Nandita the Bong Beauty

Hello friends, I am Mr. X (name changed) writing one of my sexual experiences for the first time in this platform. I am from Kolkata aging 24 years old working in an MNC and a normal built guy having a height of 6 feet and dick size is about 6 inches. The female lead of my story is Nandita, a married bong beauty who is also from Kolkata. Her body stats are 36-24-36. She wears tight fit suits and can easily give a hard on to any male of any age. We both work in the same building but different offices. Our friendship and relation grew stronger as we used to have lunch together during recess.
One fine day, at the recess time, I saw Nandita sitting bit upset. On interrogation, I came to know that her sexual life is a complete mess which is making her life stressful. I hold her hand and she looked up at me with a hope and asked me whether I can help her to reduce her stress to which I couldn’t ignore.
We planned to have a One Night Stand at my residence after the office hours as I used to live alone and Nandita have said to her husband she will be late. As soon as we entered the room, in no time Nandita opened her hairs and pulled me towards her and started a passionate liplock. I broke the liplock in 2 minutes as I was not at all ready and after coming back to my senses we again both started kissing and smooching. While kissing and smooching we fell on the bed and undressed each other in no time. Nandita was a real Bong Beauty. Her Curvy ass and Juicy boobs were just blowing my mind. And to put a cheery on the top was her clean shaved pussy. It was complete pink looking like a ripen pussy. On seeing my dick, her eyes were also remained wide open and she confessed that she had also not seen such a thick and long dick.
Without wasting much time I started sucking her clits so that she gets an orgasm and her pussy gets lubricated so that she don’t have much pain when insert my dick into her black hole. After sucking her pussy for about 5 minutes I placed my dickhead onto her pussy lips. She was getting excited. I started kissing her so that she don’t shout when I stroke my dick inside her pussy and in one go I inserted my dick inside her pussy. Her eyes were wide open and she just bitten my lips badly out of pain. I saw tears rolling down her eyes but I continued to stroke her. After initial stroking I broke the liplock and started banging her freely. We had sex in missionary position and doggy style. Due to time constraint we couldn’t continue longer which I hated but she promised me that she will lose her virginity from ass to me which she kept in a subsequent encounter which I will share with you in a different story.
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