Long Distance – Impregnated

Long distance – True Romance Story – Impregnated

True story of my First Imprgnation – Accidental Conception

“What is the purpose of your visit?”

“Tourism” I replied. My voice was strong and sure, but nobody would have guessed that I was anxious and nervous as hell. The guard was asking me the requisite questions about my visit, and then he stamped my passport.

“Welcome to Mexico. Enjoy you’re stay in Cancun” He finally said, giving me back my passport.

“Thank you”. I replied. I quickly grabbed my bags at the baggage claim and proceeded to customs. There was nothing particularly noticeable in my luggage so I was processed without any delays. I made my way toward the overly crowded arrivals area, scanning faces as I walked, worried that I wouldn’t recognize you. But I couldn’t find you anywhere, so I headed to your airline’s counter and asked about your flight.

The lady behind the counter did a quick search on her computer. “It arrived half an hour ago, sir”

“Alright, thank you so much…” I was starting to get even more nervous, what if you got scared and didn’t take your flight? What if you changed your mind about all this…? What if she never came? My imagination was about to explode with so many questions and I was starting to lose my mind. I turned around and started walking, trying to ease my thoughts. I need a drink. But then I noticed a black heeled shoe first and then my eyes journey up from there. And what a fucking journey it is. Your ankle is delicate, your calf, long and leanly muscled. Your dress ends just below your knees, obstructing the view of your amazing legs. The fabric hugs the curves of your hips, clearly outlining their perfect shape, before dipping in on each side of your narrow waist. The modest neckline covers your breast, but any red blooded man can tell just by looking at them, they’re fucking phenomenal. My dick twitched in my pants as I imagined what they’d look like bare.

I shake my head as if I can easily do away with the inappropriate images in my mind. I raked my hand through my hair, gripping it painfully tight for a moment and squeeze my eyes shut. She came.

You moved closer and closer to me, and I started to panic.

I focus on your lips as they draw a smile on your face. Those lips were made to be kissed. My breathing picks up speed and I have to squeeze my arm just to realize this is real.

“Jeff?” you said.

I stayed quiet, I’m speechless right now, hypnotized by the vast universe of your dark eyes. My lips twitched.

“Emily, you came” I finally said. You smiled and walked into my arms, resting your forehead briefly against my neck. I’m breathing your scent for the first time, and you smell so fucking delicious. You stepped back still smiling.

“Emm… Uhm… would you like to pop into one of the bars or cafes before we go to the hotel?” I asked, still needing a drink to calm my nerves.

“No” You said a little shyly. “I think i rather go to the hotel now, I didn’t sleep on the flight and I’m a bit worn out”

I took your hand and raised it to my lips, “You really are far more beautiful in person than any photo you’ve ever sent” I said to you, and you felt the heat rising in your cheeks, you answered me with a huge smile. “Now, let’s get a cab”.

Once in the taxi cab, the driver began talking about the beautiful places in Cancun, and the bars he liked to frequent. I honestly wasn’t paying attention, realizing you were there right next to me and that all of this was finally real was a lot to take in. You were constantly looking at me and smiling, and then looking out the window to take the scenery as the car drove.

The hotel was splendid. With palm trees and a great garden in the entrance, a big swimming pool pass the reception and then the beach, white sand and clear water, almost like paradise. I hope you like it here, Emily.

“Hello and welcome to Cancun, would you like to stay in single rooms or a double room?” The receptionist at the hotel suddenly interrupted my thoughts. The truth is that we talked about staying in a double room, but I don’t know if you still wanted too. You grabbed my arm and pulled me aside for a moment.

“Jeff, I hope you don’t mind but I don’t want to rush things, I think I will stay in a single room just until I’m ready for… you know… move forward in our relationship…”

You whispered to me, a little shy.

“Yeah, that’s totally fine, I don’t want to pressure you or anything, just… take it slowly… and well…” I answered, I waited long time to meet you, and of course I would wait a little more.

“Thank you for understanding” you said, smiling at me and a little more relaxed. We’ve got adjacent rooms. I was amazed at my personal, little balcony with the view of the beach. You said you were going to take a little nap, so I took my chance to walk around the hotel, I wanted to look for some special place we could spend time together.

I went to the pool and chose to relax a little at the veranda beside the pool, wondering what you would like to do for our first night together. And then I saw it, the hotel’s restaurant by the beach, There were some dining tables outside where we could eat with our foots on the sand , candle lights and the beach right there. It was perfect. So I set it all up. I went to the restaurant and reserved a table for two, then asked the receptionist to leave you a message on my behalf. I was going to wait for you at the restaurant.

Two and a half hours later and I’m feeling relaxed and rested; ready to meet you for dinner. A 45 minute nap, and a much- needed soak in a hot bath, has relieved me of the anxiety and tension earlier when I met you at the airport. I may have agonized on what to wear, but I settled with pants and a white shirt. It was comfortable. Then I took the elevator down the reception and headed to the restaurant. The hostess led me to our little table; the lights are dim and the noise of the patrons slips further and further away. Each table has a soft yellow glow from the candles to enhance the intimacy. I sit down and wait for you, getting nervous again. After a little while I saw you walking towards me. My eyes just bore into your skin, desire dancing across your face; setting my skin on fire. I break eye contact and put my head down to gain some composure.

As you reach the table, I stand and wait for you with the chair pulled out. I lean in and kiss you on the cheek.

“You look gorgeous” I state. You were wearing a short plum dress paired with a loose cardigan. We resume eye contact.

“Thank you, you look amazing as well”. You took your seat and reached for the glass of water in front of you; trying to hide your smile. The waiter places the menus down in the middle of the table. We both reach for them at the same time. Our fingers graze and I try to ignore the tingling sensation it leaves on my skin.

“I don’t want this to be awkward, I just want to know more about you, okay?” you said with a serious tone, wrapping your fingers around my hand.

Nodding, I take my hand back and pick up the menu. “Well, food is usually a great conversation starter. What would you like to eat?” I say. Going through the menu together eases the tension between us. We order, and settle into easy conversation; going back and forth with questions determined to get to know one another better. In no time at all, the waiter appears with our food. It’s funny how in a short time I can read your facial expressions. A really nice song was playing on the background. I didn’t mind if we were the only couple dancing around.

“Would you like to dance?” I asked you. To my surprise, you nodded. We walked over, and i grabbed your right hand. My left went to your back, and we started to move. It was comfortable and effortless even. You leaned your cheek against my chest, and felt like I was relaxing for the first time.

“You smell nice,” I murmured. You thanked me, and let my left arm hold you tighter. You too, squeezed your left arm tighter around my left shoulder. I could feel your soft skin getting warmer.

Much to my surprise, the night continues smoothly, after a few drinks and before we know it, the restaurant is emptying out. Close to midnight, we decide to call it a night. With my hand on the small of your back, we walk out of the restaurant and toward the reception to take the elevator. We walk in and I can feel some tension building up, you look amazing. My eyes move up over your delicate collarbones. I want to place a kiss between them and then lick my way up your graceful neck until I reach your sultry lips. My eyes leave your enticing lips and raise up to meet your enthralling dark eyes, you look into my green eyes too, our gazes never break contact. Being this close to you has me hypnotized me. my dick was rock hard in my pants. I’ve never had a strong reaction like this to a woman before. You’re standing right in front of the elevator button panel; I take my chance to break the tension in the air.

I inch forward until your tits touch my chest. Your eyes go wide. I let my hand caress over the curve of your hip down to the top of your ass as I reach behind you to push the button and make the elevator work. I can feel your breath picking up speed and your heartbeats going faster. I take a step back. Your sexy lips open in a silent ‘oh’ at my action. Between your great tits, your full lips and your heart shaped ass, I don’t know which I’d like to bite more – but I’d sure like to find out.

Suddenly you stopped the elevator and placed your hand on my bicep. One look at your sinful mouth, and I know what I want to do with all this tension. I tug you to me, gripping your upper arms tight. Once your against the wall in the elevator I slam my mouth down on yours. I plunge my tongue between your lips while my hands move up to cup your tits. You moan into my mouth and it’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever experienced.

You have my dick instantly hard. I rub my thumbs over your nipples as our tongues battle it out. My hands slide down your ribs, moving over your hips to cup your full ass. I lift you up into my arms and your amazing legs wrap around my hips. I push my cock into your center and grind against you. When you slide your fingers in my hair, tugging on it, I know you’re enjoying this as much as I am. Our mouths remain connected, both of us afraid to stop, because the moment we do, sanity will return. I lick along the generous curve of your bottom lip and then bite on it. I want to know what that lip would feel like underneath my cock as I slide it back and forth in your mouth. Fuck.

“Ahem,” someone clears their throat. The elevator doors opened and an annoyed middle aged man was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. I glance at you. Your cheeks are flushed bright pink with passion and your lips are swollen from our kisses. I want to see you beneath me in bed with that same flush from having my cock inside you. You’ve always been a good religious girl, you’ve never had a man inside you raw let alone let him spill his seed in you. But you desired me, desired me beyond inhibitions.

I take your hand and pull you out of the elevator.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what took over me” I said, realizing what just happened.

“That’s okay… I should probably get inside…” you said, still catching your breath from our intense kissing. You slowly opened your door. “I had a great night… thank you Jeff”. And closed the door.

There I was, standing at the front of your door, feeling kind of stupid for not asking you to stay with me when my cock was throbbing to br inside you so bad. I went into my room, took off my clothes and lay in bed, still thinking about the elevator and the lovely dinner we had… I tried turning around to get some sleep but nothing. Your lips, your breast, your sexy legs, and those intriguing eyes… I can’t stop thinking about them. I’m losing my mind, I need to kiss you again, touch you again. So I was ready to go out, knock on your door and once you opened up, kiss you again.

I headed to my door and when I opened it, you were standing right outside, doing what I was just about to do. Wearing a hotel robe, and with your hand ready to knock, I can tell by your face that I surprised you.

“Emily. What are you doing here?” My mouth gets dry at the sight of you, and the words are lodged in the back of my throat. I lean against the door frame, looking at you expectantly. Your eyes do nothing but roam over every part of my body.

“Jeff” you said. The tone of your voice catches me off guard and brings me back to the present. I smile at you knowingly. Keeping your head down, you used all your willpower to avoid looking at me.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have come,” You said hurriedly. Turning around, you get ready to run back to your room, but my firm grip takes hold of your wrist. You looked at my hand and then up to me, I see the desire in your eyes. I lean in and whisper in your ear, “Let’s not give the whole hotel a show again, okay?” Your breathing quickens, and all you do is nod and follow me back inside.

The door closes, shutting out the rest of the world. With my hands on either side of your head, and my mouth placing soft kisses behind your ear, there’s nowhere in the world I would rather be right now. “Emily” i repeat in between kisses. One of my hands makes its way down your body with purpose. Passing your breast and finding the tie on your robe, i undo it with ease and dip my hand into your panties. Two of my fingers skillfully find your clit. I rub it slowly, and you moan. Now I know how much you want me now. Your pussy is drenched with excitement.

I pull my hand out and you can see your wetness coating my fingers. “I need to taste you.” I slip my fingers into my mouth. My eyes close as I suck them clean of your juices. Fuck. You taste sweeter than I imagined. Now that I know how delicious you are, the need to bury my tongue inside you is overwhelming. My eyes snap open as you trace the outline of my hard cock through my boxers. Your fingers climb up to my waistband, and when they’re about to dip inside I catch your hand.

“I’m not done with you yet, Emily.” I lead you to the bedroom. If we’re going to do this, it’s going to be in bed. I slide the robe down your shoulders, letting it drop on the floor. The sight of your full tits in your black lace bra has me momentarily paralyzed. I want to slide my cock between them, back and forth until I cum all over you. Damn. First things first, though. I need to taste your delectable pussy some more.

“Take your bra off,” I order. When the lacey garment falls away, leaving you naked to my gaze, my breath halts in awe. I can’t believe how beautiful you are. My hands raise and I softly cup both of your breasts. I scoop you up in my arms and lay you down on the bed. I climb on the bed between your legs taking your panties off, and pushing your knees to your chest, leaving your shiny wet pussy completely exposed to my hungry eyes. I lock eyes with you as my tongue delves between your soft lips for the first time. Your mouth opens in a silent moan and your eyes squeeze shut. I dip my tongue inside again, running along your slit, moving up to circle your clit.

“You taste incredible,” I groan between swipes of my tongue. It only takes a few more passes over your clit with my tongue and your screaming out my name.

“Jeff” Watching you cum is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen and knowing I was the one who made your body quake and quiver is an amazing feeling. You sit up, climbing to your knees in front of me. Your face tips up to me in an invitation I can’t resist. I connect our lips, my tongue seeking yours out. Your hands press on my chest, urging me down. I fall to my back and you settle between my legs on your knees.

You take off my boxers releasing my large hard throbbing cock.

The sensation of your warm, wet tongue licking along the length of my cock has my eyes squeezing shut. When you take me in your mouth I groan. “Fuck.” When you begin to move up and down, words spill out of my mouth without conscious thought. “Emily” Your mouth slowly slides up and down. I’m barely holding on; my thick dick is harder than it’s ever been. You suddenly stop and move back on the bed, inviting me into you. I sit down and climb between your legs. I slide my length back and forth between your lips, teasing your clit. My hard dick feeling your wetness and spreading it around you.

I lean forward, kissing your sweet mouth, while my hips rock the head of my dick against your clit. I slide back to press against your pussy entrance and kiss under your ear. “Are you ready for me, Emily?” I don’t give you a chance to answer; I can’t wait any longer. I slowly thrust all the way inside your tight, wet,heat. Oh fuck.

“Yes,” you moan. Your voice husky with passion. You’ve never had a man raw inside you before, you moan with pleasure as you feel my thick cock rub your g spot. I draw back and push forward again, both of us groan from the perfect way we fit together. My hips pick up speed as the need to cum kicks in. I slam into you over and over, taking what I need from you. I will be totally honest, I never even thought of condoms. All I could imagine was shooting my load deep inside Emily.

“Yes, harder,” you moan. Fuck. I grip your shoulders and pull you down on my cock as I relentlessly pound your pussy. Your brain is in overload, the back of your brain is screaming for me to pull out. While the majority of your body urges me to fill you. You’ve always wondered what a man Cumming inside her felt like. She knew she wasn’t using birth control, yet out of her mouth came the words “fill me Jeff. Deep. Put a baby in me”

It’s only a few more strokes until I bury my face in your neck and cum with your name on my lips. I shoot 11 hot sticky spurts of semen deep in your fertile womb. Clinging to the walls of your pussy. I know that I just impregnated you, but at that minute I couldn’t give a damn.  We stay locked together, both of us realizing we’re forever changed from what just happened.

“We should get a double room…” you finally said, giggling and laying a kiss on my lips as you rub your now flat, soon to be bulging belly.


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