Steve had been a well feared thug he was violent and mixed with some organised crime people and despite being only seventeen years of age lived in his own flat and had lots of money in the bank Steve had been involved in smuggling immigrants into the country and was paid one hundred pound for … Continue reading Traffic

Free For All

It was the day before the start of the school summer holidays and as was normal at the start of the school summer holidays the town residents were getting ready for the usual trouble that occured every year at the start of the holidays there were two schools in the town one was for the … Continue reading Free For All


The Ride

The weather was very hot and it had been hot for two weeks, there was no breeze to help keep people cool, but despite the extremely hot weather the horse riding centre was very busy, lessons were being held as normal and groups were going out riding as normal. Sixteen year old Laura was a … Continue reading The Ride


The tower block of residential flats had been built sixty four and a half years ago and when it first opened the newspapers and television news channels gave it very good coverage and very good things were said about it the council who had build the fifteen floor block of flats were very proud of … Continue reading Freezing