Making Mom My Slave – Part 2

Hi friends I am Mr Reddy. After reading lots of incest stories in this site I’m going to share my fantasy which I had with my mom.

This is the 2nd part of the story if anyone didn’t read please read 1st part

Making Mom My Slave – Part 1

Now coming to the story

After my first encounter with my Vasu darling (Mom) I woke and saw her she is still sleeping nude beside me. I started my game again start to explore her whole body again. I began to kiss her sweet boobs and she start to move slowly I now went to her pussy and started to lick her pussy. She woke up in a shock and starts to push me. I began furious and slapped her.

Now she starts to cry and she start cooperate. I asked her to suck my dick. Without any objection she took it deep and starts to give nice blowjob. I hold her silky hair and moving deep in her she is struggling and I forced her. Finally I removed and she breathes heavily. Now I asked her to take position for doggy. She didn’t know all this except missionary. So I said her to turn around and asked her to bend like dog. She frightened and did as I said. Wow what a ass you have Vasu. I love it I said to her and start to slap on her ass and she is moaning in pain and now I opened her lips and slowly rubbed my erected dick on her pussy lips. She start to become wet in excitement. I now inserted in one go and directly hit her G-spot. She start to give sounds like haaaaaaaaaaa, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn like this. I hold her waist and rammed her pussy and the sounds was coming heavily as she has big ass. I fucked in this doggy for 10 minutes and removed my dick she was exhausted already. I slept on bed and asked her for ride. She said what I drag her to me and asked her to sit on my tool. She said what? I ordered loudly to sit on my dick you bitch.

She came and positioned her pussy on my dick and she sat with the force and my dick entered fully into her pussy. She sounded like ammaaaaaaa. Now I grabbed her boobs and start to press very hardly she is begging to do it slowly. But I pressed hard and said her to move her ass up and down. With difficulty she did and she cummed in another 3 min Now I took her to dining table and I make her sit on table and widen her legs and start to fuck her. She was fully wet and the sounds are coming loudly after that I cummed in her pussy and asked her she collapsed on table I went to bathroom and cleaned by the time I came back She is still on table and I can see our juices flowing from her pussy. I asked her to get ready for marriage and she said ok son.

Next day we went to some unknown temple and tied mangalsutra and made my mom my wife. On the way coming back I asked Vasu do you ever think that you will fuck 2nd guy in life. She said no.

I said from now you are my wife legally and you have to obey me as your husband and you too live happily. She said yes Reddy. I asked her Vasu how was your 1st night with dad. She said it was just ok. You know now as you are my husband I am speaking frankly

In first night your dad cant fuck me properly, he failed to get right in my pussy and started to laugh We both laughed and I said so you gave your virgin pussy to my dad. She nodded yes in shy. Now I asked mom did dad fucked you in ass mom? She said yak and said no and asked is it possible to fuck in ass.

I said so today my wife is giving me her virgin ass on my first night. She was shocked and looked at me surprisingly. I laughed and said its your duty to satisfy your new husband wish Vasu. She was like pleading no it will damage my ass you have big dick and she said you can fuck me any number of times in any position you like but not my ass. I said nothing doing. My dad got your virgin pussy and now I will get your virgin ass and showed some ass fucking videos to her. She shocked and said no please it may hurt your wife baby.

I kept quiet and I prepared my bedroom for our 1st night and I asked mom to get ready tonight. She smiled and said ok but not in ass. I laughed without any answer. The time came and mom came to my room with milk in glass. I drank half and gave it to my wife (mom) she drank and she touched my feet for blessings. (Its wife job in our culture) I lift her up by holding her shoulders. She is looking very new to me this day as she accepted me as her life partner and she is seducing me. I smooched her slowly and she hugged with force and her breast crushed on my chest.

I banged mom that whole night and I bit on her body in many places and she too reacted wildly in action and she is enjoying her son fucking her. But I didn’t want to spoil my mom mood so I didn’t take her ass that day. She is encouraging me with soft moans and she is happily fucking with me.

In the next part I will say how I fucked her ass in honeymoon & how she accepted ass fucking with me.

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