After the Break

It had been months since we last spoke. Somehow things never seemed to work out between us. As if the timing was just off. I moved on from the days spent in my bed with you, tossing and turning my hair into a furious mess while touching myself for you. The sounds of your breath no longer filling my ear. Though I still find myself thinking of you. Thinking of how it would have felt to feel your big strong hands on my breasts. I’ve been going out on the weekends trying to numb myself with shots of tequila and random make outs sessions that go no where. Nowhere because during these moments I’m wishing It was you. With my inhibitions down, my pussy is aching to go home and think of the one that got away, Jeff. My Uber says it will 30 mins before they can come pick me up. 😒 I make my way over to the crowded bar packed with drunken slobs. Your on my mind….that feeling I get…that roller coaster feeling…is creeping into my body. As I’m waiting for a bartender, I blush as this feeling centers on my pussy. I can feel myself starting to get wet. I tell the bartender I want a Moscow Mule. He looks at me puzzled and says “What!?!”… so I almost scream

“Moscow Mule”. Suddenly three seats down the bar, where you are sitting, you hear my voice. You hear me ask for your favorite drink….you think there’s no way in hell that the one night your friends are back in town, and you decide to go out. That you’d end up at the same bar as me. You lean forward to see if it really is me…all you can see are my breasts popping out of the top of my tight bright pink dress. You see the curve of my breasts and your balls instantly know it me. You lean back to see if you can catch my eye, just as I’m leaning forward to grab my drink. My big round ass high in the air atop my short tiny legs teetering on silver stilettos. I turn and walk away from the bar, and re join my friends. How could you have not seen me walk in. Just when you thought you had forgotten all about me…there I was in-front of you. You sit back and watch me, still wondering if it really is me. You somehow can hear my laugh above the loud music and bar goers. You’re completely certain it’s me. Fate is a funny bitch like that you think to your self. You tell your friends you’ll be right back, as you finish your drink. You walk up to me and put your hand on my shoulder. I turn thinking I’ll find some drunken douche bag only to see it’s you. A shock wave of pleasure and excitement run through my body. I was just thinking about you. “ Jeff!” I almost leap to my feet. I see this sly sexy smile across your face and I instantly want to kiss you. I stop myself…and lean into you for a hug. Wrapping my arms around your neck, you place your hands on my back. Feeling the slope of the small of my back as you graze your hands across my wide hips as I pull away from you. You take my wrist almost forcefully and say “c’mon!” You pull me out of the bar and onto the street. I reach my long finger nails up to your face. Running my nails along your beard and cheek. “ I can’t believe it’s you Jeff!”. You put your hands on my shoulder and graze your fingers up into the hair at the nape of my neck. Without saying a word you pull me into you, lean down and kiss me. When your lips touch mine I feel a jolt of sexual electricity course through my body. I wrap my hands around your waist, and pull your body closer to mine. I feel you suck my bottom lip in between yours. I reach my hands around to your ass and slightly grip your ass cheeks in my hands. I feel your cock against me through your pants. Your starting to get hard for me. You pull away from me trying desperately not to get a complete hard on for me in public. My text messages go off, my Uber driver is here. I tell you that I want to stay, but I have to go. I see this crushed look on your face, as you grab my hand pulling me to you. “ I don’t want you to go Emily”. I feel this passion rush through my body….I want you to come home with me. I lean up to kiss you again. Passionately kissing your lips I can feel your hands running all over my body. I start kissing your face and neck…my fingers running through your hair. I nibble on your ear a little, and whisper in your ear. “Spend tonight with me Jeff”. You excitedly tell me to “ wait right here!” You go inside and tell your friends that your going home and say your goodbyes. I slide into the Uber first. You watch me as I get in, my pink dress sliding up my thighs you catch a glimpse of my panties. Hot pink satin with black lace trim…you can’t help but notice a small wet spot starting to soak through the pink satin.

As we ride in the back seat of the Uber you tell me about the odds of something like this actually happening. As you begin I place my hand on your knee. Feeling your strong thigh underneath my fingers. I begin to stroke your thigh as you continue. My fingers running small circles around the inside of your thigh. You start to kiss me. Placing your hand on my hip I turn towards you. I slide my tongue inside of your mouth. I feel the right tip of your tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I’m imagining your tongue doing this to my clit….but not this time. I’ve been keeping my pussy super tight for your cock. I’ll be damned if I’ll let you stretch it out with your fingers or tongue before your cock does. Aching for you Jeff…I grab ahold of your cock through your pants. Your so thick…as I squeeze your dick through your pants you bite my bottom lip and pull away from me letting out a soft moaning sigh only I can hear. I take your hand and lead it to my breast and I kiss your neck. Your big hand fits well around my breast. As you squeeze my tit can feel my nipple getting hard against your palm. I sit back and take my right leg and drape it over yours pushing your hand down to my thigh. You start to kiss my neck and the top of my breasts as your fingers trail between my thick thighs. You can feel the curve of the top of my thigh as the heat from my aching pussy calls your fingers to it. You move your fingers along the cool smooth pink satin trying to find that little wet spot. As your fingers touch the growing moist spot I moan a soft quite moan in your ear. “ I want you now Jeff” I grab your wrist pushing the tips of your fingers to my clit and clench my thighs around your hand. As the tip of your fingers part my lips and find my swollen clit the wetness starts to soak through. You tease my pussy through my panties till the wetness is dripping out of my pussy and running down to my ass. My breath is heavy and my breasts are almost heaving in anticipation of the feeling of your cock inside of me. Your doing everything you can to stop your self from turning me on my knees and hiking my dress up, pushing my wet panties to the side, and pounding my pussy hard in the back of this Uber.

Finally we arrive at my place. As we get out of the Uber you take my hand as I spread my thighs wide and show you how you’ve soaked my panties. As we stand at my door, while I fumble with my keys, and I can feel you push the hair off my neck and kiss my neck and shoulders. Your manhood poking into my back you reach around and grab my titties with both your hands. Pulling me into you I feel weak, my pussy quivers and as the door unlocks I give into you. Pushing it open and stepping inside I turn around to you without shutting the door. You kiss me passionately and grab my ass. I reach my hand down to your dick and start to slide my hand inside the waist band of your pants. I feel your moist cock tip dripping with a pearl of pre cum touch my palm. The sticky drop wasted on my hand makes me ache to taste you. You reach up and start to pull the top of my dress down, feverishly pulling my bra down exposing my now naked tits. Your hands squish my naked tits. My nipples get rock hard and crinkle with your touch. I can hold back no more…I drop to my knees and fully unzip your pants. As I undress you while on my knees I’m amazed. I’m in utter awe of your cock. Your hard dick and big balls before my face….I reach up and grab ahold of your member. Squeezing you firmly between my fingers. I begin to stroke you feeling your smooth cock skin sliding against my palm. Your soft meaty cock head starts to drip with another pearl of precum. I look up at you with my brown eyes, filled with passion I stick out my tongue tip and lick up that tiny pearl. You see me rub it into my top lip with my tongue, savoring the taste of your cum like the dirty little cum whore you trained me to be. I part my lips slightly and take the head of your cock in my mouth. Sweetly kissing your cock tip and caressing it with my tongue. You see me looking at your cock as I start to pop the head in and out of my mouth. Enjoying every second of your huge dick in my mouth my pussy starts to drip. You love seeing me submit to you. Seeing me on my knees for you, my tits out and my pussy aching for your dick. At this moment you know that you own me. You know that my body belongs to you, and you intend to take it. I start to tease your balls with my hand. Grazing them with my long nails teasingly. I begin to deep throat you. The corners of my lips being stretched to the max from the thickness of your cock. As my tongue teases the underside of your cock you can feel the seed building in your balls. You know it’s going to be a huge load…and I’m sucking your cock so good. You want to spray my face with cum and make me swallow your seed, but you know I’m aching to be fuck. You know my pussy is wet and bald and you want to feel my pussy on your cock. You pull your massive cock from between my lips, and pull me up to you. Kissing me passionately not caring that your dick was just between my lips. I grab your hand and lead you to my room. I stand at the edge of my bed and slide my dress down my body. As I reach back to undo the bra that perfectly matches my panties you can see I have soaked my panties all the way through. The wetness has creeped from my pussy to my ass. My bra falls to the floor as I turn to you. My nipples rock hard. You grab me and push me back onto the bed. Falling into my mess of blankets and pillows I can feel your manly hands exploring my body. We start to undress each other our hands all over each other’s body. I feel your strong body on top of mine. You start to suck on my ear lobe as you pin my thighs open and rub my bare pussy lips. I am so wet. You can feel the sticky wetness building on your fingers as you tease my clit. You take your wet fingers and rub them on my lips. Coating my lips in a layer of pussy juice like lip gloss. I can feel you push your hand between my cunt lips as you start to kiss the pussy juice from my lips tasting me. My body shutters as I feel your fingers touch the opening of my tight wet pussy. I grab your wrist and whisper in your ear “No” you look at me puzzled as I lean to whisper to you again. You tell me how you want to feel my wetness on your fingers and to taste me more. I look at you with my stunning eyes and tell you that my pussy is for your pleasure, and your cock only. I wrap my thighs around you and grab your thick cock and lead it to my tight hole. You start to press the head into my pussy. You can feel how wet I am for you Jeff. You shove the head inside my pussy and feel my cunt push you out. You start to slide inside me again and feel my pussy resist your big cock. Pushing you out again. I feel you push in deeper this time as I yelp from my tiny tight pussy being fucked for the first time in months. You can feel my tight wet walls pushing back against your big cock. I moan your namely loudly as you penetrate me as deeply as you can. “OH JEFF!!!!!” My pussy is so tight you feel the head of your cock hit my cervix before your all the way in. As you slide your cock out my pussy your cock head rubs against my gspot and I quiver squeezing your cock inside of me. You loudly moan feeling my pussy walls get even tighter around your cock. I wrap my legs around you and pull you cock back inside my pussy. I moan loudly “ Fuck me Jeff!” You start to slowly fuck my pussy feeling my cunt give way to your size. My walls loosening to fit you as you stretch me out. You start to thrust deeply inside of my pussy slamming your cock in and out of me. You force my pussy to open all the way to your cock. Until you are able to be balls deep inside my tight wet pussy. Feeling your balls against me I start to milk your cock inside of my pussy. My cunt tightening and pulsating around your cock. Begging for your cum. I can’t help but moan like a wild banshee on your cock. Your labored breath in my ear your balls tightening as I tell you” I want your cum. I want to feel your seed deep inside me Jeff. I’m begging you, cum inside my pussy”. You put your cock all the way inside my pussy, arching your back to go deeper than ever before as you scream to me “ I can’t, I’ll get you pregnant”. I lock my thighs around you. I start Pulsing my pussy around your cock. Milking you hard, holding your cock inside me. Your precum and my pussy juice dripping down your right ball. “ Cum in me now Jeff, now! I need you. You own me. Give me your seed!” You look into my eyes and know I’m desperate to be filled with your cum. You slide into my pussy and feel me milk you once more before your cock Erupts a huge load onto my cervix. Pulling out a little so your cock head is on my gspot….I feel the pressure of your cum blasting into my cunt on my spot. I feel my muscle tense up as I start to cum onto your cock. You slide in deeper feeling my cervix pulse and open…sucking your cum deep inside me. My nipples are hard and In your hands. You can feel my body shaking beneath you. As you pullout of me you come to your knees keeping my thigh spread apart. You see my pussy hole wide open with your cum starting to drip from it. I let you finger my freshly fucked cum filled pussy. Every time you sink your fingers into my pussy your thumb grazes my clit and I clamp down on your fingers. With your fingers covered in our fuck juices you lay next to me to feed me your cum covered fingers. Watching me taste your cum and suck on your finger makes your balls ache again. It won’t be long before your hard and inside of me again. I kiss you, still reeling from my fertile pussy being filled with your cum again. There’s no place I’d rather be than you inside me.


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