Sean’s day (A birthday day) 6

” Next stage ? ” Sean said as he knelt next to Tess looking down watching her lick and suck his cock. He looked at Crystal cleaning Tess’s cum filled pussy with her tongue. He looked over Tess’s her cleavage, her erect nipples trying to poke through the fabric of the baby doll. He looked at Crystal, her naked body.

Crystal stood up. She knelt on the bed and moved next to Sean. She leant in kissing his lips.

” Yes did you enjoy that ? Crystal asked.

” Yeh I did. My mother playing another woman and Tess pretending to be my mother. ” Sean said.

” Thought we would surprise you baby. Lets all go have a shower. ” Tess replied.

They got up and walked to the shower. Tess taking off her baby doll top. They all washed and talked in the shower, Sean loving washing his mother and Aunty.

” You know Sean. ” Tess said ” This week I’ve known your fucking your mother. ”

” I know you have been fucking Tess. ” Veronica said.

” You both have known ? ” He said.

” Oh yes, your mum told me, well I actually worked out that you two were fucking. ” Tess said smiling so we thought we would have some fun. ” Tess replied.

” So now, I am not Crystal, Tess is not your mum, we thought a bit of roleplay would be nice. I’m back to been your mother, Tess your Aunty. ” Veronica said sliding her hand down his chest.

” Stage two ? ” He said.

” You get to have some real fun with your mother. ” Tess replied holding his cock.

” Sounds intriguing. ” Sean said as he washed the girls down, enjoying washing his mother, and Aunty’s naked bodies.

” We are going to get out and I will come and get up out of the shower in a minute. ” Tess said smiling.

He watched as Tess and Veronica got out of the shower. They dried and smiled at they went into the room. Sean showered wondering what they had planned. A few minutes later Tess came back in. He turned off the shower and stepped out, Tess handed him a towel.

She helped him dry off. ” You have fucked me, now go and have some fun with your mother. ” Tess said.

He walked in the room not knowing what to expect. These two women could have planned anything. He walked in. ” Shit ” he said seeing his mother restrained to the bed naked. Tess stepped to his side putting her hand on her arse.

” Go on shes in her happy place. ” Tess said.

” Wow. ” He said seeing her arms and feet tied up. She had a ball gag in her mouth. Tess sat next to her. She rubbed her hand over her stomach and breasts.

” Your mother is a naughty girl and she needs her son to teach her how to be a good little slut. Don’t we Veronica. ” Tess said leaning in kissing her cheek.

” Ummmm. ” Veronica mumbled

” Don’t be shy Sean. ” Tess said sliding a hand to Veronica’s pussy rubbing her clit. Sean walked over standing at the edge of the bed seeing his naked mother restrained. Tess looked up him. Veronica caught his eye and winked at him. More letting him know its ok. ”

He sat on the other side off his mother running his hand over the top of her thigh to her hip, over her stomach and breast. He looked at Tess, he leant over kissing Tess’s lips.

” All these years she disciplined you. Now its time to return the favour. ” Tess said to Sean.

Sean leant down circling his mothers nipple with his tongue, he kissed over her breast and back to her nipple sucking it sliding his hand over them squeezing them as he sucked her nipples.

Veronica moaned. Sean kissed down his mothers stomach to he hip. He slid hand to her clit rubbing it with his finger. He slid his fingers down over her outer labias to her vagina softly rubbing over her entrance. His mother groaning through the ball gag.

He moved between her legs pushing them open more admiring her pussy. Her waxed pussy. He leant in circling her clit with his tongue lightly. He dragged his tongue lightly down her labias outside her pussy to her vagina finding it with the tip of his tongue, he lightly pushed against it then dragged his tongue back up her labias pressing slightly harder his tongue spreading them and finding her clit again circling it.

Veronica moaned as her son slowly dragged his tongue up and down her pussy. She arched her back and pulled against her restraints. Sean then used his fingers to open her labias up and lick inside her pussy tasting his mothers wet moist pussy juices. He licked her clit circling it using his finger to push against her vagina opening feeling her dripping pussy. He licked her juices up loving the taste.

He pushed his fingers deep inside his mothers pussy slowly finger fucking her as he explored her pussy with his tongue.

Tess sat on the bed her legs open rubbing her clit watching. Tess picked up pink 8 inch dildo rubbing her pussy with it. She handed Sean her 8 inch black dildo.

” Your mother loves this. ” Tess said.

” Really ? ” Sean replied grabbing it.

” She does. ” Tess said as Sean watched Tess rub her clit and pussy and slowly slid it inside her pussy. Tess closed her eyes and moaned pushing it inside herself slowly fucking her wet moist pussy.

Sean rubbed the tip over his mothers pussy. Up and down her labias to her vagina. He slowly pushed it into his mothers pussy.

Veronica moaned as Sean fucked her with the dildo watching it move in and out of her pussy. Watching Tess’s dildo is her pussy.

Tess removed Veronica’s gag. She leant in kissing her lips. Veronica moaning as she was fucked with the dildo. Tess moved into a 69. Sean slowly fucking his mother with the dildo.

Veronica moaning.

” Ohhhhh fuuuck. ” She said. Sean leant in licking her clit as with Veronica’s wet pussy, pushing the dildo further in. He licked and sucked his mothers clit as her fucked her with the dildo.

Veronica moaned tensing her body. Sean loving pleasuring her this way. His cock hard. He wanted his cock in his mother.

He stood her pulled out the dildo grabbed his cock rubbed his knob around her clit and labias and pushed his cock deep inside his mother, his full length disappearing inside her, he held himself in her.

” Oh Sean, Oh fuck yes Sean. ” Veronica moaned and pulled against her restraints. ” Fuck me baby, fuck your mummy, fuck me hard. ” She said moaning.

Sean slowly thrust his cock in and out of his mothers pussy. Tess in a 69 with Veronica watching watching her nephews cock slid in and out of his mothers pussy. Watching her 52 yr old sister been fucked by her 18 yr old son. Tess pleasured her self with the dildo.

Tess then stood up and went to Veronica’s wardrobe she went in. Sean watched as she pulled open a shelving unit to a secret compartment. She pulled out a red leather bag.

” Whats in there ? ” Sean asked.

” Mummy’s favourite things. ” Tess said putting it on the bed. Sean admiring Tess’s naked body. His favourite Aunty anyway. She was now. Now she had let him fuck her.

Tess unzipped it. ” Your mummy has all sorts of goodies in here. ” Tess said as Sean slowly fucked his mothers pussy.

Tess reached in.

” Nipple clamps. ” Tess said pulling out nipple clamps. She placed them on Veronica’s nipples. Veronica moaned as she felt the squeeze on her nipples.

She reached again pulling out a butt plug.

” Butt plug. ” Tess said. ” She loves it in her arse. ” Tess said.

” Anal beads. ” Tess said pulling out long 6 inch beads ranging from small to large.

” Wow. ” Sean said.

” Double ended dildo. Fun for both girls at the same time. ” Tess said. ” This is what I looking for. ” She said pulling out a mouth strap on.

” Whats that ? ” Sean asked.

” Watch and learn darling. ” She said. She lifted Veronica’s head putting on the mouth dildo. She pushed some lube on to it massaging the shaft. She smiled at Sean as she straddled Veronica and sat back guiding it into her pussy.

” Fuck. ” Sean said smiling watching Tess slid up and down the dildo his mum holding it in her mouth.

” Mum gets to watch. The best bit. ” Tess said smiling as she stopped and sat still. ” Fuck me. ” Tess said.

Veronica moved her head sliding it in and out of Tess. Sean loved watching as he sped up in his mothers pussy. He listened to her groan and moan. Tess moaned as she got into time with Veronica pushing the dildo into Tess with her mouth as Tess slid down it. Sean fucking his mother. Tess rubbing Veronica’s pussy. All in time. Both women moaning. Sean thrusting his hard cock in his mother.

” When you cum in mummy’s pussy. ” We are both going to clean her out. ” Tess said panting.

” Ok. ” Sean said thrusting his mother.

After a few minutes Sean felt himself build up. He thrust his mothers pussy harder. Eventually he gasped and let go erupting in his mothers pussy. His cock again shooting cum inside a pussy. Tess rubbed Veronica’s clit as Sean slowed down. She grabbed Sean’s arse holding him into his mother as the last of his cum spilled in her.

Tess pulled off Veronica. She took off the dildo. She knelt by Veronica’s thighs. Sean pulled his cock out. Tess licked up the oozing cum. She grabbed Sean’s cock sucking it. Sean saw more cum ooze from his mothers dripping cunt. He leant in licking his cum from her pussy.

” Oh good boy. ” Tess said smiling. She leant in. They took turns licking Veronica’s vagina. Licking the oozing cum from her. Sean sliding his finger into his mothers dripping cunt pulling it out. Tess slid her fingers over his finger licking and sucking it. Sean put it back in and pulled it out again sucking his own finger.

Tess grabbed the black dildo and pushed it in Veronica. She slowly thrust it in and out. Veronica moaned. Tess and Sean watching his white creamy cum on the black 8 inch dildo in his mothers pussy.

” Put your dick in her mouth. ” Tess said.

Sean got on the bed, he guided his cock to her mouth. She opened it taking her sons cock in her. Tess slowly fucked Veronica’s wet pussy. She them took it out licking it and sucking it.

Afterwards they all lay down after un tieng Veronica.

” Did you enjoy that ? ” Tess asked Sean.

” Yeh. ” He said

Veronica rolled to her sons side putting her hand on his cheek pulling it to her kissing his lips.

” Happy birthday baby. ” She said. Tess lay at his other side her hand on his chest her knee on his thigh.

” Yeh nephew Happy Birthday. How can we top this when he turns 19. ” Tess said looking at Veronica.

” Don’t know. ” Veronica said.

” Cant believe this happened, fuck a threesome with my mother and Aunty. ” He said. ” Are you two….. ” He paused

” …… Fucking. ” Tess said. ” Yes. ” She replied

” How long ? ” Sean asked.

” We have always played as teens and off and on through the years, but seriously the last three years. ” Tess said.

” Fuck really, Shit. ” He said.

” We love our toys, and now we have a real life toy aye Tess. ” Veronica said.

” Why yes, that’s if your son wants to keep playing with and fucking his Aunty and mother. ” Tess said.

” Do you baby, do you secretly want to keep fucking us ? ” Veronica asked her son.

” Yeh ok, ” he said smiling.

” Great, this has to be our little secret though aye? ” Tess said.

” Oh shit yes. ” He said.

” Cool lets shower and who wants birthday cake. ” Veronica asked.

” Yes please. ” Tess said.

” Yeh cool. ” Sean replied.

They all showered again, washing each other down. They headed downstairs for cake and wine.


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