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Carrie came to the kitchen. She wore a loose cotton light blue dress. It had a hankerchief hemline sitting mid thigh. It was sleeveless and had a plunging criss cross neckline. Her cleavage visible.

James was having breakfast. He saw his sister come down.

” Morning. ” She said her hands behind her head tieing her hair into a hair tie as she walked into the kitchen.

” Wow. ” He said seeing his sisters breasts in her dress. The plunging neckline and the push up bra exposing her cleavage.

” Day off today. ” She said. ” I brought the house last night. So I’ve got the bank to see, lawyers, moving companies to get my stuff in storage brought in. Girl has a busy day. ” She said.

” Ok. ” He said.

” Like my new dress ? ” She asked doing a twirl. ”

” Yeh. ” He said ” Very nice. ” He replied he loved the backs of his sisters athletic toned thighs. Her shoulders. The way the dress sat on her body.

” Good, ” she said she stood against the counter lifting each foot putting her cream wedge heels. He couldn’t help seeing down more of her dress as she bent over. She stood his eyes moving elsewhere she knew she had given him a eyefull. She didn’t mind. She gave her brother a kiss on the cheek. ” So excited. ” She said smiling at him.

She turned and grabbed her bag walking out the door and looked behind her waving at him as she walked out.

She got in her car and closed the door. She cupped her breasts looking down at her bust. ” Good girls ” she said smiling. She started the car and drove off.

10 Am.

James went to his room, he stripped off, his cock hard. He opened his computer and logged in. He typed in ‘Sisters breasts.’

Images of breasts came up on the screen. He stood taking the computer to her room. Her bed unmade, he got into her bed naked. He smelt her pillow. He put the computer down and got out. He picked up her underwear sniffing them. The ones she wore the day before. He put them on and smiled seeing his cock sticking out the side. He picked up her bra. He put his arms into it sliding it up to his shoulders. He stretched the straps back behind him trying to clip it up. ” How do they it ? ” He said. He took it off holding clips on his chest. The bra cups hung behind his back. He clipped it spinning it around him, the cups now on his front. He put his arms in the red lacy straps pulling them up. He adjusted the bra.

He looked in the mirror at himself in his sisters lingerie. ” Fuck. ” He said. He sat in her bed typing in ‘ Sex with my hot sister.’

He stroked his cock as he watched enjoying the feel of his sisters g string on him. He tight bra around his chest. The smell of her pillow.

He wanked hard as he watched. He imaging his sister and him in the video. He imagined it was them doing it. He wanked hard and then before he knew it the unexpectedly cum. He shot up over himself.

” Fuck. ” He said. Cum oozed down his cock onto her g string. He put his computer on her bed. He stood holding his cock running to the toilet. He wiped his cock clean taking off her g string. Cum stains on it.

” Fuck shes going to be pissed. ” He said. He took them off. He went to the bathroom wiping his cum off. It stuck between the lace. ” Fuck. ” He said he took her bra off feeling guilty. He went to her room and put her bra back.

He had seen her drying things with her hair drier. He washed her knickers and then spent five minutes with her hair drier drying them.

He put them back. ” She wont notice. ” He said. He picked up his computer, got dressed and went for a walk. He processed what he had done. He was so focused on his sister be forgot about his girlfriend.


Vicky opened the door. ” Babe. ” She said as Carrie walked in. She hugged her.

” You alright, you sounded sad last night. ” Carrie said.

” Drink ? ” Vicky asked. Vicky wore a black knee length short sleeved dress. Her black shoulder length hair in a pony tail.

” Yes babe please. Wine aye. ” Carrie said sitting on the bed. ” So babe whats up ? ” Vicky turned with two glasses of wine. She sat next to Carrie handing her the glass.

” I did it ” she said.

” Did what ? ” Carrie asked.

” Left him. I left my husband. ” Vicky said.

” Babe why ? ” Carrie replied.

” He got home last night and I tried to hit on him. He said to me. You want sex ? I said yes babe make love to your wife. He said he had all this paperwork to do. Maybe later. I said come on twenty minutes tops, I was wearing nice lingerie. Still he said no. ” Vicky said.

” Oh babe. ” Carrie said putting her hand on Vicky’s knee.

” I just did it, I said right I will go find a man who wants to fuck me. ” I stormed to our room put on this dress, my heels and got in the car. Drove here booked the room. Stayed last night, then rang you this morning. ” Vicky said.

” So you haven’t actually told him your leaving. ” Carrie said.

” No. ” Vicky replied. ” But driving down I wondered if I want to stay. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if I can cope. ” She said.

” Oh babe. ” Carrie replied. ” You are a beautiful sexy woman. Your husband is crazy to treat you like this. Lets see the lingerie you are wearing, he ignored. ” Carrie kissed her cheek.

Vicky stood. Carrie sat putting her hands on Vicky’s hips. Carrie opened her legs pulling Vicky closer. She ran her hands over Vicky’s arse and up her back. She kissed over her dress on her hips. She slid a hand down to her arse down over to her knee. She slid it back up her thigh on her skin under her dress to her arse. She could feel her bare skin. She felt the lace of her g string. She lifted her skirt revealing her arse.

She kissed Vicky’s bare arse cheeks holding her skirt up over her hips. She kissed along the lace of her g string.

” Bend over. ” Carrie said. Vicky bend over. Carrie flicked her skirt over her back. She slid her hand between her thighs onto her pussy, she rubbed over her underwear. Vicky moaned as Carrie kissed her arse cheeks and
rubbed her pussy. She slid her finger in her underwear pulling them to the side. She rubbed her labias. She stood up, Vicky stood up. Carrie let the dress fall down she kissed Vicky’s neck sliding her hands around the front of her chest over her breasts fondling them.

” Oh baby. ” Vicky said moaning. ” I think I’m in love with you. Vicky turning to face Carrie. She kissed her lips. ” I want to marry you. ” Vicky said

” Marry me ? ” Carrie said. They kissed. Carrie unzipping the back of Vicky’s dress. She pulled it down her front. Down her hips to the floor. She stood in her bra and underwear. Carrie admiring it. She wore a black peak-a-boo set. Ribbons holding the bra closed over her nipples. Ribbon holding the open croutch pantys together.

” You like ? ” Vicky said.

” Fuck yes. ” Carrie said. ” So sexy. ” She said.

” Your brother would like these. ” Vicky said.

” No doubt. ” Carrie said leaning in kissing Vicky’s cleavage caressing her b cup breasts. ” I love your tits. ” Carrie said.

” Thanks. ” Vicky said as Carrie kissed up her neck to her chin and lips. Vicky fondled Carries breasts over her dress.

” Think I gave my brother a eyefull this morning. ” Carrie said smiling.

” Really ? ” . Vicky said smiling at Carrie.

” Yes bent over to put my heels on. His eyes almost popped out. Think he saw more than I bargained for. ” Carrie said.

” You don;t seem to mind. ” Vicky said.

” Oh no. I don’t. ” Carrie replied.

” So you want to ? ” Vicky said.

” Want to what ? ” Carrie asked as Vicky undid Carries dress undoing the tie behind her back holding the criss cross tight over her breasts. She pulled it open seeing her blue bra.

” Fuck him, would you ? ” Vicky asked.

” Don’t know ? ” Carrie said.

” Your flirting with him. ” Vicky said dropping Carries dress to the floor.

” Yes. I guess I am. I know I shouldn’t be but finding out his search history. Wanting to fuck me. I know he looks through my underwear. Last night he suggested we watch porn together. I know I should put a stop to it. Tell him to stop its not going to happen… ”

” But you cant because something inside you cant make that decision. So you either enjoy leading him or you want to fuck him. ” Vicky said.

” Ever since I found out his girlfriend wants to fuck him. Is he using me as to gain his confidence. Flirting with me to see how far I will go. ” Carrie replied

” Well, honestly. Now far do you want to go, or how far are you prepared to go ? ” Vicky asked fondling Carries breasts.

” Good question babe. ” Carrie said. ” Fuck hes my brother. My teenage brother. I mean shit. Something inside finds it kind of erotic. ”

” Erotic. ” Vicky said undoing Carries bra pulling it forward of her shoulders. They kissed and Vicky dropped her bra to the floor. Her hands fondling her tits as they kissed.

” I think him seeing my breasts is as far as I would go. ” Carrie said.

” Not naked ? ” Vicky asked.

” See my pussy. My brother see my pussy. Breasts yeh maybe. Probably but my pussy. ” Carrie replied.

” Oh go on, let him see it. He might leave you alone then. Watch porn together. Let him see you naked. Masturbate together. Say there’s two conditions, look but don’t touch. No sex. ” Vicky said.

” Your saying I should. ” Carrie said.

” Your looking for someone to say its ok aren’t you, you want to but need to hear someone say its ok. ” Vicky said.

” Suppose its my fault for fucking a shrink. ” Carrie replied.

” True. Hey I have a idea. ” Vicky said.

” What. ” Carrie said.

” Send him a little video. ” Vicky said.

” Of what, oh your not suggesting… ” Carrie said.

” Why not ? ” Vicky said.

” I don’t know about him seeing me totally naked. ” Carrie replied.

” Not you, me ” Vicky said.

” Are you serious ? ” Carrie replied.

” Why not, film me for him. Just don’t show my face. He doesn’t know me. But it will be fun. ” Vicky replied.

” But he will know I’m involved. ” Carrie said.

” Not if its my phone number. My body. If he gets in touch. I will act surprised and say I sent it to the wrong number. ” Vicky said.

” Fuck. ” Carrie said. ” He will have it for ever. Your naked body on his phone and wank his cock to you. ”

” Yeh so, at least there will be one male excited about my naked body. I’m not leaving my husband. Hes really conservative about other men seeing my flesh. Its his punishment for another man to have my naked body for his viewing pleasure. ” Vicky said. ” No face, he will just think I’m some random female sending it to a wrong number. ” Vicky replied.

” He will want more you know. ” Carrie said.

” Then I will send him more. ” Vicky said. ” Just think him not knowing its his sisters lover.

” I love you. ” Carrie said smiling.

” Yeh me to, so lets do it. ” Vicky said.

” Yeh, lets do it. ” Carrie replied.

” I’m so excited. My naked body out there with some teenager not knowing who it is. I might tell my husband. I don’t know. ” Vicky replied. ” Time to do what I want to do. If I want some teenager to have a video of it. Then I will.


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