Money Needed

Steve was alone in the house like he had been for the last week, his parents had gone to see his granddad who was ill, the house was cold there was no heating, Steve was starving he had not eating for two days, he had no money so could not buy food or get electric to use the heating, he was to well known in the area so could not go out and steal stuff, the food bank would not help him with out a voucher and he could not get one, Steve was a sixteen year old thug hated by most of the people where he lived so nobody was prepared to help him. He was trying to figure out where he could get some money or food from when there was a knock on the front door, Steve went and opened the door and saw it was Mr. Khan his next door neighbour, Mr. Khan was a wealthy business man in town and owned much property, Mr. Khan told Steve he had heard he was in desperate need of some money which Steve agreed was correct, Mr. Khan said “my two daughters would like to see you naked so if would strip naked in front of them I will give you fifty pound” Steve knew the guy had two daughters one was sixteen and in his class at school the other was twelve years old, Mr. Khan then told Steve that if he did it nobody else would ever know, Steve looked at the two girls who was stood there beside their dad, he thought about the money and then said ” ok I will do it” stepped aside and let the trio in, he took them into the lounge where they all sat on the sofa, Steve removed his jumper and tee shirt then his shoes and socks undid his jeans slid them down on off, Steve looked at Mr. Khan and told him money before I go any further after getting the money and putting it in the kitchen Steve removed his under wear standing naked, the two girls were wide eyed sat staring at Steve’s naked body and admiring the seven inch white hairy dick, Mr. Khan then told Steve there was another fifty pound if he got an erection and jerked off. Steve got a towel placed it on the floor and knelt on it, the girls watched as Steve’s dick slowly grew to a full erection standing up in the air like a flag pole solid and fat at about nine inches. Steve slowly started to jerk his dick getting faster and faster and after a few minutes said ” I am going to spunk up” and soon after squirted his cum in four long spurts onto the towel, Mr. Khan gave Steve the extra fifty pound then took his daughters and left, Steve had a quick wash in cold water dressed and went to the shops. The next night Steve was watching telly in the lounge when the eldest girl from next door arrived with a note from her dad, as she left she said to Steve ” you have got a real good cock” after she was gone Steve read the note it was offering him money to be a naked waiter in Mr. Khan’s Manchester restaurant A week later Steve was walking about in the restaurant naked with a full erection there were five other boys of his age also naked with erections, one of the boys told Steve he was wanted at table six, Steve looked at table six saw it was a man and woman with a girl about the same age as Mr. Khan’s youngest, Steve went over where he was shown one hundred pound Steve took the money and stood there while the young girl stroked his dick making him cum after ten minutes, back in the kitchen Steve washed his dick took another Viagra and went back to work. one of the boys comment on how all the customers were Indian but were all called by the name Mr. Smith.  Steve laughed said ” yeah same as my name” the other lads all said ” and mine”.