Preparing her brother 2

James woke at 8 am. He lay in bed with a erection. His hand going to his groin stoking his cock.

” Oh fuck. ” He said as he lifted his legs under the sheets spreading his legs pulling in his cock.

He heard his sister come out of room. Seconds later the bathroom door closed, he lay still listening, the shower turning on. He imagined her naked body been cleaned under the water. The water running down her breasts, running off them as she washed her hair. He always tried to picture her pussy, was she clean shaven or did she sport a little tuft or strip of hair.

Last night the first time he had ventured into her room for the purpose of panty snooping. Or anything sexual. He thought of her cum stained undies, he how knew she was fucking her personal trainer. Fuck she was single, a adult, she can fuck who she wants. Its her body. I’m just her brother who has a crush on his sister.

” I’m bad. ” He said. He had a girlfriend who was wanting to fuck him. He was nervous. He needed to pee, and to cum. Now.

He threw the sheets back, spinning and sitting up, putting his feet on the floor. He stretched looking down at his big erect cock. He stood hearing the shower run. He decided he could make the toilet naked. She was in the shower.

He stepped to his door opening it looking out. The hallway was clear. He knew it was only him and her home. She was showering. She had long showers so he knew he had plenty of time. He made has way to the bathroom door, stopping, listening. Wanking. His naked sister behind the door. He grabbed the handle slowly turning it.

Don’t be stupid. He thought walking to the toilet next the bathroom. He stepped in closing the door. He would usually stand like a man, but today he had to piss before he cum. With his cock hard not going down before he cum.

He sat pushing his cock down into the bowl, almost hurting as it was forced down. He peed.

A minute later after shaking the last dreggs of urine. He stood wiping his knob. He then gripped it and wanked it. A minute later shots of creamy teenage cum shot into he bowl. He knew his sister was on the other side of the wall.

He wiped himself clean, flushed and headed out the door. He passed her bedroom door it was wide open. He heard her still in the shower. He saw her draped over a chair, the one she wore last night. Beside it a bra, heels, knickers. He snuck in. He knew he could be caught. He picked up her knickers, again a hint of cum. A bit of white glob staining them. He put them down and returned to his room hearing the shower turn off.

8.45 am.

He sat in the kitchen eating breakfast. A normal Sunday morning. He was loving his parents away. He sat in shorts and a singlet. Then sun shone outside,

He heard his sister coming into the lounge. A towel wrapped around her body sitting only four inches, just below her arse.

” Morning. ” She said.

” Morning. ” He replied, she had never come out with a towel on when they are home alone. His eyes careful not to stare. He had just wanked himself. He felt his cock rise again. He wondered if he would catch a glimpse of her pussy. It would answer so many questions he had in his mind.

” Hi. What a nice morning. ” She said.

” Yeh it is. ” Said as she started making a coffee and putting bread in the toaster. Her wheat, wholemeal healthy stuff. He loved her legs, she turned the top of towel tucked into her breast.

” How was your night alone ? ” She asked pouring her coffee.

” Yeh ok. Watched tv and read a magazine. ” He said.

She sat on the bar stood next to him. His eyes for a second looking down at her legs, they still anticipated a glimpse of pussy.

” So you watched porn and read penthouse. ” She said. His eyes quickly moved to her face.

” No. ” He said defensively.

” No, your not a normal teenager, all teenagers watch porn and read girly mags. ” She said

” No not me. ” He said.

” Bullshit. ” His sister said. I bet if I looked in your room now, looked at your browser history… ” She said.

” Ok, maybe a little bit. ” He said.

” There, its ok, its nothing to be ashamed of. Shit I watch porn sometimes. Don’t tell mum.and dad. ” Carrie said. ” Our secret. ” She added.

” I wont, if you don’t. ” He said.

” So what do you watch ? ” She asked.

” What do you mean.? ” He asked.

” What kind, girl on girl, group, teen, fetish, bondage, outdoor, amateur…. ”

” Anything I guess, but I do like girl on girl. He said.

” Good for you ” she said. ” Your blushing. ” She said.

” Talking to my sister about the porn I watch. ” He said.

” Ha ha ” she laughted. ” Fuck everybody is doing it. Its part of life and growing up. Don’t be ashamed. I like girl on girl and outdoor. ” Carrie said..

” Really, ” he said.

” Yeh, and older men fucking younger girls. ” Carrie said ” So do you like MILF ? ”

” MILF ? ” He said

” Come you you don’t know what MILF means. ” She said standing hearing the toaster pop up her toast.

” No should I ? ” He said.

” MILF. Mothers Id like to fuck. ” She said.

” What mum. Fuck no. ” He said disgusted.

” No not your mum. ” She sniggering spreading jam on her toast. ” Mothers in general. Especially older ones. ” She said turning with he toast on a plate.

” Have sex with a older women ? ” He said. He knew she was fucking a older man. Fuck his sister liked older men.

” Its everybody’s fantasy, to be fucking a older person. ” She said.

” Is it. ? ” He said. He wanted to ask about the cum in her underwear. He wanted her to know he knew about the personal trainer. ” How was your date ? ” Last night he asked.

” Date ? ” He said. ” Oh yeh. Dud. But dud. Next time I say I am going to a date with a doctor, tie me to my bed so I cant go. ” She said.

” Why. ” He asked.

” He committed the number one dating no no. All he talked about was himself. His degrees, his flash house, his boat, his two Ferarri’s. Like fuck. Don’t you want to get to know me ? ” She said.

” Oh well ? ” He said next time. ” Maybe a surgeon then. ” He said laughing.

” Arsehole. ” She said smiling at him. ” So you, grown some balls to fuck your girlfriend. ” She said.

” Yeh I guess. ” He said.

” You guess ? ” She said. ” You need more than I guess. ” Carrie said.

” I know. I’m just scared I will screw it up. ” He said.

” So what if you do ? ” She said. ” Try again.

” Don’t girls like guys who are confident and take control and know what they are doing. ” He said.

” Some do, I’ve met Marie, shes a nice girl. Girls also like guys who show their vulnerable side. Its shows they are sensitive and not total arseholes. Just show her that you have her best interests at heart. You care. If she gets nervous. Make her feel comfortable and pull back, if she really doesn’t want to. Be the one to say, ‘ Do you want to wait’ and make her a drink. ” Carrie said

” Wow, so much. ” He said.

” Its simple really babe. Don’t be a arsehole. Treat her like you care, let her be selfish. Its about her not you. Its about her feelings not yours. Let her set the pace. Its your job to make it even. To make it feel like shes giving you pleasure. ” Carrie replied.

” Shit. ” He said.

” Anyway I’m sure you will be fine. When it happens tell me, I want to know every detail. I’m a girl. A girl would. ” Carrie said.

” I’m not a girl, I’m your brother. ” He said.

” Even better babe. Look I’m looking at getting my own place soon….. ”

” Your moving out ? ” He said.

” Yeh, its time to move on. I’m not moving out of town. He jobs here, you come and visit, or stay the night. Also a place you and your girlfriend can come and have sex. I will give you a key. Don’t worry about me. I will let you stay with her overnight. ”

” Really ? ” He said.

” Fuck yes. ” She said. ” Its what sisters are for. Your 17 shes 16. Its a place two teens in love can come and fuck. ” Carrie added.

” Ok, awesome. ” He replied.

” So tell me something, what are you doing tonight. ” She asked.

” Why ? ” He asked.

” How about coming on a date with your sister ? ” Carrie said.

” A date, my sister. Really ? ” He said.

” I’m my purse, in my room, I have gotten hold of from a client, two front row seats to the Greenday concert tonight. Want to come ? ” She said.

” Your shitting me ? ” He said.

” Nope, come on me, you, Greenday concert. ” She said. ” I know how much you love them. Shit I love them. ” She said.

” Fuck yeh. ” He said.

” Cool, its a date. ” She said smiling.

” So I better get dressed, cant walk around in a towel all day. She went to her room and sat on her bed. She took off her towel and sat naked.

She knew he had lay on her bed last night. She knew he had seen her underwear in the bathroom last night. She lay down rubbing her pussy. He was in town for a night. She wanted to stay with him in his hotel. He wanted her to stay last night, they both agreed that the cover was a date she was going on.

She knew she should not be seeing him. But she loved sex with older men. It was true about her date with a doctor, he did talk about himself, his two ferrari’s, his boat, his degrees. But that was a month ago. No one knew about that date.

James went out with friends. Carrie went into his room and found his magazines. Penthouses. She went onto his laptop. She found the password on a bit of paper in a penthouse.

She searched his browser history.

* Teen girls naked.
* Teen sex
* Lesbian sex
* Lesbians group sex
* MILF sex.
* Brother, Sister sex.

” Brother, Sister sex. ” She said itching her breast. ” Shit. ”

* How to get your sister to have sex with you

” Oh shit. ” She said.

* How to see my sister naked.
* Sisters giving brothers blowjobs.

” James. ” She said closing the computer down she smiled and went out of his room. She went to her room to masturbate.

Later that day.

” You ready ? ” Carrie said from the kitchen.

” Yeh coming ? ” He said. She stood in the kitchen thinking of his browser history. Her brother wanted to fuck her, to see her naked. Most brothers do want to see their sisters naked. But Sex. A whole different level.

He came down in a Greenday tee shirt she brought him. Jeans and sneakers. He saw his sister.

” Wow. ” He said seeing her.

” Thanks. ” She said doing a twirl. ” Your old sis scrubs up nicely for a rock concert. She knew he wanted to fuck her.

She wore a Greenday tee shirt. He loved her breasts in the semi tight tee shirt. Dark blue ripped jeans. One rip on each thigh. She wore knee high black boots. Her hair had been straightened and she wore make up.

” Tonight is me and me brother enjoying a band we both like together. No guy can pick me up because I’m with you ok. ” She said.

” Yeh cool. ” He said smiling.

If he knew about his browser history. He usually deletes it but forgot to last night. His sister now knowing about his love for brother and sister porn. His searches for how to fuck your sister. He wanted his girlfriend but he also wanted his sister.


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