Rain soaked

Sara and her mates were walking home from their first day at big school talking about the bullies from the top form, as they past the football pitch they saw a match being played by 16 year old boys from the top form, Sara said to her mates “look at movement in the front of their shorts they cant have underwear on” July suddenly said “shit I felt rain” rain started to fall the girls ran to the pavilion for shelter, the boys carried on playing, soon the rain was falling heavy, Sara said “fucking hell look their shorts they are clinging to the boys the rain has made them see through” the heavy rain had made the white nylon shorts see through giving the girls a good view of what was inside the shorts, Sara said “fucking hell look at all those hairy cocks” her mates did not telling they were staring looking at 22 16 year old boys with their dicks on view, the girls did not know where to look first, Pauline said look at the goalie” he got a stiffy” Sara pointed to another boy said “so has he” after 10 minutes the two teams of boys left the field leaving 4 very horny girls hardly believing they had been seeing 22 dicks some erect. The girls started heading for home Sara cut through the park which was deserted, part way through her neighbour Mark who been playing football came up behind Sara on his bike, he slowed down by Sara said like watching us play football, Sara smiled nodded, Mark said “I bet you did you dirty cow you got a good look at our cocks” Sara stopped said “they were on show we were bound to look and I saw yours” Mark smiled said “you should pay for the privilege of having seen my cock” Sara said “it was a freebie” Mark lifted the bottom of his jumper said “pay up” Sara’s eyes went wide she was looking at Mark’s dick which was solid standing up straight at 9 inches, Mark said “come on get on with it” Sara reached out took Mark’s dick in her hand and started to stroke it slowly surprised at how warm it was, Mark sat there on his bike enjoying the hand job after a few minutes Mark said “yeah I’m coming” and squirted his cum in 5 long spurts, Mark wiped his dick with tissues before putting it away, he looked at Sara said “you ever see my cock again you pay the same way” and cycled off, Sara walked on thinking she had seen 22 dicks and jerked one on her first day at the big school and hoped it would continue like that.