Good Or Bad – Part 1

Sixteen year old Steve was a thug who lived in a tower block of flats on a run down East London council estate,  it was late afternoon when Steve arrived home from the magistrate courts where he had been fined for indecent exposure, he had been caught flashing at two girls in the local park a month earlier. Steve entered the tower block of flats and straight away a woman confronted Steve and told him if he showed his dick to her daughters she would chop it off, Steve made his way to the flat where he lived knowing his mum would be out somewhere getting drunk as normal. As he went in to the flat his stepsister greeted him by saying ” hello flasher” Steve looked at Sara and said nothing he just went to his room as he went twelve year old Sara said ” you can flash me any time and I will not grass you up” Steve went into his room thinking about what Sara had said, he then stripped naked and went back to the lounge, Sara looked up from reading her magazine saw Steve naked his seven inch hairy dick on full view, Sara said    ” yes nice a big cock” and sat looking at Steve’s dick, Steve stood there with Sara staring at him wide eyed, and when Steve’s dick started to grow Sara said ” yes” soon Steve had a full nine inch erection, ” Sara said ” that is fucking nice go on have a wank” Steve started to stroke his dick while Sara sat watching  mouth wide open, Steve stroked slowly at first then got faster and after a few minutes squirted his cum in five long spurts, Sara said ” yes nice spunk” Steve had a shower went to his room where he took a Viagra, later in the evening he got a phone call from his mate Martin who asked if he could bring his sister round to have a look at his dick, Steve told him he could and twenty minutes later Martin arrived at Steve’s flat with his twelve year old sister Karen and not long after Karen was smiling as she sat watching Steve jerk off, after Martin and Karen had left Sara went into Steve’s room and said ” Martin’s cock is only a bit shorter than yours and he shoots about the same amount of spunk as you” Steve was surprised at what Sara had told him and phoned Martin who admitted he was a flasher as well. Next day Sara and two of her mates were sat in her lounge as the two sixteen year old boys served them drinks while totally naked with full erections.