Preparing her brother 3

Monday 9.02 am.

James woke. He looked over at his clock. He had a awesome night out with his sister. They had fun. He sat up and heard her the kitchen.

” She should be at work. ” He said pushing his sheets back. His cock erect again. He picked up some tissues and masturbated into them. He cleaned his cock with a towel and put on shorts and a tee shirt. He walked to the kitchen. Carrie eating toast and sipping coffee.

” Morning brother. ” She said smiling.

” Morning, thought you would be at work ? ” He said.

” Boss said to come in at 10. Late night last night you know. ” She said

” More like this morning. ” He said. They got home at 1 am.

Carrie wore a blue mid thigh pencil skirt with a split up the back, a pair of black stockings with a seam line up the back. A red satin dress camisole. He could see the lace of her red bra over her shoulders.

” What are you doing today, seen its term break ? ” She asked.

” What tv and read magazines ? ” He said smiling.

” Porn. ” She said

” No. ” He said again. Carrie actually started feeling horny. She knew her lover had left town. She would not see him for another 6 weeks. He had gone home to his wife.

” I’m going to look at a house at 5.30. I will be home about 7 pm so lets order pizza aye. ” She said.

” Cool. ” He replied.

” Seen mum and dad are away for the week. They are extending their holiday, so its me and you alone for another week brother. ” She said.

” Cool. ” He said. ‘Another week to see you naked’ he thought his eyes darting over his sisters body. He knew he shouldn’t be converting his sister in a sexual way, but couldn’t help himself.

” Oh shit. ” She said. ” Need to go. ” She finished her coffee and walked to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and checked herself in the mirror adjusting her bra straps. James walked in behind her seeing her adjust her boobs from the reflection in the mirror. ” James. ” She said looking at him through the reflection.

” Sorry Sis. ” He said turning on the shower.

” Its ok, should have had door closed. ” She replied smiling. She walked to her room. James checked the water. He came to the hall cupboard getting out a towel as she returned buttoning up her fitted work jacket. Her red camisole showing across the front of her breasts.

” See you tonight ” he said.

” You will. ” She said walking past. He turned seeing her perfect shaped arse.

He stripped and got in the shower. He got out 10 minutes later. He dried and walked naked past his sisters room seeing her jeans and tee shirt from the night before. He snuck in and pulled her shirt off. He black lacy g string sitting there. He picked it up holding it up.

” Oh fuck. ” He said. He sniffed it smelling her sweat, pussy juices, perfume all in one. His cock now hard. He stood wanking himself. He then took her g string to his room. He picked up his computer and turned it on. He sat and typed in. ‘ Brother and sister having sex.’

He sat playing with his sisters underwear and wanked himself as he watched.


” That was amazing. ” Carrie said as she lay back. She slid her hand to her pussy rubbing her clit.

” It was ? ” Her lover said.

” Oh shit yes, we are so good together. ” Carrie said. ” I cant wait to get my own place. ” She said.

” So James thinks your at work today ? ”

” Yeh said I’d be home at 7 ish. I’ve got a house to look at tonight. ” Carrie said.

” So cool. So your leaving home again ? ”

” Yeh. ” Carrie said. ” I mean its been nice living back home with my parents and my brother. But its about time I moved on with life you know. ” She said. Her lover fondled her breasts kissing her nipples.

” So how is your brother ? ” Her lover asked.

” Good, hes 17, his girlfriend is ready to take it to the next level. ” Carrie said smiling over at her.

” Really. ” She said.

” Yeh, ” Carrie replied rolling over facing her fondling her lovers breasts. She kissed her lips. ” She gave him a note with a condom, saying its about time we started using these. ”

” Oh cool. ” Vicky said smiling.

” Yeh hes nervous, and all over the place. ” Carrie replied.

” Why, his girlfriend wants to fuck him. Fuck go for it. ” Vicky said.

” Hes a virgin and says hes nervous about fucking it up. ” Carrie said.

” Whats there to fuck up unless your, your ex husband. ” Vicky said.

” Seeing her naked, her seeing him naked. Not knowing how to have foreplay and things like that. ” Carrie said.

” That’s what porns for. ” Vicky replied sitting up. Carrie lay back looking at her lovers naked female body, her breasts. Her strip of hair over her pussy

” That’s what I said. I was naughty, I looked at his browser history. ” Carrie said as Vicky stood walking to the drawers pouring two gin and tonics.

” Oh do tell. ” Vicky said smiling turning back walking to the bed sitting down. Carrie lay on her side raising herself up on her elbow. She reached for the drink.

” Ok. Teen sex, lesbian sex, lesbian group sex. Ok wait for it. This stays between me and you. ” Carrie said.

” Fuck yes babe, this is getting juicy. ” Vicky said.

” Ok. Brother and Sister sex. ”

” Your fuckin joking. Shit serious. ” Vicky said.

” Yes, and sisters giving brothers blowjobs. How to get your sister to have sex with you, how to see your sister naked. ” Carrie said.

” You going to ? ” Vicky said.

” What ? ” Carrie said.

” Come on you know, fuck him, let him see you naked. ” Vicky replied.

” Fuck no. ” Carrie said. ” Hes my fuckin brother. ”

” So, he obviously really likes you. ” Vicky said.

” I’m not fucking my brother, no way. ” Carrie said. ” I know he checks out my underwear. This morning he followed me to the bathroom. ”

” He wants you. ” Vicky said.

” No, shit no. ” Carrie said. ” I love my brother, but not like that. Would you fuck your brother ? ”

” Oh I see what your doing. ” Vicky said.

” What. ” Carrie asked.

” Your wanting to know if I would. Your wanting my reaction. You want to see if it matches you so you don’t feel dirty. ” Vicky replied.

” So what if I did, would you, would you fuck Ian. ” Carrie asked.

” Ok, well hes cute and handsome. ” Vicky said.

” So its not a no. ” Carrie replied.

” Its not a no. His wife would not appreciate it but, I don’t know, that whole taboo thing. ” Vicky said.

” My brothers 17. He needs to get laid. ” Carrie said.

” Who better than his sister. ” Vicky said.

” You dodgy girl. ” Carrie said. ” I need to get dressed and go.

” Don’t go babe. ” Vicky said. ” My husbands away tonight to. Stay with me, fuck me. ”

” Wish I could, I have a brother to look after. ” Carrie said smiling.

” You going to fuck him tonight ? ” Vicky asked.

” No. ” Carrie said standing picking up her underwear sliding them up her legs.

” I bet he would love his sister to come home and fuck him. ” Vicky said sipping her drink.

” Yeh he would. ” Carrie put on her bra. She sat on the bed gathering her stocking putting her toes in then sliding the sheer fabric up her legs. She stood pulling up her hips and straightening them. Vicky sat back legs crossed on the bed watching her female lover dress. She could still taste the juices of her pussy on her lips and tongue.

” Go on make his day. ” Vicky said as Carrie lifted her camisole over her head.

” Are you telling me to ? ” Carrie said picking up her skirt.

” No not really. Oh I might be. ” Vicky said as Carrie zipped her skirt up. ” Prefer watching you undress. ” Vicky added dropping her legs off the bed putting her feet on the floor pulling Carrie into her caressing her arse and her bust. ” Don’t go beautiful, fuck me again. Have to wait for my husband now, and fuck how boring is that, no foreplay. Just sticks his cock in, twenty seconds later makes a mess in me them thinks that is having sex with his wife and goes to sleep. I lie there wishing you were here to pleasure me. ”

” Oh babe ” Carrie said putting her hands on Vicky’s head lifting it up. She leant down kissing her lips. ” Its been three years we have been fucking both in boring marriages. Me not now but I still love this and us. ” Carrie said.

” I know, I miss you now you have moved away. Its a one hour drive to see you. ” Vicky said.

” Its not going to stop. ” Carrie said.

Carrie redid her makeup and hugged her female lover goodbye. She got into the car thinking. She had a male lover, a female lover. Did she really want to go further with her brother. Could she ? ”


Carrie walked in the door. James sat watching TV.

” Hi sis. ” He said turning seeing her put her bag on the bench.

” Hi bro. ” She said as James stood walking towards her. ” How was your day ? ” She asked unbuttoning her jacket.

” Yeh good, went out with some mates. ” He said watching her slid it off her back. He loved seeing the lace of her red bra. She turned and went to the kitchen. His eyes loving the satin dress camisole. The lacy bra showing beneath it. The lace straps. ” How was yours ? ” He asked.

” Busy, work, looking at houses, lunch with friends. ” Carrie said knowing she spent most of the day in bed with her bi sexual friend Vicky. ” Don’t know about you but I’m ready for pizza. What about you ? Its ordered, should be ready by the time I’m out of the shower. ” She said.

” Ok. ” He said.

Carrie thought for a brief moment about asking him to join her. Don’t be stupid she thought as she walked past him smiling knowing his teenage hormone inspired eyes were mentally undressing her. His cock probably hard in his pants. Hes probably masturbated numerous times today. She was still trying to get her head around his wanting to fuck her. Seeing his browser history. She knew he liked and watched porn. But sex with his Sister. I suppose its better than wanting to have sex with his mother, or did he want to do that to ? ”

Carrie stripped off and got into the shower. She loved having sex with Vicky. She would love to move with her she gave the best oral sex. She had a magic tongue. It made her pussy tingle every time Vicky was between her legs. She loved it.

Carrie wondered if she minded her brother going in her room on panty raids. She didn’t really mind. She knew it fed her brothers unhealthy desire for her but she had just brought a house today, she would be moving out soon and moving into her love nest. Now a place for both her lovers to stay.

She got out and dried. She went to her room put on panties and a padded bra, a tee shirt and loose shorts. She did her hair and prepared for tea with her horny, teenage brother. A brother hanging out for the moment his sister gives in and opens her legs for him.

For Carrie the knowledge that she knew he wanted to kind of made her horny, but horny enough to actually let him have sex with her.

She heard the doorbell ring. She came out of her room walking downstairs. Her brother taking the pizza.

They sat on the couch opening it.

” Shall we watch TV ” Carrie said ” There’s a good movie on. ”

” Could watch some porn. ” He said.

” Watch porn with my brother, not a chance. ” Carrie said.

” Why not. ” He said.

” You know why. ” Carrie said.

” You get horny, and want to…. ”

” Not a chance brother. ” She said

” Thought Id try. ” He said.


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