Stolen Car Crash

The small English town was a quiet well liked town that attracted many visitors many of who often returned for another visit, there was a sudden spate of cars being stolen ad also of stuff being stolen from cars despite their best actions the police could catch those responsible for the sudden crime wave, Residents … Continue reading Stolen Car Crash

Racist Bitch

The fair had been in town for a week all the ride and stall holders were now packing their stuff away ready to move onto the next town, Tracy a sixteen year old racist thug had been to the fairground every night that it had been open, a few of the ride owners had got … Continue reading Racist Bitch


At Work

Tracy was a well liked girl, she had many boys and a few girls trying to date her but Tracy gave the all the same answer of no, Tracy was from a rough and ready family who lived on a run down council estate, At sixteen years of age Tracy was allowed to do part … Continue reading At Work

The Downfall

At sixteen years of age Dawn was a well liked girl she had loads of friends most of who called her brain box, it was expected that Dawn would go far in the world, her parents were very proud of her and would often brag about their very brainy daughter, there were lots of people … Continue reading The Downfall

Shop Work

The small grocery shop in town was owned by a Bengali family, the family were well respected in the town and well liked, the family would help anybody if they could. Sara was a sixteen year old girl who was known for being disruptive, quite a few people did not trust her, some parents would … Continue reading Shop Work

The Recluse

Tom was sat in his cottage on the edge of the village where he had lived since retiring from medice, the villagers knew that he had been a top surgeon but knew little else about him, Tom lived the life of a recluse and was hardly ever seen in the village or anywhere else, Tom … Continue reading The Recluse

After The Trip

Tina and Karen were two sixteen year old girls who were the best of mates, both girls were known for being racist and violent, they Karen on an estate that had a very big Indian community who were scared of the girls who had earned the nickname of the terrible twins despite them not being … Continue reading After The Trip

The Flasher

Mark was a well known flasher and hated, he got lots of hassle from people in the small country town where he lived, he had been suspended from school twice for flashing and was now on a last warning, if he flashed at school again he would be expelled. the police had warned him if … Continue reading The Flasher