My sister

My name is Vishnu. Am working as a software engineer actually am staying in city. I am basically from a village. I went to village 5 days back itself. while I have been checking for my things in the almara (racks). I have seen 4 condoms packets in between her dresses. I was shocked and I don’t know how to ask her. actually one married guy proposed her. but she rejected him . but she moves close with him because he is close to my family. his age 34 my sister age is 19. my sister looks fair and having good assets. I have doubt on her last year once. I’ll explain that situation.

Last year I went to my village for a festival. there is a one festival in my village which is celebrated outskirts of my village in between 4pm to 11pm. everybody in my village attend there. on that day in my family we all ready to go to festival. my sister wore Pink color Saree and she ready well by putting lipstick and eyelashes everything. we are about to start to go to fest. my sister said to us no am not coming. we asked her for sometime and we left her at home and went to fest. she is calling to my mom for every half an hour and asking where are u and everything. my friends came and I went with them at 7 o clock am getting some headache I wanted to go home. am simply by walking am going to my home. while I have been reaching to my home I have seen one uncle his name xyz. he is mechanic his age about 36. he came out from my home and going on bike. I went to my home directly . my sister was in bra and petticoat she is trying to wore blouse she said am Changing dress. I came out . and still I don’t know that guy came to my home and my sister dress changing came out or he and my sister enjoyed.

and another situation. like I have slept in my home. but am not in deep sleep am able to listen all the talks. my sister getting ready for some marriage function. she wore white kurthi and black bra. one girl who is next to my home came to my home her age is 30 and married she asked my sister why did u wore black in white my sister just smiled and she asked there is no dupatta (scarf) on that dress my sister no. . and that girl said oh ho there is a festival to boys there total bounce bounce. my sister smiled.

and another incident like actually recently I wanted to travel to home from Banaglore so I reached by 11pm to Hyderabad. Evening time only I asked that mechanic guy to pick me in the morning 4.20 am at my village junction. So he said okay. I started from Hyderabad around 12 o’clock and I called 1am to him to remind me to pick but his mobile was busy even I called to my sister her mobile also busy and I slept by 2.45. Again I called him his wife accepted the call and said that he was already left the home at 2 o’clock to pick me from busstop. Around 4.10 am he picked me from busstop and he was already taken a bath. I asked him why did you took bath too early. He said that he want to get rid of sleep. So he dropped me at my home, generally my house is big and covered with compound wall, I opened the gate my sister also awake and she also took bath. I see a bed in between the compound wall outside of my home and I saw one red bra there.

Please do give comments what was happened and let me know if you have any doubts. Please do tell me.
My email ID: [email protected] please do share solution about my sister.