Take Back Plus

It was early evening on the East London housing estate the meeting room was full of angry residents who were fed up with unruly behaviour of some of the youths on the estate, the speaker called the meeting to order and started off his speech by welcoming all residents then went on to tell the gathered residents that there had to be measures taken to control the unruly young people on the estate who were turning the estate into a cess pit a place where the council would no longer come and do repairs and finished by saying we need to take action to control the yobs. Somebody shouted out ” give them a bloody good spanking, somebody else added ” and do it so others can see it happen, there was lots of support on what had been said, a woman shouted out ” my son gets spanked with no clothes on” a vote was taken on people caught misbehaving would get a public naked spanking, every adult in the room agreed to it, after the agreement had been reached Mrs Jones said ” you can begin with my boy Steve he is the ring leader” sixteen year old Steve tried to make a run for the way out to escape but was stopped by a couple of men who took him out the front and forced to strip naked, the two Bengal twelve year old Bengali girls who were sitting in the front row both had big smiles on their faces when for the first time in their life’s they saw a naked white boy and looked in awe at the seven inch hairy dick hanging down, Steve was given six slaps across his bare back side, a few of the girls in the audience liked the way Steve’s dick flopped around when each hit landed on his backside, after the spanking Steve was forced to stand to one side facing the audience with his hands on his head, seventeen year old Amit was then dragged out the front by his dad who was stripped and spanked, Amit glared at the two twelve year old girls who were his cousins, the girls did not notice the glare they were to busy admiring his five inch dick after Amit had been spanked he like Steve was made to stand with his hands on his head, then sixteen year old July was taken out the front, July struggled to get free begging her mum not to let it happen, July’s mum totally ignored her very troublesome daughter and was soon standing naked on the stage with her ample boobs bouncing about as her backside was slapped hard after as July stood with her hands on her head she saw that Steve now had a nine inch erection and that Amit had a seven inch erection, the two Bengali girls could not believe their eyes, after a hour there were quite a few naked teen boys and girls at the front of the meeting room with sore back sides and red faces, the meeting ended and the teens were allowed to dress. A few hours later July was sat on her own in the deserted park when Amit appeared the pair sat talking, Amit said ” what happened in the hall was totally embarrassing I am getting my own back” July told him no because if they got caught the same would happen again then added mind you seeing your cock and seeing it on the hard was cool, Amit looked at July smiled and said to her ” seeing you naked made me get a hard on” when July asked him if he still had a hard on Amit told her no but he could soon change that, July smiled said ” said let me give you a hand” and lifted her tee shirt over her head letting her bra less boobs fall free, Amit said ” fuck me they are beauties” July said ” no fuck me” got up of the bench she was sitting on and walked over to the wooded area with Amit following behind her once in the wooded area July stripped naked Amit looked at her and stripped while July lay on the floor and parted her legs, Amit stood naked looking down at July then got down kneeing between her legs before leaning forward and inserting his erect dick into July’s love tube making her moan as he did, Amit started to thrust in and out of July as deep as he could making her groan with pleasure and after a few minutes he felt July cum and heard her cry out ” yes yes yes” not long after Amit pulled his dick from July’s love tube and squirted his cum over the ground. Not long after both teens were sitting back on the bench talking where July told that her sister Amy had liked seeing his dick, Amit knew that Amy was two years younger than what July was but a couple of days later Amy was laying naked on Amit’s bed moaning loudly while Amit thrust in and out of her love tube while her best friend stood naked rubbing her own love tube waiting for her turn with Amit and saying ” hurry up bitch I need fucking to” After a few weeks a lot of the young residents had received a public spanking while completely naked, Steve had met up with July one night and after having a conversation both went into the woods where they stripped naked and Steve had made July cum three times before  he had squirted his cum in four long spurts over the grounds much to the great joy  of the two twelve year old Bengali girls who had been sitting in the front row of the meeting hall when the spankings had taken place and were now unbeknown to Steve and July were watching them from the shelter of the nearby bushes. A few of the teen boys on the estate who had been publicly spanked along with some of the girls were getting together in quiet areas and enjoying sex. After a few months there were no more spankings on the estate as the youngsters were behaving them selves and the estate got a better reputation, word of what happened quickly spread around East London and other estates adopted the same methods and many estates slowly got better reputations.