Cut Off

The small country village housed just under one hundred people and was twenty miles outside of the nearest town, there was a twice daily bus service to the town which meant that unless you had your own transport of one form or another you had to walk to the town to do shopping. Sixteen year … Continue reading Cut Off


Sixteen year Cindy was sitting in the lounge watching telly, her parents had gone away for the weekend leaving her on her own, earlier in the day she had been with her parents at their next door neighbours house who was a Bengali family who had just moved into the street and when the granddad … Continue reading Welcome


Getting Home

In the medieval era there had been an annual event where the poor people had to go from one village to a neighbouring village through the forest without being caught by the rich land owners, if they were caught they would become the slaves of who ever had caught them, when slavery was abolished the … Continue reading Getting Home

The Mix Up

Sixteen year old Tina was a troublesome girl who caused no end of trouble, she was racist, homophobic and violent she was feared with few friends, her sister Sara who was four years younger than Tina had the same reputation, their dad had left home a few years ago and the sisters now lived with … Continue reading The Mix Up

The Snow

The school stood a couple of miles outside of the small town and had once been a hospital, but the school in the town was destroyed in a very bad fire the hospital that had been empty for just over a year was converted into a school which was cheaper to do than build a … Continue reading The Snow