Elite Club (Chapter-2)

I turned back as I thought I heard someone’s footsteps. I thought maybe it was one of his friends. I covered my wet breasts with my hands as I realised, it was an old man probably around 45 or so. “Hey… who are you?”

“Are you a friend of my son?” he asked. He stared at my body as he couldn’t help but notice my bare breasts.

I didn’t know what to say to him and thought that I am in so much trouble now.

“Hey I am talking to you?” he said as he waited for an answer.

“No I am not.” I finally answered him. I was semi naked and was wearing just a black thong.

“Young lady care to tell me what are you doing in my pool in the middle of night?” He almost shouted at me in anger.

“I am.. ” I looked at him.

“What?” He took a few steps towards me.

“Sir it was his birthday. His friends invited me to his party.” I said.

“They told me that I was supposed to be his birthday gift for tonight. That I was supposed to make him happy.” I said fearing how he might react.

“He is passed out in his room. Something tells me you made him more than happy.” He said as he checked me out from top to bottom.

“I thought he lived alone” I said.

“Can’t blame him. I am not here much. I gifted this house to him a few years ago. I wish I had been a good father to him but instead I kept throwing my money at him to keep him away.” He said.

He looked at me again. This time he took a few seconds to admire my body. My body was still wet from the pool and the water drops were dripping down from my skin as he watched. I stood there in a sense of fear of what he may do with me. Will he report me to the cops? I thought.

He walked up to me as he picked up a towel from the chair. “Here” he said as he handed over the towel.

“Thanks” I said as I wrapped myself with the towel.

“So let me get this straight. You are not a friend of my son and yet here you are almost naked.”

I stood there just listening to him while I looked down at my feets as he tried to shame me.

“Never knew my son has started to hook up with sluts.” He looked at me.

“Can I go now.. Sir?” I asked him politely.

“Yes ofcourse.” He permitted.

“Do you have a ride?” He asked.

“No sir I don’t.” I realised it’s probably around 2am.

“Do you want me to drop you?” He offered to help.

I noded and smiled at him.

“Now go and get dressed.” He ordered.

I walked past him as I realised my dress was in the living room. He followed me to the living room. In a hurry to get dressed, I dropped the towel without even realising he was standing right behind me.

I put on my black mini dress without bothering to wear my bra. I tried to reach out to close the zip at the back of my dress. I looked back at him.

“Sir can please help me out here?”

“Yeah” he murmured. He came close to me and zipped my dress.

“Is it his?” He asked as he pointed his finger towards a used condom laying on the floor.

“Ahhm yes” I felt embarrassed.

I put on my high heels while he picked up my bra from the couch. He handed it over to me and I placed it inside my handbag. I followed him outside.

We got in his SUV car and he drove quietly. I gave him my address and was looking out of the window. I noticed that he looking at me from time to time. He stopped his car outside my appartment.

“Thanks” I said to him.

“You can go now. Please don’t see my son again.”

“I wont. I promise you.” I said. He really cared about his son. I thought.

I don’t know why but I kissed him to say goodbye. Maybe some part of me wanted to thank him for being so nice and for not reporting me to the cops.

To my surprise he kissed me back. He slowly moved his lips over mine. I broke our kiss and moved back a little as I didn’t want to do anything that might upset him. He placed his hand behind my head and rubbed my hairs.

“You are beautiful.” He said as he looked at my face. He moved forward towards me and started to smooch me. His hand was gently brushing against my earlobe as we smooched. He took out his wallet from his pocket and started to look out for cash using one of his hands. I held his hand and placed it on my breast. The wallet fell down in the car. But I didn’t care. I knew he was worth this. Even the way in which he was dressed, the rings on his fingers made me sure that he could pay me more than my usual.

He felt my ample bosom with his hand and squeezed my breast. A soft moan came out of my mouth. He placed his other hand on my mouth to keep me quiet. I realised we were out on the street. He started the car again and drove for a while to find a lonely parking spot. I knew the naughty girl in me, cant wait for that long. So, I started to rub my hand over his trousers. For an old man, it took a little longer but I made him hard. He smiled at me and look down at his hardness. I knew exactly what he wanted. So I bent down to his crotch and unzipped his trousers. My soft hands took out his semi-hard cock and I kissed it. He was unshaved and his pubic hairs touched my face as I kissed his cock.

He looked down at me from time to time whenever he could. I can only imagine how hard it is to drive when a woman is going down on you.

While he drove using his one hand on an empty street, his other hand reached out to my butt. I stroked the old man’s cock for a while and then took it inside my mouth. He started to rub my ass as I sucked his cock. I pushed down my face on him till his entire cock was fully inside me. The thought that few hours ago I was being fucked by his son struck me as I moved my tongue up and down on his hard cock. He moved his hand from my ass and placed it over my head as he guided me to suck him. I could feel the taste of his precum in my mouth. I was slowly sucking him. I didn’t want to go too fast on him as I didn’t mean to make him cum so early.

But he was not so kind to me, he pushed my head down on his cock and didn’t let me come up to even breath. His cock was touching my tonsils and I was being choked. He held me there using his one hand while he speeded up the car. I slapped his thigh to let him know that I cant take it any longer. But he didn’t budge. I slapped the horn on the steering wheel real hard this time hoping he would let go as he didn’t want to grab attention. It worked.

I took out his cock in a hurry as my saliva rolled down from my lips onto his cock. Some of it fell down on his trousers. “Shit what have you done?” He shouted.

“Sorry” I said as I wiped my lips using my fingers. I catched my breath and sat quietly beside him. Finally he stopped the car in a secluded parking lot. I looked at him and his cock was still throbing from what I did to him a few minutes ago. He looked at me and asked me to get in his lap. I carefully moved myself to the driver’s seat and he pushed his chair back in order to adjust me over him. My arms got behind his neck and he was kissing my cleavage. He kissed my neck as he squeezed my tits. I was getting wet down there for him. He pulled down the straps of my dress and took out my breasts from it. I held him tightly as he kissed my nipples. He kissed and sucked my breasts as I kissed his forehead. I looked down at him.

“Fuck me already” I begged.

He smiled as he lifted me up a little. I raised myself and moved my thong a little to the side from my pussy. He touched his wet cock on my pussy. I held my thong and slowly sat down in his lap. His hard cock slided in my pussy as I lowered myself on him.

“Aaahhh ahh shh aaaaahhh” I moaned.

I moved my myself up and down in his lap as his cock began to fuck my wet cunt. I I held his hands and he kissed me.

“Aaaahhh aaahhh yes baby fuck me”

“Ohhh huh aaaahh ohhh god.. yeah fuck yeah”

He raised his hips from the seat as he shoved his cock deep inside me. He started to move his cock up and down in my pussy. Just up and down… up and down.

“Ah ohh baby.. aaahh oohh.. yes baby yes yes.. fuck me harder”

I looked in his eyes and smooched him. More than anything I was happy to see him making an effort considering his age. But I wanted more.

“Aahh aahhh aahh… you fucking old pervert.. is this the best you got?”

He got wild and began to thrust his cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I jumped in his lap as he fucked me with all of his strength. My breasts bounced on his face as I was being taken by him.

“Aahh ouch that hurt.. oh my head”

He stopped as my head got hurt as it hit the car’s roof.

He smiled. “I am sorry” he said and kissed my forehead.

He opened the car door and asked me to get in the back seat. I got up from his lap and stepped out of the car. My bare breasts were still hanging outside my dress. I got in the back of car again and he got on top of me. The door was open but we took our chances. He pulled down my thong and pushed my mini upwards to expose my ass. I took his cock in my hand and helped him find my pussy. We began to fuck again. I wrapped my legs around him and he squeezed my breasts as he fucked me.

“Aaahh ohh god… you are even better than your son”

He stopped fucking me.

“What?? Did I hurt your feelings?” I asked.

“Nah.” He kissed me and got out of the car. I was confused at first but then he asked me to get on my fours.

I raised my ass towards him and got on my fours. I never thought doggy style could be possible in a car. He stood outside and held his dick in his hand. I moved back a bit and he rubbed his cock on my super wet pussy.

He pushed his dick inside my pussy and began to fuck me hard. I moaned out loud as he spanked my ass.

“Aaaahhhh” I shouted.

“You like being with an old man. I know you do.”

“Admit it?”

“I do.. I do”

He spanked my butt again and made my ass red with his hard hand.

“Aaaahhhh sir don’t do that” I pleaded.

He kept shoving his dick in me again and again. I moved back and forth with his dick inside me. The night was just filled with the noise of his cock slapping against my ass cheeks. He took out his cock as he was about to cum. I turned to look back at him.

He jerked his dick a couple of times more and his hot gooey cum squirted out and fell on my ass. I could feel his cum dripping down from my butt to my asshole. I smiled at him for not cumming inside me. He smiled back at me and thanked me for tonight. He took out some tissue papers from his car and wiped the cum off my ass.

I got into the passenger seat in the front and he dropped me at my appartment. He gave me his business card.

“Mr.Raghav Singhania” I read it from his card.

“Yeah that’s me.”

He kissed me and handed me over a diamond ring that he was wearing.

“Consider this as a gift from me” He said.

“Thanks Mr.Singhania”

I got out of the car and walked towards my home. “Hey” he said.

I turned back and looked at him. He held my thong close to his face as he breathed in the scent of my pussy making me realise that I wasn’t wearing anything inside. I smiled and waved my hand to say goodbye.


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