New Neighbourhood

Abdul was sat in the garden of the house his family had just moved into, he was hoping things would be better in this neighbourhood, where he had just moved from there was a lot of racists and a lot of trouble so his family had moved. As he sat on the swing he saw Tina the girl from next door walking up the road. Abdul knew Tina was 16 years old a couple of years older than he was, as Tina turned into the garden of her house she waved at Abdul and he thought they seem friendly. Abdul saw Tina go into her house and out of sight. After a few minutes Abdul saw Tina enter the lounge of her house his eyes went wide when he saw Tina was wear just a blue bra and panties, he felt his dick go stiff inside his trousers. Abdul watched as Tina stood talking on a phone, after a few minutes she put the phone down then reach behind her back and her bra fell to the floor revealing her ample naked boobs, Abdul thought he must be dreaming and when Tina removed her panties standing naked with her hairless clit showing  he thought to himself surely I am dreaming, Tina started using her phone again, Abdul sat staring in disbelief at the naked 16 year old white girl he saw her hand slide down between her legs and start to rub her nipples go erect. Abdul sat watching as Tina slid fingers inside her love tube and start to masturbate herself, after 10 minutes Abdul saw Tina bend forward then fling her head back, not long after Tina walked out the room giving Abdul a view of her white bum. After a few minutes Tina’s sister Amy who was a couple of years younger than Abdul walked up the road smiled at Abdul and went in the house, after a few minutes Abdul saw Amy enter the lounge naked he could see her boobs were just starting to develop, Amy sat on the sofa after a few minutes she started to masturbate, after a few minutes she bent forward, not long after she left the room. 20 minutes later Tina left the house as she walked down the garden path she smiled at Abdul said ” welcome to the neighbourhood ” Abdul smiled back said ” yeah thanks” Later in the local shop he told his mate what he had saw and was told that the girls knew they were being watched and put on shows for the Bengali boys and sometimes they let them help. Abdul thought to himself this is better than where he lived before.