Desperate Thug Then Changed Thug

The small seaside town had once been a very busy town with many visitors during the summer months, but slowly over a period of time the town lost the good reputation that it had held for many years and the various attractions started to close down and nobody wanted to buy them, now there was just one hotel in the town that despite being looking shabby was doing a very good trade with plenty of visitors. Steve who was a sixteen year old resident of the town was sat on the beach wishing he could get enough money to move out of the town and live somewhere else, Steve was well known in the town and well feared, he was a racist homophobic thug who had a violent temper his girlfriend Amy was also known for her racist views and violent ways and like they did with Steve people stayed out of her way. As Steve sat on the beach he saw Perky the hotel owner walking towards him, Steve knew he was called perky because he was always smiling and telling people to perk up, Perky sat beside Steve and started chatting with him, Steve knew that perky was gay but because he gave Steve cigarettes and drink Steve left him alone and as normal perky gave Steve a couple of packets of cigarettes and a few cans of beer, after chatting with Steve for a while perky told him that they were having a dinner party that night and he had to check on how things were going then added from what one of your friends has said you would make an ideal waiter and you could earn eight hundred pound plus any tips, Steve asked how and was told the waiters would all be naked and the more they did the more they got, as perky left he said to Steve ” if your interested be at the hotel at seven tonight. Steve thought about the money and at seven o clock was standing in the reception of the hotel and after a quick training session on how to serve was taken to the top floor where the dinner was being held, Steve went into a room where their were a few lads some who he knew most were naked and after a few minutes Steve was also naked, the lads started to serve the food, Mark who was two years younger than what Steve was and gay smiled broadly when he saw the naked Steve who had beat him up a few times, Mark like many of the other guests were doing admired Steve’s seven inch hairy dick liking he way it swung about as he walked, Steve saw his next door neighbour and their two daughters Tina who was sixteen years of age and her sister July who was seven years younger both staring at his dick and when he stood between the girls both rubbed his bum as Steve walked away from the table he saw his mate Gary walking ahead of him with a full erection when he got in the kitchen he saw that a few lads had erections, Steve returned with more food and saw Tina was jerking one of his mates he also saw other girls jerking different lads, Steve went and got more food as he placed it on the table July got hold of his dick and started to stroke it and after a couple of minutes stopped, Steve could not believe that a kid had made him get an erection, Mark could not believe his eyes when he saw Steve’s nine inch erection, after two hours all the food had been served and eaten the tables cleared away and the guests dancing, Steve like the other lads were standing round the room all with erections, the head waiter told Steve he was wanted in room four and knowing this would be an extra three hundred pound per person in the room Steve went to room four and saw quite a few people in their after a minute July went to Steve took hold of his dick and started to jerk it Steve could hardly believe he was letting it happen but thought of the money and after five minutes squirted his cum which made July say out loud yes, Tina approached Steve and said ” take these you will need them, Steve looked at the five tablets and after Tina told him they were Viagra Steve swallowed them all and with in a couple of minutes his dick was solid again and throbbing, over the space of half a hour a few different girls and women had jerked Steve off, Steve then saw Tina standing naked with fully erect nipples Tina then lay on the bed and parted her legs beckoning Steve who went over climbed on the bed and was soon thrusting in and out of Tina’s love tube as he did Tina groaned loudly in deep pleasure, as Steve thrust in out of Tina’s love tube he saw others in the room were naked and felt his body being rubbed, he then heard a girl say ” I am next” and saw Mary who was his girlfriends Amy’ sister and two years younger than what he was stood naked and rubbing her love tube, Steve carried on thrusting in and out of Tina’s love tube and after a few minutes felt her cum, after a minute Steve with drew his dick from Tina’s love tube and after she got off the bed Mary climbed on, Steve looked at her smiled and then slowly eased his dick into her love tube pushing in deep before he started to thrust in and out pushing in as deep as he could, Mary was groaning in deep pleasure and after making her cum twice Steve pulled his dick out of Mary’s love tube smiling at her as he did, as he knelt on the bed Steve felt somebody grab his dick from behind and start to jerk it Steve knelt there and after two minutes squirted his cum in five spurts as he did he heard Mark say ” yes oh yes” Steve turned his head and saw Mark kneeling behind him and smiling and realised the gay boy had just jerked him off, before he could move Steve was pulled forward head down on the bed and held he then felt his bum being rubbed and heard Mark say ” very nice I am going to enjoy fucking this bum” Steve felt a dick slide into his tight virgin bum and after a few seconds felt his bum being pounded and realised it was Mark doing it and after a minute he felt a dick slide into his mouth, Steve gagged as the dick in his mouth started to thrust in and out and after a couple of minutes he chocked as he felt cum shoot into his mouth, he felt the dick in his bum pull out then the warm sticky mess hit his bum cheeks and back as Mark squirted his cum over him, he then saw three burly security guards enter the room and grab hold of Mark and his mate Kevin and drag them out of the room, Steve was taken to another room that was empty and allowed to shower, after he had showered Steve sat on the bed for awhile then dressed after which a security guard took him down to see perky who apologised for Mark and Kevin had done saying they used force which is not on and they would never attend another dinner again and handed Steve an envelope saying that is what you earned and a bit more, as Steve walked home he counted the money in the envelope and counted five thousand pound and thought cool, as he got home he saw Tina and July who told him that they had called security to Mark and Kevin after chatting with them for awhile Tina said ” that Viagra will not wear of for ages shame to waste it and twenty minutes later Steve was thrusting in and out of  Tina’s love tube while July was rubbing his bum suddenly the door opened and a naked Amy and Mary walked in, Steve noticed that both girls had fully erect nipples, Amy said ” it looks like we will need to get a good supply of Viagra in”. Mary said ” yeah and don’t ever run out” A week later Kevin was on the beach in the secluded area a mile outside of town when he saw Steve coming out of the sea after swimming, Steve saw Steve undoing his swimming shorts and smiled when they fell to the ground and Steve step out of them and walk naked to where his clothes were, Kevin saw Steve look directly at him and as he did Kevin saw Steve’s dick grow and go fully erect and watched as Steve stood drying his hair with his solid nine inch erection bobbing about, Kevin stood up undid his joggers letting his own seven inch erection spring out the slowly walked towards Steve who went down on his hands and knees and when Kevin got to him Steve said ” you took your fucking time get on with it” and after a minute Kevin was sliding his dick into the thug boys bum then start to thrust in and out and after five minutes of pounding away pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over the sand, then watched as Steve lay on his back and jerked off squirting his cum in four spurts, a few nights later Amy, Mary Tina and July were all standing naked in front of a naked Steve admiring his solid erection and when Steve said ” right who is first” July shout out me, Steve looked at the others who said ” go on fuck her” and when Steve slid his dick into her love tube July let out a deep groan, In the morning Steve thought if you had told me a year ago that I would fuck a kid and let two gay boys fuck me and me suck them their cocks dry I would have set you were mad but I think I will stick around town a bit longer it should be fun.