Neighbour Trouble

16 year old Steve was standing in the lounge of his house, he had just got back from football practice, his neighbour was talking to his mum about Steve swearing at her daughter, little Sally who had not started the big school was stood there as Sally’s mum related to Steve’s mum how her son and his best friend Mark had been playing football in the garden and when the ball went over the fence Steve had asked for the ball back and when Sally took her time in getting up to get the ball Steve had sworn at her calling her a slow lazy bitch and to move her fucking self, Steve’s mum looked at him and clipped him round the ear calling him a loud mouthed yob and that he should be ashamed of him self for picking on a young girl, she then added that he had been warned many times about swearing and that this was the last straw, she then got the hard back chair from the corner, Steve looked scared he knew what was coming and that it would happen in front of Sally. Steve’s mum clipped him round the ear again saying ” your getting the spanking I have warned you about getting if you did not start to behave so get those shorts down and bend over the chair” Steve looked at Sally then said to his mum ” but she is here and she is only a kid and she will see my dick” his mum clipped him round the ear again told him to hurry up adding it is your own fault get them shorts down, Steve knew he had no option but to obey and slid his shorts down, Sally looked straight at Steve’s 6 inch hairy dick and smiled, Steve put his hands on the chair back bending forward slightly, he looked at the Sally saw she was staring at his dick then jumped when the first slap hit his bare bum, Sally liked the way Steve’s dick jumped every time his mum hit his bare mum. after getting 6 slaps Steve pulled his shorts up went up to his room. Sally went to her house happy that she had seen an older boys dick and phoned her friend and told her what she had seen, the girls plotted on how to get him in trouble so they could both see his dick.