Preparing her brother

Saturday 5.06 pm.

Carrine walked through the french doors to the lounge. She saw her brother sitting at the kitchen bench. He sat reading a note.

” Hi ” he said in a monotone voice.

” Hi bro. ” She said. She dropped her gym bag on the couch. She walked past him into the kitchen lifting her arms above her head undoing the tie of her pony tail letting it drop down her back. She pulled a glass out of the cupboard and filled it with water.

” How was the gym ? ” He asked briefly looking at his sister from behind.

Her arse outline in her black lycra gym wear with pink strips down the side. He could see the outline of her underwear. She turned and he admired her bust. Her amazing c cups in her workout bra and gym singlet tight over her breasts.

” Good, ” she said. ” My personal trainer Rico is working me hard at the moment. Says I need to lift my intensity. I’m getting a bit lazy. ” She said sitting next to him. ” Whats that ? ” She said seeing the note.

” Oh nothing. ” He said putting it in his pocket.

” Nothing, come on your sitting here sad with a note. Shit. No. ” She said. ” Its not a… ”

” A what ? ” He replied.

” Oh shit sorry, its a break up note. ” She said.

” Piss off. ” He said standing and walking away.

” James ? ” She said ” Come back whats up. ” She said

” Just leave it Carrie. ” He said walking to his room.

She sat there looking with a puzzled look on her face. ” Teenagers. ” She said finishing her water spinning on the chair turning and sliding to her feet.

Carrie was 29 she had moved back home after a marriage breakup. Her husband came out to her. He was gay. He said hes never had anal sex with a guy. Hes been seeing a guy and is moving in with him. He wanted to tell her before had sex with him.

She had a miscarriage two days afterwards. She was 6 weeks pregnant at the time, she knows the stress and anguish over it caused it. She never told him she was pregnant. He got in first with his news.

That was a year ago. She had moved home to get her life back together. Her parents welcoming her home. The months of tear over now. The bonus came with a promotion at work, in the advertising company she works for.

She is slim, athletic and attractive. Many men sniffing around her pussy wanting it, now shes single, not to mention when she was married. She had several offers.

She was off men. She had a one night stand with a married man. A girlfriends ex boyfriend. She was off men for now.

She walked to his bedroom door knocking. ” James, can I come in ? ” She asked.

” No. ” He said.

” Oh come on, I’m your sister. You can talk to me. ” She said.

” Ok. ” He said. She opened the door looking in. He was on the bed sitting. He looked up seeing his angel of a sister walk in. She sat next to him crossing her legs. He could smell the mix of sweat and perfume on her. It made his cock swell.

” Whats up babe. ” She said nudging him with her shoulder with hers.

” Ok, Marie and I have been together for two years. She gave me this note today. ” He said taking it out of his pocket he handed it to her.

Carrie opened it and read it out loud.

” Hi babe, love you, its been two years. Think its time to start using these. Love Me ”

Carrie looked up at him. ” Using what ? ” She said. He pulled a condom out of his pocket.

” These, she wants to have sex. ” He said.

” Yay, that’s good isn’t it. Cool my little brother having sex. Loose his virginity. Ah
you are a virgin, I take it. Shit you should be happy. ” Carrie said.

” Yeh, I am. I want to. ” He said putting his hands on his head.

” So whats the problem ? Go fuck her. ” Carrie said.

” Ok yes, I am a fuckin virgin. ” He said ” I’ve never been with a girl. Never touched a girl, you know her…. ”

” Vagina ! ” Carrie said.

” Well yeh her… ”

” Just fuckin say it. Vagina. Girls have Vaginas its not a taboo word. ” Carrie said ” I have one, mum has one, our sister has one. Marie has one. ”

” I know what it called. I don’t know what to do. I’m don’t want to stuff it up. I want it to be perfect. ” He said

” Perfect, loosing your virginity is never perfect. Trust me. I took my ex husband, between you and me, it took three tries. ”

” Yeh well hes gay Carrie. ” He said.

” True, but hey, what worries you ? ” She said.

” Her seeing me naked. Not getting a… ”

” Erection ? ” Carrie said. ” That’s your problem, your two shy, even to say words like Vagina, erection, penis. Sperm. ”

” Your 29 experienced, you’ve been married. You’ve had sex. ” He said.

” True, but hey. Even adults get nervous. Your 17. Come on. ” She said smiling.

” I know. Two of my friends aren’t virgins. ” He said.

” Look, shes ready, are you ready ? ” Carrie asked.

” Yes. I am. I want to. Really I do. ” He replied walking around with his hands on his head.

” Look sit, your making me dizzy all the walking around. ” She said patting the bed. He walked over sitting next to her.

” What ? ” He said.

” I bet shes nervous to. Its a big deal, especially a girl loosing her virginity. ” Carrie said.

” Were you nervous ? He asked.

” Yes, a little bit drunk. But it made it easier. ” Carrie smiling.

” So get her drunk ? ” He said.

” You need to take it slow, kissing, then touching when you both feel ready start undressing to where your comfortable. Don’t be shy. Every girl has a vagina, every guy has a penis. Don’t let those make you shy ok. It should be fun, enjoyable not a stressful moment. ” Carrie said.

” Do you get nervous ? ” He asked.

” I’ve slept with one guy since my split. I was nervous, more because it was my friends ex boyfriend. I was 18 when I lost my virginity. Yes I was fuckin nervous. Id seen his cock many times before, he had seen me a few times naked. ”

” Really. ” James said.

” Shit yeh. I was. But once we got naked and started fucking it was fun. The third try. ” She said laughing ” First two attempts he was sober. When finally happened he was a bit drunk. No condom. ” Carrie said.

” Really. So glad I didn’t get pregnant. ” She said in a relieved voice.

” Wow. ” He said.

” Umm. So you will be fine ok. ”

James laughed. ” Thanks Sis. ” He said hugging her.

” Any time little bro. Go out enjoy it ok. ” She said.

” I will. ” He said.

” Good, I need to shower, I stink. I have a date tonight. ” She said.

” A date. ” James said smiling.

” A friend if a friend who has a single friend. ” She said standing. James eyes looking over her body. She noticed.

” Cool. Have fun. ” He said winking.

” I don’t fuck on first dates. ” She said smiling back at her cheeky brother.

” Oh right. ” He said. ” Mum and Dad are out this weekend. Marie’s away with her parents. I’m home alone. ” He said.

” Watch some porn. ” Carrie said smiling walking out the bedroom door.

Saturday 7 pm.

He sat flicking through the channels. Carrie appeared from the hallway into the lounge.

” How do I look ? ” She asked.

” Wow. ” He said smiling at her.

” Wow, I will take that. Would you fuck me ? Don’t answer that question. ” She said leaning on the kitchen bench slipping on each high heel.

She wore a black short sleeved dress with a
plunging sweetheart neckline showing her amazing cleavage. The dress sat just above her knees with a side split just below her hip.

” You look hot Sis. ” He said. ” Who’s your date ? ”

” A doctor, hes 34. Newly divorced with two kids. ” She said.

” Really, you a step mum. Yeh right. ” He said laughting.

” Thanks for your support. You know you were a unplanned pregnancy aye. ” She said smiling. ” Hence the age gap. ”

” They saved the best for last. ” He said standing up walking past her walking to the kitchen.

” Bastard. ” She said standing straightening her dress cupping her boobs adjusting them. Sliding her hands down her side brushing her dress.

” You look fine, go your’ll be late. You got protection ? ” He said cheekily.

” Arsehole. ” She said. ” I don’t fuck on first dates, this isn’t my fuck me dress. ” She said.

” I beg to differ, your cleavage says otherwise. ” He said.

” I thought you were shy. ” She said hearing the taxi pull up. ” Right showtime. ”

” Go, bring home a doctor ” he said.

” Smart arse. ” She replied grabbing her purse heading out the door. He admired his sisters arse as she walked out. Her slender toned legs. He felt an erection watching her.

‘ Shes your fuckin sister.’ He thought.

7.29 pm.

He sat in his room. He text his girlfriend. No reply, she must still be flying. He stripped off and went to the bathroom to shower. His sisters gym clothes in a pile on the floor. He saw her underwear poking out from beneath her top and bra.

” Don’t. ” He said. He looked down at his hard cock telling him otherwise. He knelt pulling her underwear out. He admired the black cotton underwear. Satin fabric on the back and lace on the front. He opened them up as the shower ran. He saw where her pussy sat. The stains from her vaginal discharge. He saw globs of white. He looked closer. It was cum. She was fucking someone. Who was she fucking, her personal trainer, he was 48. He must be working her harder. He must be lifting her intensity.

He wanted to sniff them. Not with another mans cum in them.

He put them back how he found them. He got into the shower washing. Thinking of his sister fucking her trainer. Was she on a date with him, or a doctor ? ”

He wanked his cock. He eventually cum. He watched his cum disappear down the plug hole feeling relieved. He got out and dried. He passed his sisters room. He had never been in. He stepped in. She was tidy. He opened her top drawer. He flicked through her underwear. Her bras. He held his cock. He went to her laundry pile looking through. He picked up her underwear. These ones cum free. Her dried crust from her discharge on them. He sniffed it.

” Potent. ” He said putting them back. He wanked his cock again and lay on her bed looking at the ceiling his cock in hand.


He stirred and woke up been woken by car lights. ” Shit. ” He said realising he fell asleep. He heard a car door close. Her curtains open. Lucky she had net curtains. He raced out of her room to his own room. He kept the light off. He got into bed. He heard her high heels on the pavement. The door opening with a squeak.

His dad had been saying he would get it fixed. He stayed in bed and listened. No voices, just her, shes not bringing him home. Why would she her brothers home. The door squeaked shut. He heard her heels drop to the tiled floor. He heard her get a drink of water. She went to his door slowly opening it. ” You in bed ? ” He lay still. ” James, you awake ? ” He lay still making sleep noises.

” Could have turned the lights off before going to bed. ” She said closing the door. He listened to her as she turned walked back to the kitchen and turned off the light, and lounge lights. He heard her in the bathroom turning on the shower and showering. He could almost still smell her underwear. He thought of the cum in her gym underwear. He knew his sister was fucking.

He heard her go to her bedroom. He lay with a erection. He felt so horny.


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