TARA is bit shy as well as afraid in a people packed park. I have kissed her lips in front of too many people and we are standing on grass while holding each other in arms. She is wearing a ultra mini skirt with tight boxer tops, her private parts are covered but her belly as well as flat tummy is visible. Even her thighs are semi nude and sexy legs are making us too hot and wild. We both moved towards ridge while holding each others wrist..

Tara is sitting on grass with me and she smiled…… “Oh kaam guru you have kissed me in public, what they will think?

(Garry) let them think but I love to do, open your

(Tara) no no I will not open my dress

(Garry) you hot gal open your note book

(Tara opened the note book) now teach me kaam guru. ” I moved close to her and took her in my arms, while holding her tightly in my arms, I am kissing her lips as well as face and she is brushing her breasts on my chest. My hand has lifted her skirt upto waist and hot chick has wore a G string panty in her ultra miniskirt, love to show her sexual organs..

Tara is sitting on my lap with her legs wrapped on my waist and her breasts are pressing on my chest, her lips are in my mouth and I sucked it for a while. She pushed her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it, I pushed my hand in her skirt and rubbed her lovely ass. We both are igniting our sexual flames and she is rubbing her palms on my back. Later on she took out her tongue and put her head on my shoulder…… “Oohh you are too hot my guru, now what to do darling

(Garry) I will sleep on grass and you will be on my top in opposite direction, in a 69 position we will love each others sexual organs

(Tara) ok guru… “. And I slept on grass with my legs straight. We are in ridge zone where hot couples come to satisfy their desires. Now Tara is on my top with her face near my waist, she has already opened my jeans and brief to make my penis nude. Now she is kissing my penis as well as rubbing glans on her soft face and lips. I unhooked her G string and put her mini skirt upto her waist, now I put my lips on her cunt and while kissing it I can feel my penis in her mouth. She is sucking it hardly and I started moving tongue on her vagina, it has little hairs, may be have not shaved it for month and I am licking her glory hole while Tara’s tongue is rolling on my penis. After some time, I took her cunt in my mouth and she is sucking my penis fastly. We both are in pleasure and she left my penis, her cunt become wet and I licked it for a while..

We both moved away to urinate and washed our sexual organs. Now I put a towel on my erected penis and Tara put her skirt down but I can see her glory hole while sitting on grass. Now I said…….. “Tara in 69 position guys/gals save their time and enjoy loving each other’s sexual organs

(Tara) sure and have orgasm also

(Garry) yes and the last thing for oral sex is to use finger inside cunt and rubbing of glans on tits, are you ready for it in practical. ” She smiled and moved closer to me. Now I took her on my thighs and she put her arms in my shoulder. She lifted her skirt up and I pushed my long finger in her cunt, slowly I am fingering her vagina and she is kissing my lips as well as face. Tara’s left breast is brushing my chest and she took my tongue in her mouth to suck. While sucking it her palm has grabbed my penis and she is masturbating it while my finger is in her vagina. Later on she left my tongue and took out my finger also..

Tara looking to me sits on her knees and I thought her desire. Now I stand in front of her and she hold my penis hardly. Looking at me, she took out her tongue and put my glans on it to rub for a while, oh nice sensation in my penis. She is now playing with the upper part of penis, GLANS, a soft top part is moving on her soft face and she took near her nose to smell and lastly got it inside her mouth to suck. She is sucking it hard while my hands are on her hairs. Now her tongue started moving on it and again, she put it in her mouth but I hold her hairs tightly and started fucking her mouth with my penis. Tara’s eyes are closed and I am fucking her mouth with my long hard penis moving upto her throat. After a while, I shouted…. “Oohh uumm Tara drink my cum I will ejaculate it soon. ” And white thick sperms poured in her mouth and she had it. We both take rest for some time and moved to our house.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.