Good Route

Shaun was a sixteen year old boy from a small country town who was hated by loads of the people who lived in the town, he had done the unforgivable act of grassing somebody up to the police, the person he grassed up was sent to prison to five years, now nobody would talk to Shaun and gave him lots of hassle, none of the shops would let him in the shops even his own parents did not have much to do with him and had made him find some where else to live, social services had found him a place living with a retired police officer where he felt safe. It was late on a Friday night the town centre was packed with people celebrating their football team’s cup win and Shaun was heading home trying to avoid people, he decided to cut across a field that would be deserted, as Shaun was half way across the field he saw the horse that was kept in the field and decided to go and stroke him, as Shaun got closer to the horse he saw somebody kneeing down by the horse, he slowly got closer ready to run if need be and got a shock, somebody was kneeling down with the horses dick in their mouth, Shaun got closer and saw that it was sixteen year old Mandy who was holding the horse’s dick and sucking it, Shaun saw that there was nobody else about and said ” you dirty bitch” on hearing Shaun Mandy stopped what she was doing and stood up looking straight at Shaun as she did, Shaun saw the large pokies in Mandy’s tight fitting tee shirt and that her jeans were undone, he said ” you dirty cow” and held his phone up saying ” wait till I send this out to people you will be in so much trouble” Mandy looked at Shaun knowing that she had to do something to stop Shaun from sending the pictures of her sucking the horse’s dick to everybody and begged him not to send them out promising to do what ever he wanted as long as he did not send the pictures out, Shaun looked at Mandy and smiled then said ” I always wanted to fuck you while your naked” Mandy looked at Shaun and after thinking agreed to let him fuck her as long as he did not send the pictures out to anybody. Shaun smiled and said to Mandy ” ok it is a deal get naked” Mandy pulled her tee shirt up over her head and off letting her braless naked boobs fall into full view, then pushed her jeans right down to her ankles sat down in the grass and along with her skimpy panties took them off, she then looked at Shaun who was undoing his joggers and when he lowered them along with his underwear Many saw his thick nine inch erection and thought that looks very nice and lay back parting her legs as she did, Shaun stood over Mandy looking down at her naked hairless love tube before kneeling between her parted legs and inserting three finger into Mandy’s love tube and finding it wet, Shaun removed his fingers bent forward and slid his throbbing erection into Mandy’s waiting love tube making her moan as he did, Shaun pushed his dick in as deep as could before he slowly started to thrust in and out of the wet love tube making Mandy moan out in pleasure, with each in ward thrust Shaun thrust in as deep as he could and soon felt Mandy cum as she did Mandy said ” yes oh yes” Shaun continued thrusting in and out of Mandy’s love tube loving the way that she was moaning and breathing heavy, after another ten minutes of thrusting in and out of Mandy’s love tube Shaun felt her cum again and not long after he pulled his dick out of Mandy and squirted his cum over the grass before laying beside Mandy in the grass, after a short while Shaun stood up and started to dress, Mandy stood up saying that was good I really enjoyed it and started to dress, Shaun walked away, Mandy saw the mobile phone on the ground bent and picked it up as the did the horse nudged Mandy’s still naked bum with his head, Mandy turned looked at the horse and said to it ” sorry boy no fucking me tonight some body has beaten you to it.” Mandy finished getting dressed and went home where she lay on her bed and looked at the phone that she had picked up in the field and found it was not working, Mandy thought the bastard conned me into fucking with him but it was worth it, Next day in school Mandy saw her best mate Kim and said to her ” if Shaun catches you with you with the horse he will blackmail you into letting him fuck you but it is worth it he has got a big cock and knows how to use it he made me cum twice before he was finished” Kim looked at Mandy and said to her ” oh yeah I think that I will have to get caught by him’ smiling as she spoke, a few days later Kim was laying naked in the field as Shaun thrust in and out of her love tube making her cum for the third time. Half hour later Kim was walking home alone thinking Mandy was right he is good he is very good indeed. Shaun was sitting under the tree on the edge of the field swallowing a Viagra wondering if Mandy was going to make an appearance and thinking glad the football team won the cup and it was a good route that I chose to get home that night, his thoughts were interrupted when he saw somebody approach the horse and realised that it was Tracy Mandy’s sister who was two years younger than what he was, Shaun watched as Tracy stripped naked and knelt by the horse, ten minutes later Tracy was laying in the grass legs apart and as Shaun’s erection appeared Tracy thought Mandy was right he has got a big cock and I will soon find out if he fucks as good as Mandy said, and was soon groaning with pleasure as Shaun thrust into her tight wet love tube.