Linda was 38 long black hair slim body with small breasts but she looked stunning. She was married to a very successful business man name Chris and was used to great life of luxury. But life was about to change for her as she had a secret lover and for most of her married life … Continue reading Blackmail


The Home Coming

Martin stood just outside the prison that had been his home for the last ten years where he had served a sentence for underage sex with a minor now at the age of fifty three he had been released on parole, after having one last look at the prison he walked off to catch the … Continue reading The Home Coming

Big Boy

When he was just fourteen years of age Sean’s older brother was sent to prison for twenty years so Sean was glad to move out of his small pokey little bedroom into his brothers large room, While clearing out his brothers stuff he found a box marked up as a penis developer and after reading … Continue reading Big Boy

The Run

One of the countries best long distance runners had lived in the small country town where he trained runners until his death, To remember and honor the runner the town council organised a long distance run every year. Sixteen year old Tracy and her friend Sara were the doubles winners for three years on the … Continue reading The Run

The Quiet One

Sara was a quiet girl who was well respected in the small village that she lived in, Sara lived with her brother Mark who at twelve years of age was four years younger than what Sara was, Sara’s parents had gone away for the weekend taking Mark with them, Sara was happy to stay at … Continue reading The Quiet One