Daddy’s virgin ( Breaking of the hymen pt 2 )

She saw her fathers car. He stopped, she got in.

” You ok ” he said.

” Yes ” she replied as he drove off.

” What happened darling. ” He said.

” He tried to rape me. ” She said. ” If was fine at the start. We started kissing, and playing. He took my underwear off, then he changed. Like I wasn’t ready, he said he was so then he couldn’t wait till I was. He got on me and tried to fuck me without me been ready, I’m a fuckin virgin. I shouldn’t have gone that far with him. I let him play with my pussy in the movies. Why. Stupid. ” She said.

” Well your safe now, what a arsehole. ” Gary said.

They sat quiet till they got home they sat in the car for a few minutes.

” Fuck. ” She said.

” What. ” Gary asked.

” Hes got my underwear. ” She said.

” That’s as far as hes getting to you. ” Gary said.

She laughed.

” Yes ” she said.

” Hes probably sitting on his bed cock in hand playing with them. ” Gary said smiling.

She laughed again. ” Yes, fuckin jerk. ”

It was 11.13. Gary reached over pulling the hair off her face. ” Why don’t you go to bed and get some sleep. ” He said.

” No, I need a glass of wine and a soak in the spa. ” She replied.

” Yeh. ” Gary said.

” Yep, you can join me. ” She replied.

” Ok then. ” Gary said. They got out of the car walking through to the kitchen from the garage. She hugged Gary. She stood back their hands on each others hips. He reached up pushing her hair back.

” Sure your ok ? ” He asked.

” Yeh , I’m fine dad. ” She said. Knickerless, but fine. One of my favourite pairs. ”

Gary poured two glasses of wine. Nicole had her tunic off. She was taking her bra off when Gary turned around seeing his naked daughter. He handed her the glass of wine, he put his down and undressed.

They walked naked outside to their private courtyard and got in the spa overlooking the city. A slight drizzle of rain. They sat drinking. She felt safe and wanted considering an hour ago she was almost raped.


She reached in her fathers groin feeling his hard cock. He looked at her smiling. They kissed. He reached fondling her breasts. He sat up on the edge of the pool. She knelt between his legs putting his cock in her mouth sucking it feeling the light drizzly rain on her head. She was in her safe place.

Five minutes later he slid in the pool. She straddled his lap her arms around his neck. He fondled her breasts. She reached down grabbing his cock rubbing it over her pussy. She circled her vagina opening and rubbed hus knob over it then up to her clit as he sucked her nipples.


She stood sitting on the edge of the pool her legs open. Gary kneeling between her, he kissed the inside of her thighs and over her clit. He kissed down her labias to her vagina opening circling his tongue around it. He pushed his tongue in a bit. She groaned as he played with her vaginal opening.

With his thumb he rubbed her clit and inner labias. With his other thumb and finger he pulled her vaginal opening open feeling her hole his tongue working its way in.

Nicole enjoying it. Her love hole been teased and respected. The next ten minutes Gary played with her pussy. Her head back hair hanging down letting her pussy go. Gary having total control of it. The warm summer drizzle over her body. She fondled her breasts as Gary’s thumb slid into the entrance of her vagina his tongue licking her clit and kissing the inside of her thighs.

” Oh fuck yes. ” She said giving him permission to go further. She was ready, she wanted it. Gary’s thumb slowly moving in and out of her vagina.

” Oooooohhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeesssssssss. ” She moaned.

She got back into her pool straddling him again facing him. They kissed he caressed her breasts. Again she reached for his hard cock. She moved her pussy closer rubbing her clit with his knob. She moved it to her vaginal opening circling it with his knob. Gary slid a hand to her arse holding her breast with the other hand. She had total control. She looked in his eyes slowly rubbing her vaginal opening pushing down more of his knob sliding into the entrance of her vagina.

” Are you sure ? ” Gary said.

” Yes, ” she replied. ” Its been three years in the making. ”

” I mean you want your father taking your virginity ? ” He said.

” Yes. ” She replied sliding further down his shaft feeling him enter her, the uncomfortable feeling as her vagina accomodated a cock for the first time breaking through her hymen. She hugged him her head on his shoulder working through the feeling of been broken his cock now fully in her. She sat down on him. Twenty seconds later she moved up then back down him. She slowly rode up and down his cock groaning Gary kissing her neck as he squeezed her arse feeling his cock in his daughters pussy.

” Oh Nicole. ” He groaned fondling her breast. She pushed herself back lifting her breast to Gary’s mouth. Gary caressing and sucking them as she rode his cock.

Hee pussy moist and wet. She felt herself tense up. Gary groaned slowly thrusting her pushing his cock in her as she slid down his shaft. A minute later she orgasmed. Gary squeezed her arse tight as with one last thrust exploded inside her. He filled his daughters pussy with his cum.

” Oh fuck ” he said.

” That was so good. ” She said.

” It was, ” she kissed him. ” I just fucked my father. ” She replied.

” Yes you did darling. ” He replied.

” I loved it. ” She said smiling at him.

” Good. ” He replied. She say up on the edge of the pool opening her legs. Gary turned looking between her legs seeing his cum ooze from her pussy.

” Well not a virgin. ” She said smiling sliding back in the pool.

They sat talking till 1 am. They got out and showered and got to bed at 1.45 sleeping in her fathers bed.

She lay at his side.

” Hes got my underwear. ” She said.

” Will sort that out in the morning. ” Gary replied.

” Yeh ? Cant believe I let him in. He played with my pussy. He got shitty when I would let him put his fingers in me. ” She said.

” Men ” he said.

” Yeh. ” She said

” How does your pussy feel ? ” He asked.

” Satisfied, I needed that. ” She said. ” Thanks for taking my virginity dad. ” She said.

” That’s fine, unexpected. Buy fine. ”

” I guess it felt right. I loved it. ” She said. Ten minutes later she was asleep naked next to her father who had claimed her virginity..

10 Am.

Knock Knock. Gary waited. Nicole sitting in the car on the road. The door opened.

” Gary. ” Nicole’s ex boyfriend said.

” Hello, ” Gary said. ” Lets cut the bullshit arsehole, you know why I’m here. ”

” Look if… ” He started saying.

” Your lucky your still standing you little shit. But I’m here for something of my daughters you have. ”

” What ? ” He said.

” You know. Tell you what, either you show me where they are. Or I will tear your room apart till I find them. ” Gary said.

” I will call the police. ” He said.

” Go for it. You tried to rape my daughter last night. Shall I tell them that. ” Gary said.

” Look. ” He said.

” Give me the underwear and this goes no further. ” Gary said.

” It was consensual. ” He said.

” I’m not here to argue. You have 10 seconds. ” Gary said.

” Or what. ” He said.

” Or I call the police and lay a assault complaint ” Gary said.

” Fine, ” he said. ” Follow me. ”

Gary followed him to the room. ” Suppose you have masturbated over them you arsehole. ”

” No.I didn’t want to. I haven’t worn them. I didn’t want to taint them with me. I want them only with her on them. ” He said.

” Good ” Gary replied.

” I’m sorry. ” He said.

” Your what ? ” Gary replied.

” Sorry. For what I did. ” He said ” I love Nicole. ” They got to his room.

” So you force your self on her, funny way to love someone. Where are they. ? ”

He reached under his pillow grabbing them handing them Gary. Gary careful not to admire them or look to closely at them. He put them in his pocket.

” No wonder she didn’t want to fuck you. ” Gary said looking around.

” Why ? ” He asked.

” The place is a shithole. Losing her virginity here. Fuck. ” Gary said.

” Couldn’t do it at her house. ” He said.

” No, I didn’t like you even before this. ” Gary said.

” I cant afford a motel. ” He said. ” Please I love her. ”

” Stay away from her, understand ?’ Gary said turning walking out.

He got to the car getting in.

” Please say you got them. ” She said.

He reached into his pocket dangling them on his finger. She grabbed them opening them up looking at them.

” Well at least he hasn’t wanked in them. ” She said. ” Suppose hes worn them. ”

” No he said he hasn’t, he didn’t want to taint them with him on them darling. ” Gary said.

” Well good then. I can wear them again, hope he had a good sniff. ” She said laughing.

” Yes ” Gary said. They went out for lunch.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.