Dirty Desi Sex with Neighbour Aunty Part – ☺️

Hello Friends,

I am Tejas from Maharashtra writing my very first story. This incident is when I was in 10th. I am a big fan of desi tales. I started feeling attraction towards my neighbour after reading stories.
First of all let me tell you Introduction of both of us. I am Tejas 18 year old and my partner who is Laxmi she is about 37 years old. I have a 6 inch dick and normal body. Her figures are 34 -32-36. She has a slim body brownish in colour. And she is a desi, shy but has wild sex fantasies. She is married to a man and has 2 children. Her husband is mostly on tour, so she remains unsatisfied.

She stays just beside us so we have common terrace with one wall in between. One day happened that I went on terrace for clicking pictures with my camera. And I heard a humming sound of aunty. So because the terrace are common I can go down to her balcony. Her balcony has window of bathroom. So I went down and saw through the window. The I saw was mesmerising. She was taking bath and she was fully nude. I was shocked to see her body. She is fucking hot and saw that her pussy was clean shaved. As I had carried my camera I clicked her pictures. I went home and masturbated three times watching her pics. At that time her husband had went for some work for 20 days. I was thinking about her Only all day. At night I masturbated for 2 times and slept. Then on the next day she came to our house for asking for flowers. So she called me and asked me to help her. She told me to Bring a chair to climb and pluck flowers. So she stood on chair and climbed on compound wall I was standing down holding the chair. She was wearing a gown and as she climbed on the compound I was able to see her pussy from down I was continuously watching and she saw me watching her pussy. She came down I thought now she will slap me. But her reaction was surprising she held my cheek and said naughty and blinked her eye and went. This was a hint to me.

This was the time when I had Christmas holidays. So I was all day at home. Then on the next day I went to her home there was no one at her home. Her children had went to their uncles place for holidays She was alone at her home. There was no one at my house because both my mom dad are working, they don’t have holidays. So I was getting bored so I went to her house. I rang the bell she came and told me to sit, she said that she wants to have bath so till she comes out I have to sit their. And she went up in her bedroom. I was sitting in hall I switched on the TV. Then I saw in washing place her panty is kept for drying I took, it was a bit wet .I sniffed it hard. It was smelling wonderful with some smell of her Piss and cum mixed. I took that panty I was sniffing it continuously. I wanted to cum on it, so I took that panty in bathroom which was besides washing place and I was masturbating. I had not completed masturbation and Aunty came and she was wearing only her gown she started searching for her panty she then asked where you Tejas? , Then I cummed on panty and then I had put the panty in my pant and came out.
As soon as I came out she saw a bulge in my pant where I kept her panty. She saw that bulge she said what is that show me and she forced me to show removed it and showed to her. She saw and again her reaction was shocking she saw cum on it and took it and sniffed it and licked it and then directly wore it in front of me and told you r naughty dear. I directly went and started kissing her on lips I felt her warm mouth and her spit first she extended her tongue in my mouth I sucked it hard then I sucked her lower lips followed by upper during kissing I was pressing her ass, then I extended my tongue in her mouth this kiss lasted for near about 8 mins. I felt too horny at that moment, then I started removing her gown I removed her gown completely she was now only in bra and panty. Her panty was pink and had became wet and white bra. What a beautiful women she was looking truly osmm! Then I opened her bra her boobs bounced as they had became free. I sucked both of them one by one their nipple colour is dark brown. I pressed her very hard. And I was literally chewing her nipples. They had become hard because she had became horny now. Then I licked her navel deep I had put my tongue inside. Then afterwards I moved down removed her panty and started licking her pussy felt the smell of piss and cum and tasted also. She removed her panty completely and said, ” Madarchod he thev tujhya tondat “. (Motherfucker keep this in your mouth). I was shocked by her statement and then she was forcing towards her pussy. And was saying, ” Behenchod chaat naa pucchi lavdya layy baghto na majhya kade. ” (Sister fucker lick my pussy). Listening to her I was shocked. Then I asked her , ” Tula pan vulgar sex avadta kaa! ” . She replied ” ho ” . (I asked you also like vulgar sex she replied yes).

Then I started licking her pussy deeply then licked her G-spot. She was moaning a lot and I made her sit on cot in her hall then she made me stop and, ” Areyy gandu tham na mala curtains lavun de ” . She closed the curtains then I pulled her roughly and said, ” Randi tu tr khup kandel nighali, Tujha navra zavat nhi kaa tula. ” (U slut you r too horny, your husband does not fuck u?) She replied, ” Arey chutya mag tula kashala zavu dila asta mi ” ( you bastard then Y would I allow you to fuck me.).

Then I made her legs stretched and started licking her pussy she was moaning hard
Aahhhhh aahhhhh aahhhhh, Chaat behenchod chaat jorat chaat.
Then slowly slowly I moved towards her ass it was smelly and dirty, but I am fetish lover so I licked her ass she was moaning hard
” Ahhh ahhh waah ky mast gaand chaat aahes re beta ahh ”
Then I started licking it deep and then started rubbing her clit with two fingers she started moaning heavily, ” Aaahh ahhhh sss ” then I stood up and pulled her then kissed her again.

While kissing I had put my middle finger in her ass crack and pushed it forward. Then I raised her hand and started licking her armpits, it was wet and smelly and sweaty but tasted great. Then I made her sit on her knees she took my rod in her mouth and started in and out motion and started to suck it roughly .I also held her hairs and started to push my dick deeper in her mouth. She started gagging. Then I increased my pace she took out my penis from her mouth and then started licking my balls then again took my dick in her mouth and continued sucking it until I came in her mouth. She surprisingly drank all my cum.

Then I kissed her again for a long time then I started rubbing her pussy hard and had put my 2 fingers in her pussy she was horny again. And then my dick started rising again. I then made her sit on sofa and stretched her legs licked her pussy for some time and then touched my dick tip to her clit and started pushing it inside.

She started moaning, ” Aahhhhh Ahhh ahhh Aat tak re beta aat tak ahh ah. ” I inserted more deeper and went on deeper. Then increased my speed

Her moaning was increasing incredibly and she started shouting
” Aahhhhh aahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ” .

Then I kept ramming her for over 20 mins and I came in her pussy. Then licked the same pussy. And slept their only. After some time we woke up.

She told me that she enjoyed this experience too much and I can fuck her anywhere and anytime when I want.

We kissed again and I came home.

Hope you like my first story. All reviews are Wc.!