The homeo doctor

This is your jameejallee with another new fuck story. I had some urinary problems when I visited a urologist he said to have operation.

So following advice from my family members I visited a homeo doctor it was a lady doctor a very beautiful one when I told her about my problem she asked me about my former medical history. I told her I had been operated on my testicles sack I was the last patient her helper has closed the windows and gone.

The doctor told me to show her where I was operated on, as I was reluctant to show her she undid my belt and pulled down my zip I felt a movement in my underwear.

She put her hand in the opening of my pant to pull out my testicles but withdrew her hand immediately, she had felt my cock and its shape and size.

Now she takes my hand leads me to a small room inside and looking at me pulled down my pant now again looking at me she pulled down my underwear and my cock sprung out with all its glory and hit her face.

In the room there was a long table two chair which she and her helper use as their dining hall and table.

She lay on the table her legs down from knees she pulled me between her thighs and held my cock brought it to her fuck hole positions my tool to her hole told me to push in slowly, it went in smoothly as she is really wet.

Now after about three inches enter she told me to stop there and said my cock shape is as such that when entering a pussy it will crush the giving the girl so much pleasure and my cock is now crushing her Now she tells me to fuck her so I started to fuck her she said slowly first then gradually increase speed.

I did as I was told now harder faster deeper she keeps giving instruction. By face reaction I knew she had some mild orgasms now suddenly she griped me with her thighs shouting OOOH MY MUMMY OOOHHH GGGOOD FUCK FUCK ME FUCKING GOOD AND HARD I AM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.

Now both came she took some tissue papers put at her pussy and made me sit on the table and sucked me clean and sucked till I came in her mouth and swallowed every drop and said that’s reward for a satisfied fuck.

When I said I am not satisfied she asked why, I said I want a girl full naked and lick her everywhere and suck her clitoris till she comes. She said she will see to that, she took my number and said she will call to fuck her full night.