Good Parenting

Good Parenting

By NorthernWolf


Don and Sue believed that they had been good parents to their children, Ann and Allan. The twins were now 18 and both getting ready to enter their first year of college. They had always been close and it was no surprise when they had announced that they wished to both go to the same school. Don and Sue had already discussed this between themselves and decided that they would prefer to see their kids separated and developing their own personalities rather than spending so much time with each other. They had rejected the “same school” idea and made it clear to the Ann and Allan that since they were paying for college they would decide who goes where.

Ann and Allan were furious and demanded that their parents change their decision. It hadn’t happened and family relations had taken a downturn. What Don and Sue did not know was just how close the twins were or that they had been each other’s best friend and lover since they were 14. They knew that their children seldom dated and spent most evening playing computer games but because both parents had busy careers the twins had been left on their own a great deal of the time since they were 12 years old. Aided by the internet they had used the time productively.

At early teen, Ann was the first to mature and develop an interest in boys. Allan was there and so he was very convenient. Watching a light porn movie after school she has asked if he wanted to see her developing breasts. His grin was enough and she had pulled her t shirt over her head and unclipped her light bra. Allan had immediately touched and licked her small mounds causing her nipples to swell. Looking back Ann thought she may have had her first orgasm from her pre-pubescent brother sucking her tits.

Allan soon started to mature and by the end of their early teen they were fucking on a regular basis. Allan loved Ann sucking his cock and she soon made a game out of making him French kiss her after he came and swallow his own cum. She quickly learned to slip a finger in his ass and spur him into uncontrolled orgasms. Allan for his part soon learned that his sister liked anal sex as much as pussy, and obliged her. The next four and a half years were an orgasmic dream for the two of them. Ann was on the pill and neither had any desire to look elsewhere. And now their parents wanted to fuck everything up.


Don and Sue’s would not back off their instance on separate schools for the twins so, a month before college was due to start the twins announced they had withdrawn their applications and would skip college. Their parents were furious insisting that without college there was no future. It was Ann at the next night’s supper has announced that there was a future. As Don and Sue sipped the fabulous soup Ann had prepared, Allan explained that all he and Ann were going to do was continue to be each other’s lovers and then watch his parents choke on their soup.

“In a few minutes you will understand,” Allan stated. “Ann and I are set for life as long as you two don’t object, so you are not going to object. You will understand the special relationship Ann and I have and you will not only respect it, you will serve it.”

Ann stepped behind her mother and reached over her shoulders to unbutton her blouse. “Come on Mom let’s see those tits Dad loves so much.”

Sue didn’t stop her daughter as she stripped off her blouse and pushed her beige modest bra down under her breasts. Gripping each of her mother’s nipples in her fingers she laughed, “I’ll bet in a minute or two Daddy will be naked and crawling over here to suck on these. Allan come over here and finish undressing mommy.”

As Allan moved behind their mother Ann crossed over and slapped her father across the face. “You never tell us what to do again, now strip off your clothes.”

In a few seconds both of their parents were naked and Allan and Ann were removing their own clothes. “Daddy will you please put Mommy on her knees with her ass up in the air and start licking her asshole please.”

As Don pushed Sue to the floor, lifted her hips and shoved his tongue deep into her ass Allan said, “Why her, I’m randy and need a blow job. Why not with my Mom’s tongue in my ass and my sweet Sis doing the blowing.”

Quickly, Allan’s ass was in front of his mother and Ann was sucking on his cock. Ann reached around her brother and pulled her mother’s head closer. “In deep you controlling bitch. I want your tongue tickling his prostrate. I don’t even care if you can breathe.”

It took about a minute for Allan for erupt in his sister’s mouth and after he did Ann pulled her father away from Sue’s ass and dumped Allan’s load into his upturned mouth, “Mom turn around and share that with Dad, you are going to learn to love the taste.”

As their parents French kissed Allan’s cum Allan turned and started to insert his fist into his sister’s pussy. “God I love being fist fucked by you Allan,” she screamed. “This is going to be so much fucking fun.” She screamed as she climaxed violently almost crushing his hand.


The controlling drugs the twins had sourced on the internet had a number of wonderful features. The best was that they were bought with their Dad’s credit card so it didn’t matter that they were incredibly expensive. The second was that they lasted weeks without needing top-ups. They made the user absolutely obedient to the first people they encountered after taking them and, they made the user beyond horny but unable to cum. They also mixed easily with good soup.

“I really hate our parents,” Allan laughed he and Ann sat on the sofa watching their parents try to fuck their brains out on the carpet in front of the.

I do too, so it really doesn’t matter what we do with them as long as their money is available to us,” chuckled Ann. “Mommy, I think Daddy would be happier if he was fucking you in the ass.

Sue immediately rolled over and spread her ass cheeks allowing Don to ram his cock into her ass and build up a rhythm as he pounded her again and again trying to cum. Sue started to shout at him to go harder and raised her ass higher.

“Mommy, I think Daddy deserves a little attention. Please pop him out of your ass and turn around and suck the shit off of his cock. Quickly now,” Ann said loudly over her mother’s screaming!

Sue reached back and grasped Don’s cock popping it out of her ass emitting a huge fart and spun on her knees to suck his entire 8 engorged shit covered inches completely into her mouth apparently loving the taste.

“Daddy, Mommy is being so good, I think she deserves a drink. Please pee down her throat,” said Ann wondering how far she could push this.

Don pulled his cock part way out of Sue’s mouth and began to pee. Sue swallowed and gulped as fast as she possibly could but still received a lot of Don’s piss in her eyes, nose and hair.

“OK that’s disgusting. Daddy take Mommy to the shower, cut her hair off, shave her head and the rest of her. Bring her back clean without a hair on her, and do the same to yourself. We want two naked, hairless slaves. You have an hour.”

Don grabbed Sue by the arm and dragged her filthy stinking body across the room towards their ensuite bathroom.

“Not that one, the basement bathroom, that’s where you guys live now.”

When their parents appeared 45 minutes later naked and totally bald, the twins were enjoying a drink of their father’s best scotch sitting on the sofa totally dressed in black latex.

To be continued?


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