The homeo doctor – part 2

Then one Friday at 6pm she called me and told me to go to her house at 10pm.

I went there as I was told her husband was out, her mother in law was sleeping, she was wearing a front open nighty. She looks so sexy in that dress, coming to me she said I am your’s this full night enjoy my body to your heart’s content and make happy too.

I hugged her and pinched her ass then kissed her lips. She pushed her tounge into my mouth I sucked it, now I opened her dress, now she is fully naked in front of me.

I took her shapely boobs one in my hand the other in My mouth, started to suck and pressing then sitting on the floor gave a hot kiss to her clean shaved puffy pussy.

Now I took her like a baby and put her on the bed and got on her body and sucked her nose moving to ear licked her ear lobs then her neck. Moved to her boobs spending some time at the boobs then Moved down at her flat tummy licking it then to her navel licking her navel. Then she tried to get my mouth at her pussy but I moved down to her feet.

Then licking her feet I sucked her thumb moves upwards slowly at last at her pussy, I arrived her hole now separating her pussy lips I enter my tongue in her pussy.

She holds my head tight at heavenly hole she hits her legs on the bed tells me don’t tease me more fuck me now. I said I want you to cum she said she already came twice.

I said not small orgasms I want you to squirt full like from a fountain. She said please enter your rod in my fuck hole I will have a big orgasm.

Now I widened her thighs and brought my cock at her hole positioning it gave a hard push it went in fully in with one push but she was not expecting me to push so hard.

She makes a sound something like uuuuuunnnnhhhhhjj.

I kissed her lips hard now she plays with her clitoris I tried to enter my finger in her ass she said she is not used to it, I said everything has a first time and I enter her ass slowly.

Pushing at her prostate which made her gasp in ecstasy she shouts ooohhh ammm yes that’s it do it at the same time fuck my pussy deep hard and fast.

Now I am fucking her full speed and she reacts fucking back humping her ass, now she shouts OIOHHH GOD FUCK FUCK ME HARD I AM NEARING CLIMAX YES HERE IT COMES OOOOOEEERR UUUUUU YES THANK GOD I HAD IT.

Now I came in her pussy she then takes my cock and in her mouth sucks it now when its hard I made her doggy entering her ass hole with my cock and fingerfucking her pussy and playing with her clitoris, brought her to a mind shuttering climax.

She was so happy that she has called me and promised to call me whenever she is free.