My First Time When I was in College First Year

I am Ravi from a moderate city. I usually get more attracted to the girls sexually. This happened when I was in college first year. This is the story how I lost my virginity to a gorgeous lady. She was my English teacher and class incharge. Her name is Deepika. She was in early 30 I think. She had a sexy body. She had a body of 30-28-32. Once I saw her the first time I was clearly into her, but still she was my staff. So I controlled my self. She used to wear saree regularly, but while coming to class she will be wearing a overcoat anyway she is a lady right we boys would be filling the class. But still if I go to staff room for any work I would be able see the glimpse of her hot hip old and sometime very rarely a slight cleavage. Days passed I used fap thinking her back in my home. I finished my semester and was able score than I expected especially in English this made my relationship with Deepika more close. She started calling me to staff-room regularly for any class work. I had lot of chances to see her closely and still I was afraid this would cause big problem in my studies, so I tried to control myself. One day my luck clicked. It was a Saturday so the was planned for half working day, so most of the student were absent and staff were mostly in the classes to control exams. It was about 11am and Deepika came to my class and called I was in a class writing my test. Since I have finished my exam I gave up my papers and followed her to the staff-room. She told me that it is a small work she need a help with. I was happy to work. She instructed me the work. It was like totalling the attendance of the class students. I was sitting next to her and was doing my work. People in tamilnadu might know that every month we would get a power cut for a whole day. Since it is a small cabin it started sweating so has she. I was slightly distracted towards her as usual. I could see her sweat drops over her neck and her small visible part of her hip. Also I was able to see her boobs from her blouse from my side. All this made me horny and I was trying to show nothing but I failed in it. She noticed me watching her and started showing her rage she shouted at me for my dirty work and I was so afraid. My luck staff room was empty. I was so scared and pleaded for apologies. She was so mad that she gave a angry look and asked me to get out of there immediately. I was so scared and I left the place. I went home that day but was still scared. My dad was able to find that something wrong with me and I managed it was nothing and later that evening my dad a call and he spoke mentioning the word ‘MAM’ I I w so scared that it would be her and my chapter is closed. After the call my dad called me I was shivering inside and he asked ‘who is she’. I was so confused I told she was my class incharge and started blabbering like “attendance, total, current, ” my dad stopped me and told it seems you have to complete the work before Monday so she is calling you for the college tomorrow will be able to go. I was so confused and afraid but still accepted to go. He told I should be there by 10.30am tomorrow. I went to sleep with full confusion and fear. Next day I went to college. It was mostly empty and was able to see 2 staffs walking together it seems staffs work even on Sundays. I went straight to her staff-room cabin I was locked. I had her number but still was so afraid to call her. After few minutes she was coming towards me from the far end and she reached me and opened the staff-room which was locked. She entered in and asked me to come I hesitated and asked for apologies she looked me and said ‘come in’ I was little okay and went in but still I had no guts to see her face she gave me the documents for attendance work and left the staff room. I started working and felt bad within me. After few minutes I heard someone coming also heard a door closing. It was her. She inquired about the work and I said I was going to complete. She sat in the same position as yesterday. I have no guts to look up. After few mins she started questioning me. ‘Why did you did that da’ I looked up and said ‘I am so sorry mam. She said ‘ I need no apology give me a reason’. I was trembling she spoke again. ‘Tell me why or call you parents’. I was in terrible fear and I I started speaking. ‘Mam, I’m I’m sorry I was so attracted towards you and the situation where you were looking so hot in sweat. I couldn’t resist I am so sorry mam. ‘ She stood up from her chair a d came to me and asked ‘you are attracted toward me….. Really’ ‘I see’. She took the attendance documents from me and started touching me. She asked ‘what are you attracted to’ I was unable to speak but she put her hands over my shoulder and brought her face straight towards my face bending before me. I was able to see her cleavage slightly. It made me horny and she noticed myself getting hard. She suddenly kissed me in my lips and hugged me tightly. I was still in fear but I was hard down there. She sat on my lap and continued to kiss. Her big soft boobs was pressing against me and I got more harder. She git up and removed her dress and stood naked in front of me. That was my first time seeing a woman naked infront of me. She asked me remove my dress I stood up and removed my dress we were both naked. She hold my shoulder and made me sit down on the chair. She went down in knees and hold my things and started to rubbing it. I was so amazed that her hands were so soft on my thing also I felt her breathing on my penis. Next thing I felt was my thing in her mouth. She was sucking it so softly that it made me bend my hold body to lift my hips towards her. She pressed my body against the chair and licked the whole penis like an ice cream. I couldn’t control myself I was upto cum she noticed it and to my moved from me and I drained a load of cum on the floor she placed a floor mat over it and climbed over me and sat on the table and called me. I stood from the chair and she pulled me towards her and kissed me so hard. I started to press her boobs and started sucking them. She made me suck on the so hard that they become redish pink. The she placed her legs on the table spreading them. I was hard again so I went to fuck her she stopped me and asked me to go down with my mouth. That was new and I started tasting her and she started to moan. I kept licking her. Soon she pressed my head hard and I kept sucking and licking her whole vagina. After several minutes of my job she started to moan hard and she started leaking down there. She was so wet and soaked. I too couldn’t control no longer. So I thought of fucking her. She too asked me to stop so I stood up and got ready. She stretched to the other side of the table and took her hand bag and took a condom from it. She grabbed me and she put the condom for me and lied down on the table and lifted her legs. I approached her and touched her vagina with my penis I started rubbing it. It was my first time so I I w shivering a little but still her sexy body called me in and I put my penis inside. I was a little tight and felt a little warm. I started to fuck slowly and kept going. And was fucking her and she pulled me and placed her boobs to my mouth and I started to play with them then she asked to stop and hot down and stood bending down the table. She asked me to fuck from behind. I was fucking her for more than 10 mins and she cummed again. Later I too cummed in her. She then removed my condom and kissed me for a minute hard and we fucked again after an hour. All that time we were naked and I was eating boobs with my penis still hard..

We then dressed up and went back to home. We had more experience later so wait for next time…