The Walk Home

Dawn was the sixteen year old daughter the very rich builder who lived on the outskirts of the town, he was a property developer and rumoured to be a multi billionaire, Dawn had been to a dinner party in town and had decided to walk home as it was a pleasant evening, as she walked along the quiet country lane towards where she lived the gentle breeze was blowing was blowing the designer slit in her ball gown causing it to flap open, Dawn knew the slit was from ankle to thigh and anybody passing would get a good view but as it was deserted she was not worried and did not hold the flapping material down, Dawn could also feel the strapless top sliding looked down and saw her boobs were nearly free but did not care after another half a mile Dawn realised that her boobs were totally exposed, as she was approaching the cottage of the farm hand she decided to pull her top up and did so, after getting closer to the farm she heard splashing looked in the direction of the farm house and saw Mark the eighteen year old farm hand standing naked in a tub of water his back to her, Dawn looked at his muscular body then started to walk on when Mark turned and Dawn stopped and looked in surprise at the thick eight inch dick dangling down in front of him, Dawn thought wow what a size, Mark got out of the tub Dawn stood eyes wide open and as it was dark she knew Mark would not be able to see her, suddenly Dawn saw one  of the local girls come out of the cottage saw it was Tina the loud and foul mouthed sixteen year old daughter of the local butcher, Tina stood still and said ” you got such a big cock and held it then started stroking it” after awhile Dawn saw it become erect and was now looking at a full ten inch erection and watched as Tina stroked it feeling her own juices starting to flow, after awhile Dawn saw Mark squirt his cum smiled and walked on, after a few minutes Dawn heard footsteps turned and saw Tina running towards her, when Tina caught up she said to Dawn” you just been watching me wank Mark off haven’t you” Dawn said “what” Tina snapped back saying ” don’t deny it bitch I fucking saw you watching” Dawn could see pokies in Tina’s tee shirt as a bisexual girl Dawn liked the sight Dawn could still feel her dress flapping with the wind and saw Tina looking down” Tina said ” I bet your fucking cunt is wet” and reached inside the flaps and put her hand between Dawn’s legs feeling the dampness of her panties. Tina with drew her hand and to her surprise Dawn felt Tina grab the waist band of her panties and rip them off, then slid her hand back between her legs and rub her wet love tube which was now bare, Tina said” your fucking wet” Dawn was surprised when she felt two fingers slide inside her wet love tube and Tina say yeah your cunt is soaking wet, Tina pulled her fingers out of Dawns very wet love tube and pulled the top of Dawns ball gown down exposing her bare boobs, Tina said ” fucking hell these nipples of yours are well erect you dirty bitch” and gently squeezed them, Dawn saw that Tina’s pokies were well sticking out, Tina grabbed Dawn by the arm said ” come with me” and pulled her a few yards up the road and into a field pushed her onto the ground said ” am going to teach you to look at our naked boys you dirty bitch knelt down on the grown grass pushed Dawns gown right up bent forward and started to lick Dawns love tube and after a few minutes started to force her tongue into Dawns love tube wriggling it about and as she did she was gently rubbing Dawns boobs, after a few minutes Dawn gushed soaking Tina’s face, after a few minutes Tina stood up looked at Dawn and said ” your a dirty bitch” and walked off. Next day Dawn was in her room when she saw Tina arrive with the meat order, Dawn phoned the kitchen told them to send Tina to her room, after five minutes Tina walked into Dawns room looked at her said what you want. Dawn told her to close the door, Tina did as Dawn as told her, Dawn then stood up out of her chair, Tina saw the completely naked Dawn who walked over to her grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the bed pushed her on it and said ” you are going to be taught a lesson in manners” grabbed the waist band of Tina’s jeans and pulled them down exposing her bare bum slid a hand between Tina’s legs rubbed her love tube said ” not wet” with drew her hand from between Tina’s legs slapped her bum and said ” strip naked” Tina said ” what” Dawn slapped Tina’s bum again saying ” you mean pardon” Tina said ” what” Dawn Tina to her feet sat on the bed pulled Tina over her keen and slapped her bum saying “every time you say what you will get your bum slapped ” Tina said what six times Dawn slapped her four times then rubbed her love tube smiled said ” it is wet” and slapped Tina’s bum a few times,  then pushed her onto the floor stood up and said strip naked after a minute Dawn was looking at a naked Tina, Dawn lay on her bed  parted her legs and lay back moaning as Tina buried her tongue into her love tube. After a hour Tina was cycling  along the lane when she heard shouting and saw a girl pushing Dawns sister Karen around, Dawn knew the girl pushing Karen was Mandy the fourteen year old daughter of  the vicar, Tina stopped got off her bike pushed Mandy said what you doing that for, Mandy pointed at Karen said”  She is a rich bitch and a fucking lesbian” Tina told Mandy to piss off” Mandy walked away, Tina looked at Karen said a lesson in self defence took Karen into the field Made her stand back to her, Tina then held Mandy in a bear hug said ” get out of it” Karen struggled then stopped Tina lowered Karen onto the floor sat astride her said ” get out of it” Karen struggled Tina told her you don’t get out of it or you miss the fun, Karen asked what fun, Tina pulled Karen’s dress up pushed her panties down and started rubbing her love tube, Karen was totally surprised and just lay still and soon felt Tina’s fingers slide inside her love tube and start to probe after a few minutes Tina felt Karen come and pulled her fingers out of a panting Karen’s love tube and said ” that fun” Karen smiled as Tina rode away on her bike Tina thought to herself  I will soon have those two bitches licking me.