Babysitter's discovery part 5

      Emma could hear baby Monica over the monitor, wake up and start to fuss, and she hopped up from the bed.

      "I’ll be right back, Anna sweetie, just going to take care of sweet baby Monica " she said softly.

     Just walking naked through the house made Emma feel so sexy, Anna had awakened her sexuality to a much fuller dimension. She stepped into Monica’s room, the nightlight was on, and she scooped up the baby, snuggling her close, cooing to her. Monica looked up, and gave Emma a heart-warming smile as Emma checked Monica’s diaper. Nope, nothing there, then she saw Monica yawn, and snuggle close to her, drifting back to sleep. Just a wake up and go back to sleep call, this time. Emma smiled as she gently rocked Monica in her arms, singing a soft lullaby, feeling a tender closeness with Monica. Yeah, she knew Monica was not HER baby, but that didn’t stop the close, loving, protective, second mother nature she felt towards her sweet charge.

     When Monica was sleeping peacefully, Emma placed her very gently back in her crib. She paused for a minute, to make sure that Monica was totally asleep. Satisfied, she tiptoed out of the bedroom, and quietly closed the door. Walking back towards Anna’s bedroom, she could feel the lust start to surge. She felt the lust get an extra boost when she saw Anna, spread eagled, tied down and blindfolded, her delicious body spread out for Emma’s carnal pleasures. She quickly strapped on the 10 inch dildo, lubed up that glass butt plug, and climbed onto the bed.

      "Time for more pleasure for you, Anna baby " Emma cooed.

     Anna felt Emma’s hands start to stroke at her. Anna let out soft coos of pleasure as she felt the tingling of the skin on skin contact. Anna felt her body being stroked with both hands, long relishing strokes that began at her bound wrists, slid down her arms, over her shoulders, around her breasts, over her belly, and down, sliding gently over her sex, her lips plump and swollen with the rush of desire that was quickly churning up. Anna felt Emma stroking at her again and again, she felt a slight sting as one of Emma’s nails scratched against the side of her left breast. Anna could feel the rising need, she was hungry, so ready, more than ready, god, she needed it so bad.

      "Tell me what you want baby, I want to hear it! " Emma growled.

      "Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, I need it so much, ram me! " Anna gasped.

     Emma grinned, as she pushed Anna’s legs back, and started to spread baby oil around Anna’s tight puckered asshole.

      "Oh my god, yes, give it to me, I want both holes filled! "

     Emma cupped Anna’s cheeks, pulling them apart so her tight asshole could be fucked. She brought the butt plug against that tight pucker, and pushed it in, slowly, slowly. Anna’s growls, the sight of her wrists pulling against the restraints, feeling no give, made Emma’s pulse pound.  With two inches left, and one last push, the plug was jammed in all the way, Anna’s ass clamped around the stem, holding it buried up her tight clamp.

      "Oh fuck, one hole filled, now, fill up my other hole, my cunt’s on fire, fill it my sexy little snooper! "

     Emma quickly slid between Anna’s spread thighs, notched the dildo head against her, and thrust it in to the hilt. Anna squealed with pleasure as her pink walls got the stuffing she needed. Fuck, she loved the feeling of having both holes filled at the same time, the rubbing of the dildo and the plug against each other made her cunt a churning volcano of lust.

      "Fuck, fuck, so good, give it to me baby, let me have it! " Anna growled.

     Emma was fired up, she was going to give her the best ride she could. Pulling back halfway, then thrusting in again, Emma got a rhythm going, she smiled, getting the view of what Rick did when he fucked her. She felt Anna’s legs wrap around her waist, tilting her hips up, eager to get every last bit of plunging dildo deep inside her.
Anna’s gasps and cries of pleasure started to fill the bedroom, and she howled out wordlessly as she tumbled into orgasm, her pussy gushing crazily, her asshole throbbing with pleasure, filled with that butt plug.

     Emma was too revved up to just stop, and she rode that body under her, she just wanted to fuck Anna over and over. It propelled Anna into another orgasm, and another, her cries and gasps of pleasure filling the bedroom.

     Dimly, she heard Anna cry out,  "Stop, oh please stop! "

     That cut through the red haze of lust, and Emma quickly pulled out, and pulled herself up, face to face with Anna, and yanked off the blindfold.

      "Anna, Anna, are you okay, oh please, I didn’t mean to hurt you! " Emma babbled.

     Anna looked into her eyes, and said shakily,  "It’s okay baby, I was just getting too sensitive down there, and I couldn’t stand the rush of sensation I was getting, my clit gets very sensitive after her first orgasm. "

     Emma breathed out a big sigh of relief, and Anna whispered, huskily,  "Tell me something, how hot and wet is your cunt? "

     Emma whispered,  "Very hot, I’m almost gushing! "

     Anna cooed,  "Then come and sit on my face baby, it’s time for you to get more relief! "

     Emma squatted over Anna’s face, slowly lowering her pussy down. She reached down, slipped her fingers around her lips, and spread her lips open to Anna’s eyes.

     Anna growled,  "Oh yes, that pretty pussy, so ready for more licking pleasure, lower yourself right down baby, and let me lick you. "

     Emma did so, letting out a squeal of pleasure as she felt Anna’s tongue slide along her lips, and right in to her. She settled herself down, moaning at the absolute pleasure of Anna’s tongue doing a masterful lick job on her. Anna was no novice at pussy licking, she was hitting all the right spots, making Emma’s head swim with the surging pleasure that was starting to pool right there.

     Anna was buried in the hot, wet, pink sensuality of Emma’s pussy, licking at that tight, teen pussy. She loved licking pussy, she’d been doing it since she was sixteen. Girlfriends, one night stands, her college roommate, if they were female, and eager for some oral loving, she was always ready to provide it. She loved to suck cock too, she loved being bi, she could never be either totally gay or totally straight. She firmly believed that if you don’t go both ways, you’ll miss half the fun. She could feel the trembling of Emma’s body, and her tongue went wild on Emma’s clit.

     Emma could feel it, oh, that felt so good, she felt that wonderful welling up, like her pleasure was a giant balloon, filling up, and up, and up, so could feel it, ready to explode.

      "Yes, oh yes, so good, gonna gonna, oh yes, yes, YES! "

     Emma felt the spasms deep down, the balloon popping, and she felt a river of juices pouring out of her, Anna’s tongue eager to lick and suck out every drop. She growled, moaned, and pushed herself tightly against Anna’s mouth, feeling the pleasure wash into her, making her body light up like a Christmas tree. It felt so good, ummm, so good, oh so good, Emma rode that glorious crest as long as she could, until she felt it start that ebb, and she slumped down, feeling so gloriously spent.

     She realized that Anna was still restrained, and she quickly released her arms. Anna sighed with pleasure, and Emma felt her body being pulled into a tight embrace, Anna just wanting to hold her close, and enjoy the afterglow.

     Anna got up, and went to check on Monica, then she returned.

      "Let’s go to bed, baby, and you are staying right here, in my bed, with me. "

     Emma lay on her side, and she felt the pleasure of Anna’s body spooning against her, Anna’s lips placing soft delicate kisses down the back of her neck.

      "Goodnight Emma, sleep well my sexy little snooper. "