Revenge tastes beautiful

Hi my name’s Clare, I’m 41 tall slim tight ass nice tits ( big tits 36dd ) long black hair. This story will sound bad, but revenge can be exhilarating if you get away with it. My revenge was aimed at 2 girls ( or ladies now ). They made my life hell from age of 10 to 17, bullying me at school and outside, literally making me hide in my home. Revenge hadn’t crossed my mind to one day I saw her across the street, I deliberately made sure I run into her, oh sorry I said as I bumped into her, it’s ok she said. It’s Clare isn’t it how are you ( as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth or as if she actually cared ). Now Kate was tall like me, had put on weight but still looked great. We talked as if we were good friends, she told me about her husband and children then we went on our way. All the way home I thought you bitch. For next couple of weeks I had bad thoughts in my mind, I get my own back on her you see. I soon found out her husband owned a business a couple of miles away and was looking for a new secretary. It turns out he had reputation as a flirt. Mmm bingo I thought I fuck his brains out, that fuck that bitch up. I went for interview in tight top showing plenty of tits, and tight skirt. We talked ( I could see he was studying my body ). It was like catching a fish and railing him in. A few days later I got phone call I got job, can you start Monday he said. Oh yes! I replied thank you. His name was Kevin so for first few weeks I worked hard. But as the days went on I made sure my skirts got shorter and started to wear more seductive tops. He was becoming bolder patting my ass, stroking my breasts as we pass by, even making suggestions what he’d do to me ( I always smiled or laughed ) then one day he came up behind me put his hands round my waist and started groping my tits ( this is it I thought revenge time ). I made no effort to stop him, just stood still as he squeezed them. The buttons he started to undo, I panted as if I wanted it, I’m going to fuck hole right off you he said. I replied fuck me then, for a second he seemed taken back by how easy I was letting him have his way. So thinking quick I undone my bra releasing my big tits. Wow he said and began sucking them ( the trouble was I actually was turned on I hadn’t had sex in ages and was actually gagging for it ) as he sucked me I lifted my skirt, letting him rub my pussy through my pants, I promise you this I was going to be easy fuck for him. My pussy was moist, shit was wet as hands got inside my pants. One then 2 fingers inside me oh fuck I actually needed this. Soon my pants were round my ankles, but first I unzipped his trousers and released his cock ( about 6 to 7 inches ), very hard cock, I stroked it as we kissed passionately, then got down on my knees and teased it with my tongue before sucking it slowly then deeper, I heard him moan as if he was in heaven, he pushed my head as he tried to fuck my mouth near choking. I got up onto desk opened my legs wide and shouted eat me ( my well shaved pussy looked glazed as it was so wet ). oh yes it felt good as his tongue entered my whore cunt, his tongue inside me, ( I wanted the only smell or taste he had was me fuck that bitch off a wife, I wondered what she say if she could see that girl she bullied for years fucking her husband ). He made me cum I squirted over his face, which drove him crazy, now there was no stopping him, his cock slide inside me and he was fucking me hard and deep ( the truth was he was fucking great he was giving me the best fuck of my life ), omg my pussy was on fire, I wanted to be used by him I even shouted fuck your slut fuck me. The atmosphere was electric. He pounded me like it seemed forever, I said don’t cum in my pussy cum in my ass, he said did you just say I could fuck your ass, yes do it I replied. It seemed I given him all his presents he desired in one day. He pushed his soaking wet cock in my ass, as I relieved the pain by rubbing my pussy, he started to fuck my bum harder. I was screaming which seemed to turn him on more. Then felt splurge of cum full my hole as he screamed yes oh fuck. He pulled out satisfied, I got back on my knees juices running out of my bum and licked his cock clean, a mixture of sperm my juices and shit in my mouth. Wow he said you’re the best fuck I ever had ( which pleased me with a wicked grin ). I got dressed and went and cleaned up, kissed him anything else you want boss, I now owned him, I was in control. For the next few weeks I teased him some days wearing no pants flashing at him or telling him my pussy needs attention, it drove him wild, it always ended up in us having hot sex, I even got him working late at nights so he could fuck me ( it must drove her crazy, I found out they were arguing a lot ). The final part of my revenge was she took kids to visit her parents. I went to their house, and we fucked in their bed, I made sure he fucked me good and left plenty of stains on them sheets ( and oh left my pants under her pillow and an ear ring, was that bad revenge was mine ). In my next story I’ll tell you how I got revenge on the other bitch who bullied me.