Watching my parents love : seems dad is my lover

Hello friends,

Ritu is now vulnerable to guys as physical affair evolved between me and a guy Naman and while giving me sexy body to him,, he is good in love as his mouth gave me immense pleasure while kissing my sexual organs but as he sucked my breast for 4-5 minutes, I starts feeling the heat of sex and as his long hard cock makes way to my hand as well as mouth, I left my hesitation and sucked his penis till my mouth get satisfied, how much I felt his hand, mouth and cock touching my body isn’t speakable but my first oral sex session doesn’t enters into a danger zone as getting penetrated in a deserted place without any safety and much to visible for others, I just left his cock ejaculating semen while I got my cunt wet. So my mom, a 38-39 years matured lady is a sexy one with tall figure of 5’6 feet as her round dome shaped butts swings as she walks fast and my dad, a handsome personality with a fair complexion is still in love with my mom Nikita and they are still enjoying nights as after having oral sex session with Naman, I planned to watch them in a nude sexual positions to add some fuel in my romantic life.

It’s a nice spring season as roses with lot of flowers are making our backyards green and today, I want to see my mom Nikita with my dad Pritam as both are of same age, their marriage happened after a long love season of 2-3 years as my dad is also a smart person with tall figure. So as I am sure that they will keep windows open of their bedroom, I will get space to watch them on bed, but I have to walk either in home’s lobby or in backyard but inside home’s lobby it’s an safe place for me. Now it’s not clear when they will enjoy physical love together, so I have to walk and watch them at night and first night, there I can see just talking on bed with no signs of physical love and on next day, I can see my mom Nikita in a drunken state as I felt that weekend holiday is going to make me hot at night. So waiting for dinner together as tonight Nikita and pritam will do something sexy as while putting my night dress of shorts with tops I just moved to my bedroom after having dinner, so I am on my bed with my eyes closed as it’s 09:55 pm and my elder brother is out of town, so watching my parents sexual affairs will give me more pleasure with no hurdles. Ritu, after an hour walked out of room as she moved towards the back lobby of home, a little wider path and as lights are making me bit disturbed, I just switched off the bulb of backyards and now I am near their room’s window as it’s opened and while standing on the corner of windows not to give them my look, my eyes moved straight on bed and a nice scenario as mom and dad are complete nude and they are much in foreplay. As I got their nude look, mom Nikita is sitting nude as her boobs with long brownish nipple is sexy, her sexy back with smooth thighs are nude but my eyes stuck on dad’s penis, oh god! It sounds bigger and thicker as it’s fully erected and now I can see mom getting laid on bed as dad is sitting near her legs, having a pillow and pushed it under her heavy buttocks as I can see mom’s reddish labia with opened hole of cunt and dad put his face on her vagina as he starts kissing it and it’s a long thick penis of dad hanging down as it’s making me horny. So I put my one leg on a chair as my eyes are on dad’s penis and I can’t see moms vagina but her voice seems to be sexy ” uh oh lick you dog just put your tongue inside it hard…. Hard oh”as Ritu is well hot to put her hand inside night wear with a panty covering my vagina and as dad is licking my mom’s cunt with hand on her soft boobs, I just starts rubbing my vagina on panty while eyes are on dad’s penis and than I removed my panty while one long finger moves inside, I just starts rubbing my hot cunt fast with my eyes getting parent’s sexual love session and feeling too aroused my mind get imaginary with dad’s cock in my mouth to vagina.

Ritu have tasted a guy’s penis but looking at dad’s penis, it seems to be a monster one with a round soft glans and now my mom Nikita just wake on bed as she stands on bed with legs apart, it’s a tall figure with reddish vagina getting kissed again and as mom smiled”can’t you push your cock in my cunt.
(Dad) sure baby but who will suck my penis, taste it and get fucked” but Namita is still standing as dad pushed his tongue in her cunt and as I am fingering my cunt with other hand holding my breast, I am also sounding sexy ” uh oh ah it’s mine please give me your penis ” and than mom sits on bed as she pushed her hubby and now, dad’s 8-9 inches long and two inches thick cock is fully erected with mom leaning towards it, like a bitch on bed but as their position is in different direction, I can see both of them easily. So mom hold his penis and starts putting her Rossy lips on it while dad have put his legs straight and as Nikita removed it’s skin, his glans is for sure making me horny and while fingering my vagina I am watching my parents live sex show. So mom swallows her hubby’s cock and as she starts sucking it hard, my other hand hold my breast and as I starts pressing it, sexy voice ” uh oh um god, give me his penis to suck”and mom’s both boobs are swinging as they are hitting eachother, so mom is looking towards Pritam as she took out his erected cock and her tongue starts rolling on it while dad is screaming ” uh oh um lick it bitch as I will fuck you soon”and mom licked it with her long tongue as she walked away while dad followed her, they both moved to washroom and feeling too horny, I just left the lobby as I am in my room to have refreshment inside washroom. So after a while with no undergarments on my organs, I am again there as on bed mom Namita is on her knees with her hubby’s long and thick cock penetrating her wider glory hole as she is swinging her butts like a whore and as my eyes are looking at dad’s penis going and coming back from cunt I am fully aroused, so my finger is inside my little vagina and while fingering it my one leg is on chair as my one hand have hold breast to squeeze hard and Ritu is well horny ” oh uh come on come fuck fuck me dear, I am your slave aah oh give me your hard penis ” as my eyes are closed and I can assume my cunt going to pour cum soon but as I opened my eyes, my mind is feeling shy with fear as dad is fucking my mom and both are looking at me, so my hidden sexual live show comes to an end as I get caught but vagina feels satisfied as I ejaculates cum and I left them, back on bed with doors closed but as mom & dad have seen me watching their sexual affairs, what will happen to me I don’t know!