Sex saga with my apartment aunty in Bangalore

Hello I am Krish from Bangalore came with one more real incident in my life where I had to give the ultimate pleasure of sex to a housewife.

The heroine of the story is Aruna and she had one of the perfect curves on her body her sizes were 34-30-36. I was staying in 4th floor of an apartment in Bangalore.

I was on the third floor and she was staying in the first floor and she was a married housewife with her husband working in one of the MNC’s and a son of 6 months. Now I will tell you how we enjoyed d real saga of sex. I was new to the building and we had a terrace in our building. I used to stay alone in my apartment on weekends after 6 pm.

I used to go to terrace to get some cool air, one day it happened when I was in terrace, Aruna and her husband also used to come to terrace with chairs and also for enjoying the cool air without their kid, they would put him to sleep and come to terrace. So on the first day Aruna’s husband introduced himself and Aruna and we had a chat for a long time until 7 pm.

I came to know that they are a Telugu Brahmin family when I first saw Aruna, she was wearing a maroon cotton Nighty with flower designs on it. Her curves revealed that her boobs were bigger than 34 as she was feeding her son with her breast milk, even though I had intentions of fucking her I did not make Aruna or her husband get the clue.

I was so friendly with them even though they are from a Brahmin family both used to have non veg and Aruna’s husband used to drink on occasions and Aruna also knew that. We became close friends that Aruna’s husband used to come to my home if he was feeling boring and I used to go to their room when he was at home and spend some time and on weekends evening at 6 pm.

We used to chat on terrace. So now comes the first incident where Aruna got a clue of my intentions towards her. It was Aruna’s birthday and in the evening Aruna’s husband came to my room at 5 pm and said that they have a small celebration and he wanted me to join them. He said that nobody other than me is invited as I have become so close to them. So he asked me to get some drinks from one of the malls, he gave me his card.

I bought a gift and drinks and came back. It was 7 pm and the celebration started with cutting of cake. I took some of the pictures of the 3, kid was awake. Aruna was so beautiful on this day and she was looking so awesome. She was wearing a light blue coloured saree and she was wearing it low waist. her navel was clearly visible from the sides.

I managed to see her curves from the side without she or her husband noticing me and it was 8 pm and they invited me to have dinner with them and I was forced to have dinner with them. I said that the dinner is so tasty and Aruna was very happy. I told them that I am having homely food after a long time, Aruna immediately said you can come on weekends to have lunch with us and I thanked her for her gesture.

I and Aruna’s husband had only little as we had to drink. He took Aruna’s permission to drink. I had already bought 4 bottles of beer and 1 bottle of RC whisky. So we started with beer at 8.30 and we had 2 beers each and was over at 10 pm. Aruna had changed to a pink nighty and she said good night to her husband and to me and went to her room as he was not a frequent drinker he was already getting dizziness and was his eyes were getting a sleep.

I asked him to go to toilet so that he will be relieved. He came back but was feeling only little relieved and I teased him on his capacity to drink. He said he will drink half a bottle of whisky also. Now I sensed my opportunity. Aruna was clearly visible from her room and she was turning to other side. But she had put light on her room as her husband will feel difficult to enter the bedroom after he is drunk.

So I poured the first peg to him and he drank it one sip with just a little sprite. I made it a point to slowly drink and I poured a next peg to him but mine was not over. Now he was completely out of control. He drank 4 pegs and he was out. I said I want to go to toilet which is an attached one in the bedroom where Aruna was sleeping.

I sat there for 10 minutes and he was lying on the sofa. I went near him and shook him and he was sleeping like he will not come to his senses in another 12 hrs. I went to Aruna’s bedroom slowly and the sight which I saw was oh man her nighty had 4 buttons and it was completely open. The kid has drunk milk and she was in a deep sleep. The pink nipple on those beautiful breasts was so awesome that I wanted to suck them to the maximum.

So I made a plan to do everything for me that day. I went to toilet and came back from the toilet and my heart was pounding with lust, I wanted to feel those beautiful melons on my mouth. So I slowly touched her on the shoulder and she was in a deep sleep, it was around 12.30 at that time slowly I touched her on the boobs and called her Aruna please get up in the process I touched her soft melons she was not wearing a bra.

She got up and she was stunned to see me. I moved back and she came to her senses and said that your husband is sleeping on the sofa. Let us take him to the bedroom and I was looking into her breast and she now saw the buttons are open and she started to hook the nighty. I said sorry, but she smiled and said its okay to me and then we two went to him and in the process of lifting him I brushed her breasts couple of times and after making him lie on the bed I was about to leave and because of the alcohol I got courage as all drinkers know and I asked Aruna in a soft voice. Shall I touch your breast once? She was stunned by the question and she said why? I was looking at your feeding breasts it’s one of best I have ever seen, your husband and your son are lucky to touch them and feel them.

She said okay, I will allow you to touch. I was in a seventh heaven when I heard that but I was making my moves slowly because I also wanted to fuck her. She said we will switch of this light and moved to the hall where she and I went and sat on the sofa. I separated my legs and asked her to sit in between. She was feeling shy and she said only one time you should touch.

I said yes but my mind was planning for something more and she sat between my legs and from behind I slowly removed her four buttons and my lips were very close to her neck and she was getting really horny. I was not in a hurry and I wanted every inch of her flesh and make her get the real pleasure of sex. I slowly inserted my right hand and I was slowly massaging her left breast, she was really becoming horny and I was giving some warm kisses on her neck also, she was feeling the pleasure now and I slowly whispered on her ears that Aruna you are so beautiful please remove your nighty so that I can caress your breasts with more care and she was hesitating immediately but because of my skillful caressing from behind her body wanted more.

She slowly got up and I slowly lifted her nighty and made her sit again now she was in her petticoat and panty. Now I cupped both her breasts with my hands and was making circular motions and was kissing her neck, biting her ear lobes and was licking her back and she was dropping her head back because of the sensation and I whispered on her ears asking does your husband fuck you frequently.

She said once in two weeks so now I had my opportunity. I was caressing her breast and it was so soft and I said in her ears I am going to give the ultimate pleasure of sex to her and she did not reply but she was enjoying my moves. Now I asked her to lie on the sofa with her head rested on my lap. She accepted and I gave a soft kiss on her forehead and her cheeks.

I gave a soft kiss on her lips and soon our lips were locked and I was caressing her breast with my left hand and our tongues met and from her moves she was enjoying the feeling. Meanwhile when I was kissing her and I was trying to insert my hand inside her petticoat but it was tied tight to her waist so I slowly reached to the thread and in one pull it was loosened.

I inserted my hands inside her petticoat and was slowly caressing her pussy over the panties and now after 10 minutes of lip lock and licking of our tongue I was licking her breasts and she was moaning like anything and I was also drinking the milk from her breasts. It was so tasty and I said this pleasure is my real gift to you for your birthday. I continued my sucking of the breasts and caressing her pussy over her panties.

I could feel that her juices were dripping from her pussy and it was making my hand wet over her pussy. Now I wanted to feel the juices, so I inserted my hand inside her pussy oh man it was heavily dripping with her juices, she whispered on my ears to remove my clothes now. I got up and removed my 3 fourth, t-shirt and underwear.

She was very happy to see my 7 inch cock and she again rested her head on my lap and said her husband’s was 4 inches and thin and by saying that she took my cock in her mouth and started to make motions. I was just feeling her pussy lips and I was caressing both the pussy lips from top to bottom and inserting my middle finger in that soft lips, it had a little bit of hair which made the caressing more interesting and after 10 minutes I asked her to get up and I removed her petticoat and panties, while I was removing she was caressing my hair. I made her lay down on the sofa and now I wanted to get the ultimate pleasure of licking her pussy and take her to heaven. Now she parted her legs and showed me her pussy, it was so beautiful that I wanted to lick that full night and I started licking her pussy and drink her juices and she was moaning heavily.

I licked her pussy for some time and inserted my finger in her pussy and this continued for some time and I drank all her juices now when I was about to lick more and when I slowly bit her pussy lips she was shivering in pleasure. Then she said I want your cock inside and she was desperate for that. I lifted both her legs and I slowly kept my cock on her vagina and slowly caressed but she was restless and wanted it inside. I was giving her the best pleasure.

I slowly inserted it and it went slowly inside and touched her g-spot and I took it out and slowly I was inserting it and taking out and she was in her seventh now. I continued this for some time and increased my speed and now she was nearing her orgasm and I shot all my cum on her breasts as she should not become pregnant and she kissed me all over my body and she said this is the real sex and I have had ever in my life and I drank some more milk from her breast and it was 3 am morning then and she opened the door and I went to my room and slept.

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