was the only child in my family.

My dad always use to help me in my studies and my curricular activities. I always use to take a help from my dad. Mom use to be much busy at office work wherein dad use to help me in shopping and holidays.

After I completed the second year of my exam summer vacation started and I informed my dad to plan a travel for my vacation. My dad was excited and he plan for Goa and he took tickets for whole family. Mom was also too excited but due to year ending she dropped the plan. I was so disappointed that my mom insist me and my dad to go for a picnic. After having to much of debate me and dad decided to go for a it.

The weather of Goa was so awesome that I was enjoying like anything. We book a hotel room for 4 days and it was Single room with two bedrooms for me and my dad.

1st Day of Experience.

The First Day Once we entered the room I was so tired I was feeling very sleepy. I was wearing a tshirt & shorts which was small and my thighs were clearly visible in shorts . I slept for almost 2 hours and I got up and I noticed that my zip of shorts were opened and my t-shirt was completely up. I didn’t took seriously and I went to see for my dad. Dad was in bathroom and when he came out he was sweating hard. I asked what happened dad he said he had a bath as he was tired.

2nd Day of Experience.

Second Day was more adventures as we went to beach and had a great food and came back to hotel. As i was teenager my dad was very protected for not to go for any bar and clubs but still we did many activities. Second night I went to sleep and that time I was wearing a night suit which was very comfortable. I slept and late night I was noticing something weird as in someone is pulling of my pyjama slowly slowly… I was in a deep sleep but somehow tried to adjust myself. Suddenly when I moved a little I can feel someone got down from my bed. I didn’t took seriously as i knew there is only dad with me in my room. I slept again but this time I was not completely into sleep and I can feel someone is on my bed again. And there was a dim light and when I saw with my Chinese eyes it was my OWN DAD !! I WAS SHOCKED AND I WAS BREATHING HEAVILY WHAT HE IS DOING ON MY BED. I didn’t know what to do but still I acted to see what he is upto. He was trying to remove my pyjama and slowly trying to hit me to see weather I am in a deep sleep. I acted as I am in deep sleep. He remove my pyjama and trying to remove my panty. I WAS BREATHING VERY HEAVILY. I NEVER EXPECTED DAD TO DO THIS WITH ME. I WAS ASHAMED AND DINT KNEW WHAT TO DO. Finally he removed a innerwear half and kissing my waist and one side of my ass. When he touch his tongue I moved a little which made him ran away again. The rest of night I couldn’t sleep and trying to understand why dad is behaving this way. Next morning I acted as I am normal.

3rd day of Experience

3rd day we did some more activity in Goa. I got a chance wherein I asked dad how the relationship is going with mom and his marriage life. Dad was unable to answer as I can feel mom is unable to give a sexual desire. The whole day I noticed by dad is watching my boobs and my ass. I acted as I am comfortable. We went to hotel after a long day activity and this time I made up my mind to wear a jeans so that dad couldn’t make out this weird stuff. When I was trying to search for my jeans I notice that my panty was not there I searched my whole bag and even in bathroom it was not there. I just wear my shorts again and I went to a dads room. Dad was in bathroom and I could hear some noise from the bathroom and I saw there is one hole to peep inside the bathroom. When I peep into the bathroom I saw that my dad is masturbating with huge cock it was complete black in color so big. Over there I even I saw my Panty my dad was caring that panty and smelling it. AGAIN I WAS TOO SHOCKED AND DINT KNEW WHAT TO DO.

Three shocking incident made me understood that my dad is in badly lust with my figure and he want me to fuck badly. Even I was not able to forget his BIG cock and I was feeling like watching that again. This feeling was first time for me for a my dad and I didn’t know what to do but I have made up my mind to catch my dad openly.

4th day of Action

The day was to pack up and dad was not in mood as we are going to home in evening. But still we had a half a day to stay at hotel. Now I decided to start with some action wherin I can catch my dad. I informed my dad that I am going for a bath. Dad look at me and responded. Now when I went for bath I kept my door which is slightly opened. I removed my clothes completely and started singing a song. My eyes was on the door little to see if I can see my dad. And I saw from the mirror my dad is watching me from head to toe. He was continuously watching me and all of a sudden I saw him and I acted as I forgot to lock the door. But I made my dad feel ashamed as if why he was watching me badly.

I came out of bathroom and I asked my dad are you checking me out. Dad was completely numb and not able to answer. Then I made my dad to sit and informed him everything about what I noticed in these three nights. DAD WAS COMPLETELY SHOCKED AND MY DAD WAS SHIVERING AND MY DAD WAS CRYING AND TELLING ME NOT TO TELL MY MOM.

I spoken to my dad and gave a assurity that I won’t say anything about the incident. I asked my dad what is the problem going on as he is lusty for her daughter. Dad informed me that he is checking me out from last whole one year and he is crazy for my boobs and ass. He really want to fuck me harder. Listing to this I was shocked and I decided something.

What Krishna decided… Wait for the next part

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