The Ball

Tina was a sixteen year old girl from a very rich family who employed a lot of staff in the factory that they owned as well as the eight bedroom house and stables that they also owned, Tina was always polite to the local residents of the village that was close to where the house … Continue reading The Ball


Sara was a sixteen year old trouble maker and not very well liked, it was mid afternoon as she bunked off school and was in the derelict building on the edge of the town where she lived, she saw the group of homeless men sat drinking their cheap cider and started to give them the … Continue reading Master

The Clear Up

It was a Saturday afternoon when the school was normally closed for the weekend but today there was a group of the students who had volunteered to help clear out the disused old building of the school ready for builders to start revamping it for it to be used again. Sixteen year old Martin was … Continue reading The Clear Up