Daddy’s virgin ( Breaking of the hymen )

Nicole left at 6 pm. She was out with her boyfriend. He sat and talked to Gary while he waited for Nicole to finish getting ready for dinner.

She walked downstairs They both stood up she kissed her boyfriends lips.

” Hi ” she said. They put a arm around each others waist.

” Well have a good night you two ” Gary said smiling at Nicole. Nicole smiled back. Both catching a moment remembering what had happened a few hours before between them.

Nicole wore her Tunic. She wore a black lacy g string with a red lace band across the top of it with a small black bow. She wore a matching black bra with black lacy cups. Red straps going up over her shoulders attached to the red strap across her back. She wore knee high her knee high boots.

They went to dinner, after dinner they went to the movies. She sat next to him holding his hand. She sat thinking about the morning.

It was twenty minutes into the movie. His hand on her knee. She had seen the movie before with girlfriends. He hadn’t.

She thought about how she felt her dad fucking her like that. She held his cock against her pussy as he thrusted her pussy on the outside over her clit, in her outer labias over her vagina. She loved him cumming in her hand. Her hand over her pussy holding his cock against her pussy. Something felt different this time. She was so tempted to push him in her.

Her boyfriend rubbed her knee sliding it up further onto her thigh his palm sitting on get long tunic, his fingers a couple of fingers falling inside her thigh. He knew she was a virgin.

She felt she wanted to have sex, she was ready for sex, she wanted sex now. She wanted to feel a cock in her.

She couldn’t believe she was tempted to have her father for the first time. Her pussy was moist at the thought of it. She cant bring her boyfriend home, her sheets still on the bed covered with dry cum. She didn’t want to go to his place, not to sleep anyway. He lives with two other sex starved perverts, no lock on the bathroom door.

She decided she needed her own place. His hand turned sideways over her thigh. He was going to try and put it up her dress. Would she let him. She wanted sex, she loved foreplay. She gave a fuckin good blowjob.

She was trying to decide if she wanted her boyfriend to take her virginity, or shit the very thought, the only man who had seen her naked, pretty much all her life. As a baby he had changed her nappy. Not again till thirteen he accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom naked. He saw her from behind. Her slowly developing breasts in the mirror.

She saw his cock at fourteen again by accident in the bathroom, again accidentally walking in on him while his parents en suite was been repaired. Suppose since then she didn’t mind him seeing her naked at fifteen, it started. Leaving her bedroom door slightly open when she was dressing.

Only when her mum and brother were not home. The time she started wearing her bra with no top, but with either jeans or a skirt around the house for her father. Her dad didn’t mind.

One day she totally by accident needed the toilet she snuck down the hallway in her underwear and bra. G string underwear meeting her dad in the hallway. It turned her on. Her father to. He would smile.

She was busy thinking about how her and her father got to this moment. Her boyfriends hand slid up. She hadn’t noticed. Two fingers up under her tunic. She opened her legs slightly giving him the invitation putting her jacket over her lap. His hand moving up touching her underwear rubbing over her lace knickers.

From then on they would not worry about privacy in the house when alone. She would walk around in her underwear as would he. She would walk naked from the bathroom to her bedroom. She didn’t mind him seeing her dress or undress.

At sixteen the night she was home alone. Her dad out with clients. It was 9 pm. She was in the spa naked. Her mum away on business. Her brother who was 18 had left home. Gary arrived home and came to the spa to say hi.

He undressed getting in. That night been naked in the spa with her father drinking wine. That night they talked about it. Been naked together. That night in the spa. First time he touched her breasts. That night she touched his penis. That night they showered together. But it was three months before she let him touch her pussy.

Her boyfriends finger slipping in her underwear against her moist flesh. She let out a small quiet groan as he rubbed her wet clit.

Her and her father would wash each other down. She loved him playing with her developing breasts. She loved playing with his cock.

When she was about to turn 17 her and her girlfriends would watch porn. They would laugh and joke about oral sex and sex. One day showering with her father she knelt putting his cock in her mouth. From then not just in the shower she would practice giving blow jobs. When she turned 17 she let him give her oral sex. She would love him licking her clit and pussy lips.

He knew he wasn’t allowed to put his fingers or his cock on her. He would call her Daddy’s Virgin as he pleasured her. She loved that name. She would kiss him. She looked forward to her mother away every four weeks for a week. She could play with her father alone. Be naked in the house with him.

Her boyfriend leant over kissing her ear.

” I have condoms. ” He whispered.

‘Shit’ she thought.

The movie ended. They got to his car and got in.

” Good movie ” he said.

” Yeh it was. ” She replied.

He leant over kissing her lips putting his hand on her waist under her jacket.

” Shall we go to my place for a coffee ? ”

” Ok ” she said.

They arrived at his house. They walked in the front door to the lounge, his flatmates sitting watching TV.

” Hey. ” They said. Their eyes moving up and down Nicole’s body.

” Lets go to my room. ” He said. She followed him down the hallway to his room. She entered. His unmade bed, his clothes on the floor.

” Someones getting laid tonight. ” One flatmate said.

” Shes fuckin hot. ” The other said.

” Lucky bastard, having that pussy. ” The other replied

” Rustic. ” She said looking for a place to sit.

” Should have cleaned up. ” He said picking his clothes up throwing them in the washing basket. He pulled his bed covers up.

She sat on his bed crossing her legs. He sat next to her leaning in kissing her lips, his hand on her knee.

They kissed for a minute. She had let him play with her pussy, he was expecting sex tonight. She liked him, did she love him, did she want him to be her first, to lay claim to her virginity. She was horny, but was she horny for him.

” Do you want a drink ? ” He said.

” What do you have ? ” She asked. She had been seeing him for six months but never been to his house.

” Water, soft drink, beer, rum and coke ? ” He said.

” Water is fine. ” She said.

” Cool back soon. ” He said getting up walking out closing the door leaving her alone.

” Fuckin hot chick mate. ” She heard his flatmate say.

” Yeh. ” Her boyfriend said.

” Going to fuck her tonight ? ” The other said.

” Yeh. ” Her boyfriend said. ”

” Lucky man. ” His other flatmate said.

Minutes later he returned handing her the water. She took a sip. They kissed his hand on her side her jacket off. The tunic hugging her body. His hand on her knee sliding up her thigh to the hem of her tunic. His hand stopping.

He stopped kissing her reaching to his top drawer pulling out a box of condoms.

” Your prepared ” she said.

” Cant go getting you pregnant. ” He replied.

” No last thing I need. ” She replied.

” Do want to have sex ? ” He asked politely.

” Isn’t that why you brought me back here ? ” She asked.

” Cant do it at your place. ” He said.

” True ” she said. Her father wouldn’t mind her taking a guy home. She thought.

” Your pussy felt nice in the movies. ” He said.

” Yeh. ” She said.

She reached for his groin feeling his hard cock in his pants. He kissed her pushing his hand under her tunic to her hip his fingers feeling her underwear.

She was still trying to decide if she wanted to. She did, but did she with him. He pulled his hand from her tunic putting it on her waist sliding his hand to her bust cupping her breast over her tunic rubbing them. He could feel her erect nipples as they kissed. He reached down undoing his pants pulling his cock out. She grabbed it stroking it.

She uncrossed her legs his hand sliding up her thigh moving off her breast, he pulled her tunic up and rubbed over her underwear.

She moaned as they lay back. He lay at her side leaning over her. His hand sliding in the underwear rubbing her clit. His hand then moving back to her breast caressing her.

She started feeling like she couldn’t. She didnt think she could with him. His hand moving back to her pussy under her underwear rubbing her labias. He started pulling her underwear down. She gave it a minute. The main light off, a small bedside lamp on shading a soft light.

‘Be brave’ she thought as her knickers were pushed down her thighs over her boots as they kissing. She sat up taking them off and lay back down her pussy exposed been rubbed by her boyfriend.

She groaned as she played with his cock. He tried pushing his fingers in her pussy.

” No ” she said ” Not yet. ” She put her hand on his hand holding it

” Why not ” he said.

” Just give me time. ” She said.

” Come on babe, do you want sex or not. ” He said.

” I need more foreplay. ” She said.

” I’m ready. ” He said. She started getting pissed off.

” I’m not. ” She said.

He rolled on her opening her legs.

” Get off me. ” She said.

He tried to put his cock in her.

” No. ” She said. He held her down. She didn’t want to be raped loosing her virginity. She fought, he slipped. She saw her moment, her foot lifting with force to his groin. He fell to the floor gripping his sore cock. She stood picking up her jacket pushing her tunic down over her arse running out of his room down the hallway to the front door.

” Leaving so soon babe. ” One flatmate said.

” Fuck off arsehole. ” She yelled running out the door in tears slammimg it running down the street. She sat down the road in a bus stop reaching for her phone, realising she was wearing no underwear. They were on his bedroom floor.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.