Immigrant Detention Centre

The school set on the edge of a small country town was quiet, it was the middle of the day and lessons were well underway, the class of sixteen year old students were studying for their history exams and with only a week to go before they were due to sit the exams they were studying extra hard, all of a sudden the quietness was shattered by a high pitched scream of ” storm troopers” the students all knew that this meant that the immigration officials were in the school, the teacher started to move towards the door with her keys in hand intending to lock the door in the hope of keeping the immigration officials out but before she could get to the door it burst open and eight burly men and two women burst into the classroom, the teacher started objecting and protesting the students started to shout in protest, sixteen year old Kelly the school racist bully came in behind the officials and pointed at Tapas saying ” that is the one” the officials grabbed Tapas and dragged him away, a bottle flew through the air hitting Kelly on the head, Kelly staggered out, the teacher managed to calm the class down. The teacher managed to find out that Tapas was being taken to a detention centre where he would be held while decision was made as to what would happen to him and that his family were already there, the students talked about it and Cindy said she would go visit him at the weekend. Later Kelly was walking home through the woods after being checked by a doctor, as she walked she saw a group of Bengali boys and realised they were friends of Palash and turned to go back but found her way blocked by a group of girls from her school, with out warning the girls pounced on Kelly and held her on the ground, she heard somebody shout” everything off”  then felt her clothes being pulled and realised she was being stripped and could not stop it from happening and was soon naked, she was held down spread-eagled on the ground and to her horror saw the Bengali boys looking down at her naked body, one boy who was about her age said ” look at those tits they are nice” Kelly saw that there was a lot of movement inside the boys trousers and realised the boys who were aged twelve to sixteen were jerking, after awhile all the boys drifted off one by one, Kelly was let go but to humiliation had to walk home naked on way passing lots of jeering boys, A couple of days later Cindy was at the gates of the immigration detention centre and after being let in and searched by a female guard was shown through to the visiting waiting room, where she saw a Bengali baby crying the mum said he needs feeding I am dry, Cindy picked the baby up saying let me try, and took him to the changing room the baby’s mum told her fourteen year old son to go with them, in the baby changing room Cindy looked at the fourteen year old boy and smiled handed him the baby and said hold him, she then lifted her tee shirt up and over her head exposing her braless boobs when the older boy saw them he said ” wow a white girls tits” Cindy took the baby from the boy and held him to her boob, the boy was sat staring and said ” I am hungry to” Cindy laughed and said ” your not being fed” the boy sat watching in awe admiring the naked boobs of the white girl, after ten minutes Cindy gave the  baby back to the boy and lowered her tee shirt then went back in the waiting room and after half a hour was shown into a room where Palash was waiting, they sat talking and Cindy learnt that Palash and his family were being deported the next day suddenly alarm bells started ringing, Palash said ” it is a riot quickly in here” and went in a room with Cindy following, Palash told Cindy that tensions were running high and a riot was expected but they would be safe in the room, Palash then said ” thank you for feeding the baby that was my friends little boy his brother told us and said you had nice tits” Cindy had noticed the younger boy and his mum had been called through ahead of her, Cindy smiled, Palash said ” I am hungry in fact I am starving” and when Cindy lifted her tee shirt over her head Palash said ” fucking hell you have got nice tits” Cindy said ” don’t talk with your mouth full” Palash moved and was soon rubbing and sucking Cindy’s boobs then he lowered a hand and slid it down the inside of Cindy’s joggers and found she had no panties on and was soon rubbing her love tube, Palash pulled his hand out stood back noticed Cindy’s erect nipples then pulled her joggers right down lay her on the table undid his trousers and was soon sliding his seven inch erection into Cindy’s moist love tube then started to thrust in and out causing Cindy to moan with pleasure and after five minutes felt her cum, Palash carried on thrusting in and out and felt Cindy cum a second time and not long after was squirting his cum over the floor, after a hour both were sat talking when the door opened and two guards in riot gear entered, Cindy was taken to a group of other visitors and escorted out of the centre. Palash was back in his cell thinking I have just fucked the cutest girl in school. A few days later the class teacher announced that Palash and his family had a stay put on his case while an appeal was heard but they would remain at the centre, after the cheers had died down the teacher looked at Cindy and said ” Palash is grateful for your visit and wants to know if you will visit again and that he is hungry. Cindy smiled, the teacher said ” I suppose the food in those places can not be all that good” Cindy smiled and said ” Palash really enjoyed the home food that I took in”