The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part III

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part III      Ramon was in his late twenties, and he was as cruel as he was handsome. He delighted in finding methods to torment beautiful women. Therefore, Valerie provided a challenging opportunity because she combined beauty, youth and innocence and it made his days pleasurable. Of course, her experiences to date had chinked away some of her innocence, but her fair skin tone, beautiful blue green eyes and innocent face had not yet been destroyed. Of course, he knew when those traits were gone that his employer would lose interest in the beauty. She also had the advantage of possessing a very voluptuous body, a body almost sculpted for providing pleasurable entertainment for the lust of men. Her breasts sat pert and high on her slender body and perfectly pear shaped jutting out temptingly. Her measurments were 34C 24 35. Her belly was flat with an inverted navel. Her nipples were pinkish brown and when hard stood out at least a half inch long. Her hips were round and firm and her shaven cunt was nothing short of breathtaking when it was slightly open. She had a very pronounced clitoris that begged to be tortured, and a tight rectum that begged fucking. All in all she was the best specimen his employer had ever brought to him. The sight of her tight naked young body always aroused his lust and cruelty to great heights. He wanted to break her, to despoil her thoroughly, to watch her suffer. He set about his work with gusto each day.      He got her up from her night’s rest early each morning and made her run with him through a path in the woods for five miles. He knew the exercises to apply to keep her body firm and give her energy to take her through her difficult days and nights, to make her last longer during her nights of fucking and torture. She grew to both hate him and at the same time desire his seven inches of manhood thrusting into her pussy as often as possible. He possessed her as no other man to date had been capable of. With him she achieved the perfect combination of sensuality and cruelty that could bring her to a sexual climax.     A few days after her night of providing sexual pleasure for her owner and his four young guests, Ramon told her that she had to pass the  "Phallus Penetration Test. " He took her to the torture room where he had mounted several wooden cocks on a sort of extended saw horse. They were arranged in stages from as short as 5 inches to 10 inches, each one longer and slightly thicker that the last. He could slide them into position on the horse so that the rear ones could penetrate her rectum and the forward one could slide into her vagina. Each was an inch longer and thicker as one moved forward on the horse.      "If you are able to take each one and keep your feet firmly on the floor, Valerie, I will fuck you today. If you fail the test, you will get no fucking from me for a week. "      He had lubed each of the wooden shafts so that would slide into her orifices with relative ease, and she mounted the five inch cock in her ass and the six inch cock easily. The six inch cock in her ass and the seven inch cunt cock caused her some pain as each stretched her anus and pussy a little. He told her to move up and down on these cocks and allow them to arouse her. He watched as she grew more excited with the friction of these bigger phalluses in her upward and downward thrusts on their shafts. Her face was flushed with pleasure as she took the wooden shafts harder and harder.      "Now move up to the next pair of cocks, " he ordered.     The next two phalluses seemed easier than the last becuase she her passages had become more lubricated and she began to fuck the seven inch cock in her anus and the eight inch cock in her pussy even harder. She was fully aroused as the bigger shafts pushed deep into her. The eight inch cock was ramming her to her cervix, and its shaft was stroking her clitoris and driving her almost insane with desire.     Ramon in turn was not fully aroused by the sight of the beautiful and sensual Valerie and his cock was rigid with desire. He wanted her desperately. He moved to the wildly thrusting girl and cupped her firm breasts and lifted her slender body by her tits off the horse and thrust his thick seven inches into her slick warm center and carried her to the nearest wall fully impaled on his cock. He shoved her back against the wall and took her violently until they both climaxed in a frenzy. She had never come so wildly in her life. He took her to the floor and pounded her cunt with his still hard cock and he came a second time. She came two or three times as he fucked her wildly. They were both consumed by their desperate lust. He continued to fuck her in several positions and finished by fucking her asshole standing her on her shoulders and power fucking her until she passed out from the overwhelming combination of pleasure and pain. He then knew that she was totally hers to use her as he pleased. He had mastered her.